About cats being color blind

       From many movies, we know that dogs are color blind and can distinguish a lot less colors than us. So what is the world you can see in the cat’s eyes? Are cats color blind just like dogs? In fact, the vision of cats is much worse than that of humans in the daytime. However, due to the extraordinary ability of cat’s eyes to collect light, coupled with its high-performance hearing and amazing concentration, cats can also see things in the dark. In other words, the darker the light is, the clearer the cat can see. But about the cat is color blind, people think that the cat is color blind, can only see the color of black, gray and white. However, whether it is color blindness or not, current scientific research has proved that this view can not hold water. Because experiments have shown that cats are trained to distinguish colors, although it takes a long time. Many scientists believe that cats can only see blue and green, but cats don’t care about color. Binocular vision is very important to the cat. Because it has to be able to accurately judge the mileage in order to calculate the distance to the hunting target. When the field of view of the animal’s eyes overlaps, the stereoscopic effect can be produced. The larger the overlap range is, the stronger and more accurate the stereoscopic effect will be. Cats are worse at judging distance than humans and better than dogs. The field of view overlap of human eye is much larger than that of cat eye, while that of dog eye is smaller than that of cat eye.

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