A cat with black fur and blue eyes – what kind of cat is a cat with black and blue eyes?

       All kittens are born with blue eyes, but this is not the color of their eyes that will never change in their life! In a few varieties, blue eyes are permanent, but in most varieties, they will be replaced by another color in six weeks. The depth of the blue depends on the intensity of the reflection of the blue light.

       Blue eyes are a feature of focus, and the color of the cat’s eyes is associated with warming albinism, which produces patterns of key colors. The change in the hue and brightness of blue eyes makes breeders have to choose the cat with the best eye color in the breed to breed, so as to produce more ideal blue eye key color kittens.

       Blue eyes also occur in pure white, or cats that combine the dominant pure white gene. But this situation is very different from albinism. Because the white dominant gene only covers the body’s potential color. If white spots appear around the eyes, they can affect eye pigment. A white cat may have one or both blue eyes. The eye color of a non blue eyed white cat can be any of the breed standards. For example, a single blue eyed white Persian cat has a brilliant orange color on the other eye. In any white cat with mandarin duck eyes, the color of non blue eyes can be green, yellow or even a little blue shadow.

       Ojos Azules is classified as Cyanidium blue eyes, but the mutation is linked to the lethal disability factor. If a young cat gets two copies of the mutant gene on XY or XX chromosomes. In this breed, eye color has nothing to do with coat color. Other sudden blue eye mutations have nothing to do with coat color.

       ____ To sum up, Siamese cats must have blue eyes, puppet cats must have blue eyes, Himalayan cats must have blue eyes. All I can think of are these. If they are not purebred, many ordinary domestic cats can have blue eyes, but pure black cats are rare with blue eyes, but there are many green eyes.

       what? What do you think?

       Well, the coat color is uncertain. This is decided by his parents. If the eyes are blue, it should be Berman cat, but Berman cat’s fur color is mainly white. Persian cat is also possible. Such cats are more precious and hard to find. Black cats have golden and green eyes. Please look for them slowly

       1. Shandong lion cat

       In fact, Shandong lion cat also has independent blood. It was raised by the ancient court. The exact place of origin is Linqing County, Shandong Province. The long haired white cats produced here have spread all over the mainland of China. They have different colors, but the most famous one is white. Among them are blue eyes, amber eyes or two eyes with different colors of sun and moon

       2. Persian cat

       The cat’s nose is not as wide as a cat’s face, and its nose is much narrower than that of a cat’s face After adulthood, even after changing hair, the body hair is still very soft, and the whole body has very thick undercoat. As an adult, it looks like a doll, and its “feel” is absolutely good. The nose is small, the forehead is high and the frontal segment is low, which is very different from Linqing cat.

       Persia is a big cake face (face flat, nose is very collapsed), Linqing is the face of ordinary domestic cats, with a short kiss (that is, mouth protruding).

       The hair is not very neat, and Mandarin Duck eyes are a bit like Shandong lion cat Persian cat. The hair is longer and the mandarin duck eyes are unstable. The reason for walking unsteadily is that it is either too small, or the stomach is not healthy. It is best to find out whether it is caused by poor health. If it is to seize the time to see a doctor. There is also a suggestion that the cat is a little bit older, about 3 months when the cat triple play, so that will not cat plague or what, the best to hit a rabies vaccine. Our cat triple 80 rabies play once a year. By the way, I’ll show you a picture of a lion cat. Alas, I can only send a link. The level is low