A month’s kittens stink – kittens smell bad

       There is a bad smell on the cat, which may be caused by these reasons. Generally, it has something to do with cleaning.

       If the cat has a serious skin disease, or more parasites, then the skin ulcers, will also send out bursts of stench.

       Some kittens because of lack of security and other reasons, like to lie down in the cat poop basin to sleep, so the hair is easy to taint the smell of cat excrement.

       There are ear mites in the cat’s ears, which can also cause a bad smell on the cat.

       There is a bad smell in the mouth of the cat, to check whether the cat has oral ulcer or inflammation, if not, the cat needs to brush teeth.

       Cats are very concerned about their own care, so it is very difficult to have a bad smell on cats. Cats spend a lot of time cleaning their hair every day, in order to make their hair clean and tidy, and if the kitten began to smell bad, then the owner should pay attention. It’s possible that the kitten is not feeling well!

       If you find that your kitten stinks, you should pay attention to the source of the odor. Only by finding the source of the odor can we accurately determine what causes the odor. Only find the right source of odor, symptomatic solution, in order to make love cat clean and beautiful again.

       If the cat is picked up from the wild, it is very normal that there are lice on the cat, so the owner must actively do external insect repellent for the cat, so that the cat can avoid the trouble of parasites. Just picked up the cat, must first give it a bath, and then the next day to do it in and out of the body insect repellent, by the way, check the cat’s physical condition. If a cat has a serious skin disease, then when the skin ulcers, it will also emit a foul smell. Generally speaking, the stench produced by dirty cats collected from the wild will disappear after taking a bath. If skin diseases are found, they should be treated with active medication and can be cured soon.

       Some kittens because of lack of security and other reasons, like to lie down in the cat poop basin to sleep, so it is easy to get the smell of cat poop on their hair. This is also an important reason why kittens stink. If the owner finds that his kitten likes sleeping in the cat poop, he must pay more attention to the mental health of his pet. It may feel uneasy, perhaps feel lost and boring, in short, the master encountered this situation, to accompany their own pet love oh.

       In addition, there are ear mites in the cat’s ears, which can also cause bad smell on the cat. If the cat’s ear canal is particularly dirty, the owner must actively clean it up, and then use the pet ear cleanser after cleaning. This will soon cure the ear mite, and the cat’s ears will not itch and stink.

       The cat is clean. If the smell suddenly appears on the body, it can only indicate that there is something wrong with the cat’s body. At this time, the pet owner should find out the problems of the pet as soon as possible, and actively treat and improve is the king’s way.

       I’m a doctor. I don’t know what kind of medicine you are feeding. Don’t give the medicine to the kitten for the time being. The dose must be very small. The dose for the kitten in a month is only less than one tenth of the total amount of medicine! It’s right not to inject. Now tell me about some of his symptoms. Besides diarrhea, what else is his spirit. In addition, you are now feeding him some glucose, bought from the drugstore, his body needs rehydration. You need to be forced to feed, or feed some cat favorite food, such as boiled fish with water, Royal cat food, or buy nutrition cream from the party. If you don’t eat for a few days, the nutrition can’t keep up with the body and has no resistance.

       My kitten is also bought a few days ago, is also more than a month, just bought four days did not eat food, the corner of the eye is always wet. On the fifth day, I mixed some small pieces of fried meat into the food before eating it. To the sixth day began to have diarrhea, yellow. The spirit head is also general, just like to sleep, the voice is a bit hoarse. On the eighth day, I checked the Internet and said to eat lactase. I still have diarrhea. I don’t know what to do.

       There are several reasons for the strong smell of Bai kittens

       1. The kitten did not take a bath for too long and accumulated too much dirt on her body. Parents should give the cat a bath in time, and choose the appropriate pet shower gel for cleaning. The dirt on the cat’s hair needs to be completely removed.

       2. Cats are infested with lice and fleas, causing serious skin diseases. Parents can be treated with deworming.

       3. The cat’s ear mites breed, causing the ear canal to emit peculiar smell. Parents should buy ear drops to remove ear mites.

       4. Bad breath. Parents should regularly take the cat to the pet hospital for oral examination, wash teeth and remove calculus.

       5. The gland was not cleaned up in time. Parents should regularly clean the glands of cats, trim the hair around the glands and the hair between the toes to avoid the dirt from depositing again and emitting odor.

       My friends who keep cats at home know that if you don’t give the cat a bath for a long time, the cat’s body will emit a lot of peculiar smell. This smell should not be too bad! What shall I do? Bathing is definitely not the best way, because pets can’t bathe often.

       What is the cause of the bad smell on cats? In fact, there are only the following situations:

       1. Cats have lice and fleas that cause skin diseases.

       2. It may be a case of feline ringworm. The excrement removing officer should treat the disease in time.

       3. Bad breath, it is likely that the cat’s mouth has dirt.

       To sum up, cat body odor is too big, in general, it is recommended to buy deodorant. However, the product must be free from any irritation and side effects. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the cat has other diseases.

