A few months old cat’s gone – two month old cat’s gone

       In fact, the cat can remember his home. The reason why he suddenly comes back after a few months is that he has had enough fun outside. He can find his home by his sense of smell.

       In fact, it is a very happy thing for the cat to come back after it is lost. When the cat suddenly comes home after it is lost, he should first go to comfort the cat, feed him some snacks he likes, or cat food, and let him drink some water. When the cat adapts to the environment at home again, he should take the cat to the pet hospital for examination To see whether the cat’s body has any trauma, or whether it is infected with some skin diseases and other problems. In addition, if he wanders outside for a long time, he will be particularly vulnerable to some bacteria and viruses, and there must be parasites on his body. You can give the cat insect repellent, and then give him a bath in a few days.

       And usually when he is at home, he must close the doors and windows, don’t let it run out again, and at ordinary times he must cultivate good feelings with his cat. Many people know that the cat’s character is very cold, unlike some dogs, it is very warm to us and very loyal.

       Most of the cats and cats are generally very cute, many owners like to hold him, or touch her. But when you hold her and touch her, you must base on the fact that he is more willing to let you report or touch her. If the kitten is disgusted or resists, do not force him again, and do not get close to him again. Because not all the kittens like to contact with people, especially when they first contact, because they are not familiar with you.

       I don’t trust you very much. If you are close to him rashly, it is likely to have some reaction. So when you first get in touch with a cat, you must give him time to adapt to you, and you must let the cat move freely, and don’t put it in a cage. In fact, kittens can also produce depression, which makes his character more withdrawn. As long as you don’t close the doors and windows a little, he will probably run out again. If he doesn’t have any feelings with you, he won’t go back.

       I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll be back in a few days, maybe in a few months, maybe in a year, maybe in a few years, maybe I can’t come back… If I left by myself, it may be that I made a cat, I went out a few days and came back, or I lost it and couldn’t find my home. Maybe I was caught and sold, or maybe I was picked up by others when I saw your cat was cute

       A cat is a cautious and timid animal. First follow the stairs and carefully look for the stairs and all the passages on the whole floor. The cat is likely to wander in the stairs or hide in a corner of the stairs. When searching, call the cat’s name softly in the corridor, so as not to frighten the cat.

       If they can’t find them, they may have already run outside, but the cats who have not been out of the door will not run very far. At night, they can be found near their homes, such as the garbage cans in the community, in the green grass, bicycle sheds, garages and other places that have a certain protective effect, and call the cat’s name quietly while looking.

       I can understand the mood of the landlord. I have lost the dog, so I have experience. Cats are no more loyal officials than dogs. They want to go where they want to go and come back when they are tired. Of course, the premise is that they regard your grandfather as their own home. Do not rule out accidents and so on, we can do at this stage is to hope that it has a good dream. I used to be a driver. On the main road and on the viaduct, I’ve seen them hit and pressed. Once I fell directly in front of my car from the top half of the viaduct. I couldn’t bear to see them. It’s mostly cats. Yes, there are few dogs. I don’t know why. My dog is Thunderstorm Day, thunder ran away. I went to find it and found it, but it didn’t respond to the call. I still hid from you. Yo, I ran after you and fell down. I dragged it all away. It just doesn’t look back. There’s no way. If you want to get out of it, you have to raise another one. It’s better to start from a young age. On the one hand, you can be familiar with the environment at home. On the other hand, you can have a sense of dependence on you or on this home. Three, you can keep it longer. After all, a cat can live up to 10 years. No one is like his own master. But there is no way to do it. Keep it for a long time.

       Try to put a little bit of what he likes in a corner, and then go downstairs and look for it. Maybe I’ll be eating when I get home. Kitten barks because of cold or lonely, accompany it more. Shut up people will develop a fear of strangers, autism. It may also hide in narrow crevices or clothes, or behind flowerpots. I hope there are no mice at home!

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