4-year-old female sterile

       After giving birth, the mother can still be sterilized, but if you want to sterilize the dog, the earlier the better. Because the older the dog, the higher the risk. Generally speaking, the cost of sterilization for golden hair is about several thousand yuan, which is more expensive, so the owner can consider whether to sterilize golden hair.

       1¡¢ The best time to sterilize a dog

       2¡¢ Precautions after sterilization

       3¡¢ Be aware of the possibility of oestrus after sterilization

       Owners may not understand that there are two ways to sterilize a female dog: one is to remove the ovaries and part of it; the other is to remove the ovaries only or ovaries. The former will not have oestrus again after the event, but the latter may still have the symptoms of oestrus. If the dog oestrus again, you can give the dog some Wang want to ban the estrus powder, such as the second sterilization, the harm to the dog’s body is very big.

       Generally speaking, this kind of dog breed sterilization, in seven or eight months old can be sterilized, but as a golden dog Baba hemp is particularly worried about, for fear of something missing, causing damage to the golden dog, so that they dare not make up their minds. The host may look at the following content to make a decision.

       1¡¢ There are some risks and sequelae of sterilization

       To sterilize golden hair, first of all, it costs hundreds or even thousands of operation costs. This may not be very important for the owner. Then, we all know that there are certain risks when sterilizing golden hair. No matter whether it is large or small surgery, there are certain risks. Some dogs and dogs may lose their golden hair directly because of their poor resistance to anesthesia It’s for the operating table.

       Moreover, 20% of sterilization operations will be accompanied by at least one complication, such as adverse anesthetic reaction, incomplete suture, etc. However, most of the complications are too serious. Finally, sterilization at the wrong age increases the risk of hip dysplasia, ligament rupture, osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and urinary incontinence, and increases the risk of depression.

       2¡¢ It can be fed with anti estrus powder to inhibit estrus


       On deworming and vaccines:

       Vaccine: no matter how good the dog is at ordinary times, it is necessary to reinforce a small vaccine against canine distemper and rabies every year.

       Anthelmintic is divided into in vivo and in vitro: the body should not only regularly eat Ascaris lumbricoides, but also eat to prevent heartworm.

       In vitro, it mainly prevents fleas and ticks. Ticks are really hateful. They are easy to bite when they go to the grassland. The most likely to be bitten are the head and limbs, and, of course, body parts. After being bitten, they will shed tears, vomit and lose appetite. Dogs who often go out must do a good job in vitro deworming.

       More sports with dogs, not too fat. The pet doctor told me that the normal body shape of a dog is that you feel her ribs like the back of your hand. Unfortunately, my family Julie is a little fat, so I have been helping her lose weight.

       Here’s the point!!!!


       Preoperative preparation:

       The cost of surgery varies from hospital to hospital. As long as the dog is safe and tries to reduce the pain, I think it’s worth it. Money can be made again, but there is only one dog.

       On the day of operation:

       Weighing is to determine the dose of anesthesia and other medications. The heavier the dog, the more he uses and the more he spends. So keeping a healthy weight is not only good for dogs, but also helps you save money.

       After doing the basic examination, blood samples were drawn for routine blood test and biochemical tests, and the indwelling needle was put in place.

       After the blood routine and biochemical results are available, the doctor will assess whether the dog can be operated on. Fortunately, Julie has no other problems except being a little fat. So I went to the operating room for surgery.

       In the process of waiting for surgery, a nine-year-old grandmother cat in the shop was always with me. I’m very anxious, but I believe everything will go well.

       Operation medication:

       When you wake up from anesthesia, it’s just like a good dog. When I saw the cat in the shop, I was going to chase him

       Postoperative precautions:

       By the way, because Julie had a lot of abdominal fat, the fat around the operation wound was liquefied later. It was like a big blister, and then I slowly absorbed the fat back.

       Finally, if you want to say, if you keep them, you should love them for a lifetime.

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