       Huhu, it seems that you are a very lazy Baba or numb. My cat doesn’t have this kind of situation. Start with food. Don’t feed people with cats. They will have bad breath. It’s best to feed it Royal cat food. This brand of cat food tastes good and all cats like it. Secondly, if you feed snacks, you’d better feed the cat’s special food, canned food, meat sticks, etc. If the cat does not have a bed, it can take a bath once a week or half a month. My cat takes a bath every two days because he likes to sleep with me. Take a bath with a cat’s shower gel, preferably without tears. Or the cat will be sick. Oh, many cats are afraid of the sound of hair dryer. My cat is. So I prepared two big bath towels for it. After each bath, I first wiped off the water on my body with one, and then wrapped it with another to blow under the air conditioner. The air conditioner must use hot air, otherwise it will catch a cold. And most importantly, the cat’s toilet. The key to your problem is in the toilet. First of all, I have to choose a fully enclosed toilet. I use Alice’s. Secondly, I bought the crystal sand, because if I use clay sand, the house is full of the smell of cat urine. Once a month and a half, we change the commode bag once a week and a half. Pour it all out. Don’t leave half of it with sand. And every time you pour out the litter, you should clean the cat toilet with disinfectant water, otherwise the kittens will get sick easily. There will be a lot of bacteria. If the cat’s nest can be washed, just wash it, if not, throw it away and replace it with a new one. Change a new nest, remember to ask the boss for a packet of cat mint, sprinkle some in the nest. So the cat will go and live. What other questions can you ask me. Kittens love to be clean. If you make it dirty, it will be very angry.

       Yes, but pay attention to keep warm. Now the weather turns cold. It’s easy to catch a cold. It is recommended to take it to the pet store for washing. If it is not cleaned, the cat may have skin diseases and so on. My family used to have a cat. When I bought it, it was always called because of the strange environment. It doesn’t matter. If you contact it more, you will call less. You will be coquettish occasionally. And ham sausage. Haha, I want to say that your cat is picky. You can make snacks, but it’s better to give priority to cat food. After all, it’s a pet cat. But don’t worry, ham sausage can be eaten. If your cat doesn’t eat cat food, it will starve for a few days. Just give it cat food, and if you are hungry, you will eat cat food.

       There is a bad smell on the kitten, which may be caused by the owner’s failure to bathe the kitten. Shovel Shijun can help the kitten to take a bath first, to see if it is caused by no bathing, if not, see what the reason is.

       1. Long term absence of bath results in body odor

       There is a bad smell on the kitten, which may be caused by not bathing the kitten for a long time. Kittens do not bathe for a long time, the hair on the body is dirty, not cleaned in time, dirty will have a bad smell. Shovel excrement gentleman can give kitten bath first, bath after bath general won’t have what flavor. If you take a bath for your kitten at home, you should use the cat bath products containing deodorant formula to wash the kitten, which can quickly help the kitten clear the odor and protect the fur. But don’t use human bath products. After all, the pH value of cats and human skin is different. Using human bath products is not only bad for skin, but also may cause kittens to lose hair

       2. Deodorant spray can be used to remove odor

       Although the kitten is dirty, you can use the way of cleaning deodorization, but the bath time is not too frequent. If you shovel Shijun frequently to the kitten bath, will lead to kittens hair loss, damage to the skin protective layer. If the kitten has a bad smell soon after taking a bath, you can also use pet deodorant concentrate for kittens. The deodorant concentrate is convenient and can quickly eliminate the odor. It is suitable for kittens. You can spray diluted pet deodorant concentrate on the smelly place of kittens. You should avoid the mouth and nose of cats and dogs when using it.

       3. Bad breath

       If you often give your kitten meat or canned food, food residue may stay in the kitten’s teeth, resulting in bad breath. The bad smell of kittens may be caused by bad breath, so every time you eat meat for your kitten, you should check your mouth to see if there is food residue, and brush your teeth to clean up.

       1. Clean up the indoor environment

       When the kitten stinks, the pet owner should clean the indoor environment first. If the kitten lives in a dirty place, it will also become very smelly. Items like litter, blankets, clothes, etc. used by kittens need to be cleaned regularly. Indoor floor and furniture should also be kept clean and tidy, not too damp.

       2. Quick fun for kittens

       If there is still a smell after the pet owner cleans the kitten’s body and cleans the room again, the pet owner can spray some deodorant spray for pets on every corner of the room, such as quick fun. It can be sprayed on the cat’s nest, cage, sofa, litter basin and furniture.

       In addition, indoor air circulation should be maintained, doors and windows should be opened regularly for ventilation. After indoor sanitation, pet owners can also use disinfectant to disinfect the places where cats have been.

       3. Clean litter regularly for kittens

       Most of the smell of the kitten is contaminated from the litter basin. When choosing litter for the kitten, the pet owner should choose the one with good deodorization ability. If you like the smell, you can also choose some litter with fragrance.

       There are also pet owners to clean the litter basin on time cat excreta, generally 1-2 days to clean up, a month to replace. If the kitten likes to rest in the litter pan, it is necessary to get rid of this bad habit.

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