Above the cat’s eyeballs

       I don’t know. Huacheng square has several subways, which are frightening materials. The lyrics of the project are good. I think too much about the lyrics of a car. I can drive a magnet. I can taste the license plate number V-collar. It’s like Han Xiya’s blood pressure. It’s like a long time to eat it. I’ll eat it once. I’ll eat it once. I’ll eat it once. I’ll take it for a while I’ve seen wearing school uniform

       Just eye excrement, yellow is the tears dry on the fur, let the hair oxidation discoloration, once discoloration is very difficult to restore

       Causes of eye dropsy:

       1. If the cat food is too oily and salty, it is caused by eating human food. The solution is to change to natural food and never eat human food

       2. Nasal branch, short nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract disease can cause a lot of tears. Observe the cat’s mental state, appetite, and whether sneezing. Pay attention to keep warm. Go to the pet hospital to prescribe some medicine, and recover in a week

       3. Eye inflammation. This is not very likely. The secretion from the eye inflammation is turbid, yellowish yellow, yellow green and white, like nasal mucus, and will not dry out. The treatment is to prescribe medicine, but it is obviously not eye inflammation

       Eye excrement is very serious~

       The first thing to be sure is, is it normal to eat, drink and Lazar except for this eye? It’s better to make sure you have a fever. Because the cat’s eyes have problems, it may be more than a simple eye infection.

       If you rule out high fever, respiratory tract infection, it is likely to be caused by eye infection. Don’t use eye ointment. Sticky people don’t feel comfortable with it, let alone cats. You can use chloramphenicol eye drops or ribavirin eye drops in combination, because it’s hard to determine whether it’s caused by bacteria or viruses. The usage is very simple. If there is eye dropsy every day, you must use warm water to clean the eye dropsy slowly, and then drop the eye drops, five times a day, until the improvement, and then adhere to three times a day, and then medication for 1 week.

       Then, it’s better to replace cat food with light food. If it’s too greasy and salty, it will make the cat’s tears and eye droppings more serious. If you are a young cat, our hospital generally recommends natural fresh meat cat food. This kind of cat food has no additive attractant, and has no burden on the cat’s viscera. You can eat fresh food exported to eliminate tears, salmon and duck The duck meat itself has the effect of removing fire. In addition, it is light and can be used with eye drops. It is good and fast, and can avoid repeated infection of long-term tears in the future~

       This white membrane is called the third eyelid. Normally, the third eyelid is in the inner corner of cat’s eye, which can’t be seen at ordinary times.

       When a cat is sick, the third eyelid will protrude and cover up part of the eyeball, sometimes even half of the eyeball. The more prominent the third eyelid, the more serious the condition.

       The third eyelid appears for a short time, and occasionally appears when the cat is tired and sleepy and squints slowly. It should not be a big problem.

       If you have a third eyelid for a long time, you should go to the pet hospital for examination.

       1¡¢ The concept of the third eyelid: also known as the blinking membrane, covering the conjunctiva to protect the cornea and remove foreign bodies, and prevent the eyes from excessive drying.

       If the third eyelid prolapse occurs in one side of the eye, it may be caused by eye irritation.

       The third eyelid, just a layer of membrane, no relative to the “third eyelid” of the first and second eyelids.

       Animals generally have a “third eyelid”.

       2¡¢ The function of the third eyelid: it is like a loyal guard, guarding the eyeball. When a foreign body attacks, eyelids will be closed under the command of the central nervous system to prevent foreign body damage to the eyeball. In addition, when there is strong light on the eyes, the eyelids will also be closed to prevent strong light damage to the fundus optic nerve.

       Under normal circumstances, eyelids will open and close every 2-8 seconds, which is called blinking. Through the opening and closing of eyelids, the eyeball can be kept moist and the luster of cornea can be kept, and the dust and bacteria of conjunctival sac can be removed. If there is no eyelid shelter, the eyeball will be exposed to the outside, suffering from foreign body invasion, the eyeball will also be dry and uncomfortable.

       Need to pay attention to whether kittens sneeze, runny nose, if there are the above symptoms, is the cat nasal branch, need to go to the hospital for treatment. If it’s just tears and secretions, it may be because of cat eye diseases, such as inflammation, or fundus diseases, which need to be opened for observation. In addition, food irritation can also cause tears and secretions. If it is the cat such as English short, because the nasal meatus is short and the bending angle is big, it will also be easy to have the above symptoms. Kitten’s ears need to be paid close attention to, to often wipe the ears with gauze to prevent ear mites. Cat nasal branch cat nasal branch is an acute infectious disease of cat’s upper respiratory tract, also known as infectious rhinotracheitis. The pathogen of the disease is feline rhinotracheitis herpesvirus. Under natural conditions, it is usually transmitted by respiratory tract and digestive tract. At the beginning of the disease, the body temperature increased, the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection were obvious, paroxysmal cough, sneezing, tears, conjunctivitis, anorexia, weight loss, mental depression, nasal secretions increased, began to be serous, and then turned to purulent. Cat’s eyes are inflamed. Generally speaking, whenever the kitten’s eyes are inflamed, their eyes will show some abnormal conditions. For example, continuous tears, red eyes, swelling, increased secretion of eye excrement. These symptoms are warnings to the owner, reminding the owner that the cat’s eyes are present and should be diagnosed and treated in time.