A cat with a short tail is not fierce – a cat with a short tail is good to its owner

       No effect. When the kitten is small, its tail is a little short and curly. It may be the unicorn tail.

       The cat’s tail is not a straight line, but a curved n or S. If the tail is not coiled together, the tail is in the shape of lightning, and the middle part of the tail is bent. This is also the unicorn tail.

       The short tailed Unicorn cat’s tail has two kinds of states. When it is happy or happy, it stands up. Generally, the hair is slightly drooping and the hair is very fluffy. The hair on the chest of the Kirin cat is very fluffy, as if it was propped up by a person. Moreover, if you observe carefully, there will be stripes on the Kirin cat. Kirin cats have a strong sense of territory. If there are other cats of the same kind, they are Elvis Presley, and their strength is much greater than those of other species.

       Extended data

       Kirin cats are native to the United States and also found in southern China (distributed in Chaoshan, Guangdong). It can be divided into short tail and long tail, and the short tail is better. The short tailed Unicorn cat is one of the most intelligent cats known to mankind. Compared with other cats, they are better at catching mice, and the families raising Kirin cats are less troubled by rats. Therefore, the ancients considered it a symbol of wealth and wealth. Kirin cats are smart and brave. They often occupy a leading position among cats, which is called “Elvis”.

       Unicorn cats are characterized by the tail like lightning interrupted into an oblique n-shaped or coiled into an S-shape, while short tailed Kirin cats usually droop slightly and erect when excited. Kirin cat is a kind of cat in Chaoshan area of Guangdong Province. It likes to eat meat. Some of them are ferocious, but most of them are mild. Its tail is short and thick, and it has a strong sense of territory. As long as you treat it well, it will show a gentle side.

       Reference Baidu Encyclopedia Kirin cat

       No effect. You should have the most famous short tailed cat. As the name suggests, the tail of the cat is like this. The tail is not only short, but the hair on the tip of the tail will curl outwards! There is one as like as two peas in my family, but you can go to the vet to see if it is pure bred.

       Whether a cat treats its owner well depends on whether the owner loves him or not, not on the length of its tail.

       Cats are easy to be content with. No matter what kind of cat, all love and depend on its owner.

       Therefore, if you decide to raise them, please don’t abandon them. If you abandon them for any reason or in any way, you will feel sad or even die.

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