As we all know, Siamese cats we see all have blue eyes, like Siamese cats without yellow eyes. If you have this awareness, it means that you know a lot about the appearance of cats. Siamese cats normally don’t have yellow eyes. If yellow eyes appear, it may be that there is something wrong with the body of Siamese cats.

       Siamese cat has three marks: 1. Short hair. 2¡¢ Black face. 3¡¢ Pure blue eyes. The eyes of pure Siamese cats are blue, and the color will fade with age, but there will be no other colors, such as brown, yellow, etc. However, if Siamese cat eyes turn yellow, either the cat’s bloodline is not pure, or the cat is sick, it may be leukemia or hepatitis, hepatitis is more likely.

       If Siamese cats get hepatitis, they may still be very excited a few days ago. After that, Siamese cats will be depressed, their appetite will be greatly reduced, and their body temperature will be a little high. Some Siamese cats will also have vomiting, and their stools are not formed very well. The color of their urine looks very yellow. If the Siamese cat’s hepatitis is very serious, the stool will be very smelly, and there will be severe hemorrhagic diarrhea. At this time, the Siamese cat looks very painful and uneasy. This situation should be diagnosed and treated in time. When Siamese cat appears this kind of disease, the reason is quite many, for example, some parasites parasitic in the liver bile duct, this time the liver cells will be damaged, causing hepatitis.

       If parents find that Siamese cats have yellow eyes or other discomfort, they must be sent to the hospital in time to avoid delaying the treatment time and causing bad things.