1. Go to the pet store or pet hospital to buy some professional spray for removing fleas, ear mites and lice, or buy some medicine for insect control in bath. When you go home, spray your cat or give it a bath to kill insects. (spray flea spray and medicated bath, do not carry out every day, every moment, according to the cat infected with insects, reasonable spray, bath can be

       If you have an extra cat, it will still go out.

       Stray cats are wild cats. Most of them don’t like to stick to people. Domestic cats like to stick to people all the time. My family’s cats usually stay at home, sleep enough occasionally, go out and slip around. They love sticking people and never bite people. Even if they are hugged by strangers, they don’t bite people. When you can feed them again, you can touch them slowly. If there is any conflict, don’t touch them. For cats with strong vigilance, you can still It’s better to take it slowly. Don’t hold it forcibly as soon as you come up. It will resist out of the will.

       The cat’s temperament characteristics are as follows: smell: the cat’s developed sense of smell plays a very important role in stimulating its appetite. When a cat is sick, sometimes its sense of smell will be affected and it is difficult to arouse its appetite. It even refuses to use smelly, dirty bedpans.

       Hunting: cats are natural hunters. Even when they are preying, they still show this habit of catching insects, toys, etc. If you have birds or other small animals in your house, you must prevent them from playing.

       Grooming: cats often spend a lot of time dressing themselves, which has a lot of benefits for the cat itself.

       habits and customs:

       Part of the cat’s charm comes from its pride and carefree manner, but this careless habit also makes the cat less capable of training than the dog. However, we can still train cats to form good habits and get rid of bad habits. The best way to train a cat to get rid of bad behavior is to say “no” sternly. Driving and beating will only make the cat hide and become isolated. In addition, please remember that it is very important for you to remember that the cat is not a troublemaker, but just shows its natural habits in inappropriate situations.

       In short, don’t let him go out. Cats are usually this size and are curious about the outside world, so he thought it was not strange outside

       It’s true that some people have two cats in their house. They can play by themselves, but you have an old man in your family. I don’t know if you can stand two cats chasing each other occasionally.

       I recommend you to the forum. Go there and ask. The people there are more experienced.

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