Milk had better not feed, kitten can’t absorb and will be lax!

       You can feed a little honey water (or glucose into water), 21 jinweita (a quarter each time)

       Mix water (about 30 ml) water is best not hot water. It’s not good if it’s cold! Kittens are vulnerable^_^

       It’s possible to eat something unclean or catch a cold. Its reaction is normal

       So you’re going to buy a little powder for infantile diarrhea. Every morning and evening. The cost is not expensive!

       You can go according to the instructions. If the cat is too small, it will take half a bag a day.

       Indigestion, which is the most common cause of diarrhea in kittens, especially kittens under 6 months of age are more likely to suffer from dyspepsia. Effective cat’s gastrointestinal function is very fragile, if you often change food, feed some hard and difficult to digest food, etc., will increase the burden on the kitten’s gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in diarrhea. In this case, parents should immediately stop feeding unhealthy food and choose some light, nutritious and easier to digest and absorb food to feed the kitten. At the same time, you can properly feed two pieces of lactase, two or three times a day, to help the kitten gastrointestinal digestion, alleviate the situation of diarrhea. In addition, in life, parents should help cats do a good job in disease prevention, at the same time, strengthen physical exercise, improve physical fitness and resistance. In terms of diet, try not to feed indigestible food, and need to ensure adequate drinking water, at the same time, do a good job in cleaning the cat’s living environment, timely disinfection and cleaning, to avoid the emergence of laxity symptoms. If the parents find blood in their small feces, it is mostly caused by parasites in the body. The influence of parasites in the body not only makes the kitten loose, but also does great harm to the cat’s body. After the cat is born, the health of the cat should be guaranteed regularly.

       Personal feelings are not the two reasons you said. Many cat diseases present symptoms of laxity, anorexia and lethargy. Blood tests are needed. But if you are at home, first check whether the cat has a fever. The normal temperature of the cat is 38 ~ 39 degrees. If the cat has a low temperature above 39 degrees, it is likely to have inflammation. Don’t take medicine indiscriminately.

       The following are some common reasons and measures for cats not to eat and lose their spirits. Pet owners can refer to them properly,

       1: The food is not to your taste

       Many cats are delicate and fussy about their diet. If the pet owner doesn’t feed the cat the food, the cat may just smell it and leave. When the cat doesn’t eat anything, the pet owner should first change the cat’s diet structure. He can feed the cat new cat food, or make some supplementary food for the cat, such as boiled green vegetables, meat paste, chicken liver porridge, fish soup and so on to see if the cat can eat it.

       2: Gastrointestinal dyspepsia

       If the pet owner changes the diet structure of the cat, and the cat still doesn’t eat it, it may be that the cat’s stomach and intestines are not well digested, which will lead to a decline in the cat’s appetite. Pet owners can give the cat some meow Xiaoli try. The pet owner should pay attention to feeding the cat reasonably in the future. Feed the cat three times a day. When the cat is eating, the pet owner should observe the cat’s stomach and stop feeding when he sees that the cat is half full.

       3: Unhealthy gut

       Some pet owners may usually feed some raw meat to the cat, or the food they feed to the cat is not healthy, and then, from time to time, the cat’s intestines may have parasites, and the cat’s appetite will decline. Pet owners can check the cat first. If there are parasites in the cat’s intestines, the pet owner should expel the worms to the cat in time. If the cat gut is not very good, pet owners usually do not give the cat raw meat.

       Cat sick or bad mood will also have a bad appetite, pet owners must first find out the cause, and then the right remedy.

       When cats don’t like to eat and have poor appetite, the immune system function of the body will be weakened, which will lead to the symptoms of mental distress and depression. Eating is also necessary for a day’s life, and cats are still like this! They are more likely to be infected by viruses.

       Cause of symptoms: gastroenteritis. Improper diet, weather change, food poisoning, catching cold, being frightened and irritated may lead to the occurrence of cat gastroenteritis. The young cats with shallow stomach and unable to control food intake are the most common. The main symptoms of cats infected with the disease are vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, depression, slight increase in questioning, dehydration, acidosis, and stinky smell.

       The nasal branch of the cat. Cat is a common disease. According to the survey, 80% of the cats in the world will suffer from the nasal branch of the cat. At the same time, the mortality rate of young cats is more than 60%. Therefore, although it is common and common, its severity should not be underestimated. At first, the cat began to show body temperature rise, tears, nose, cough, loss of appetite, weight loss and so on.

       Cat plague. Also known as pan leukopenia, feline infectious enteritis, is an acute high contact disease of cats. Most of them occurred in 3-5 months old kittens. Symptoms: listlessness, anorexia, obstinate vomiting, yellowish green vomit, sticky secretions in the mouth, eyes and nose, and sticky stool. When diarrhea occurs, it indicates that the animal is in the late stage of the disease. Bloody stool, severe dehydration and anemia may lead to death.

       Cats can only eat in a safe environment, so when cats go to strange environments, they will not eat or drink water temporarily due to excessive tension. If they do not eat or drink within three days, they will not have obvious impact. If they still do not eat or drink for more than three days, they should be sent to the hospital for infusion to supplement nutrition and protection. In addition, during illness, especially when they are in severe pain, their mental appetite will decrease In addition, the cat’s appetite will also decrease due to excessive excitement during the estrus period, and it will return to normal after the oestrus period.

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