A month dog loves to bite people – how does a month old dog always bite

       Dogs bite not only to attract attention, but also to grind their teeth

       You can try to go to a pet store and buy toys or snacks for your dog’s teeth

       In addition, when it bites you, don’t hit it (try not to beat it to solve the problem if the dog makes any mistakes). In this way, it will not understand your meaning and may alienate your relationship. If necessary, just take a threatening and forceful photo of it, and don’t use too much force. In fact, it can feel you are angry from your expression and tone, There’s no need to really hit it. Note: it’s better to use your left hand when you hit it, because usually you have to use your right hand to pat it to show encouragement and make it misunderstand

       What should be done is: (1 or 2, choose one to insist on a period of time, and then try another. If more than one person participates, please make sure that your behavior and password are exactly the same.)

       When it bites you, immediately pull the leash to pull it away from the person, and say “no” or “no” to it

       2. As soon as the dog bites you, you immediately imitate the scream of the dog (Yi ~ Yi ~ Yi), and immediately run away from it, pretending to ignore it. Because if one side bites the other side when playing, the other side will do so. Therefore, it is easier for your dog to understand that you don’t like it. If it does so, you won’t pay attention to it and play with it, It will restrain itself

       PS: the dog should react immediately when it bites, so that it can know what he has done wrong. There is no need to do so when he does not bite, because he will not understand what he did wrong. Even if it is only a few seconds ago, it will be over for him, and it will not be related to your training

       My dog has been biting me for more than two months!

       Generally, I let it bite me. Although it is very annoying, I should keep a close relationship with the dog

       Then the dog teeth is like this! I have bought some toys for it before, but he still likes to bite my hands and feet!

       Bite the shellfish! Don’t worry about it. Those who know the master won’t bite the master!

       My golden hair 12 months, 35 days came to my home, when I was a child, always bit my hand, just to avoid him. Once I was not at home, he bit my husband, and he beat him hard. The result is not good for two days, still go its own way. However, when they grow to 5-6 months, they gradually know that they will not bite any more. It is suggested that we should read more information about golden wool. When biting, you can knock him on the mouth with a paper tube, not to hurt him, but to let him know that it is wrong to do so. I hope you have enough patience. If you give up halfway, it will destroy it.

       Does a dog like to bite people or other things??? Now the dog is in the growth period, like to play, it does not necessarily want to bite you, but play with you, but it does not know what is the “weight”, when it bites you again, you spank it, the force is not big, let the dog know the pain can, so repeatedly, the dog will know. In addition, it is normal for a dog to bite things. It is grinding teeth. Sometimes it is because the owner has less time with him, so he bites randomly. The dog is still small, grasp the tube it, or grow up can not manage it. Now it’s the season of bacteria breeding. Dogs should be vaccinated to enhance their resistance.

       Why do dogs bite? In fact, for the dog, it doesn’t know you are human. Don’t get me wrong. I mean in the dog’s consciousness, especially in the dog’s consciousness, you are no different from the cat running around or the birds flying in the sky. It is the same curious about you, cats and birds, because you are all active. Play is the nature of young mammals, and the way dogs play is to bite with their teeth, so in our opinion, dogs love to bite people.

       I know that it’s annoying for a dog to bite. My family’s two puppies are from a month or two, so I have a deep understanding. The dog’s teeth are deciduous teeth, which are very sharp, and they are not light and heavy when they bite and play with you. Sometimes they are very painful. If the bite is bleeding, you really have to have a rabies needle. Therefore, although we want to accept the fact that dogs love to bite people, we should try our best to avoid being bitten.

       In a word, the dog can’t catch up with some new toys, such as plastic balls. Don’t let the dog chew on some new toys and balls. You can’t let the dog chew on some new toys and balls. It doesn’t have the energy to compete with your pants.

       Necessary discipline: for a particularly naughty or over energetic dog, you still need to take some discipline. Pet shop has a kind of thing called love stick, which is used to punish dogs. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s loud and can make the dog feel scared. In addition, when you wave the love stick to its butt, criticize it severely, let it hear from your voice that you don’t like it. In this way, after several times, the smart dog will understand that you are different from other toys.

       The last thing to say is that biting is a necessary stage for a dog to grow up. Basically, after more than three months, the dog’s problem will be much better. Gradually, the more sensible dog understands that people can’t bite casually, and then turns his attention to toys or other things. The era of dog biting furniture is about to begin.

       The little dog can be naughty, and at this time his teeth itch during the molar period. You can buy some bite glue for him. It’s not sensible to grow up slowly

       Usually to give him a little more love, let him know that you have no danger, you will love him pain him, he gradually big, realize this, then you now these troubles are all gone

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