A cat can conceive several months after giving birth to a kitten

       I have seen cats with dystocia undergoing surgery in the animal hospital. The kittens in the belly have been holding for three days and haven’t been born yet. As a result, they all died in their stomachs. In this way, the female cats are also in danger.

       There are several female cats in my family. When they give birth to kittens, they come out one after another. There is no interval of three hours. However, if the female cat doesn’t have anything to look at, you can observe it first. After all, one has been born. It should not be difficult to labor~

       We can’t rule out the possibility that it will have one It’s complicated~

       … It’s true to see the questioning. The body of a male cat is not a body? Estrus is very painful for cats, and it is a kind of harm. When the kitten dies, the operation can only be carried out after the cat’s mother recovers. At least two months after delivery. Do it with the male cat. In this way, the cat’s temperament will be better. The most important thing is to be good for your health

       This question is really important. Thank you for thinking about sterilizing the female cat. LZ is a good and responsible person

       If the kitten is still feeding on her mother’s milk, she can’t be operated on, because after the operation, the female cat has to wear a surgical dress (covering the wound on her stomach to prevent her from licking the wound). Therefore, as long as her child does not need her care, she can go to the operation. The sooner the better, because the male cat will soon force her to conceive again, it is better for the male cat to take the operation together.

       Male cat surgery does not need stitches, wake up directly put back on it. It will grow in two or three days.

       Typing is not easy, if satisfied, hope to adopt.

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