Abyssinian cat bastard – how much is Abyssinian cat?

       In order to make people and Abyssinian cats live a comfortable life, it is necessary for cats to abide by the discipline of each family. If you master the following four, then the work of training cats can be carried out smoothly. First of all, the first is to criticize immediately on the spot. When it does something wrong, it should “no” right now! “Hello And yelled at me. Of course, the cat didn’t stop because it understood its owner’s words, but just because it was frightened by a loud voice. If you do this repeatedly, the cat will slowly feel that if you do this, it will be yelled at, too headache, and will not do it. When a cat does something it shouldn’t do, it’s useless to take it to the crime scene for preaching. A cat is a forgetful animal. Even if it is reprimanded for what happened just now, it won’t understand why.

       The second is patience education. It’s not that criticism today can be allowed tomorrow, but criticism should be made with the same attitude and patience at all times. If people give up halfway, then the previous hard work will be in vain. “I’ll be forgiven right away anyway.” In this way, the cat will be ecstatic. The third is that corporal punishment is absolutely not allowed. If you hit a cat casually, it will have a sense of fear of its owner, and then have the character of inferiority. Because the body of a cat is much smaller than a person, it is likely to get hurt if it is beaten. The fourth is to give a big compliment on the spot when it performs well. Although the cat can’t understand the owner’s words, it is very clear that the voice of rebuke is different from that of praise. When a cat is praised, it will feel better, so the effect of education will gradually improve.

       Abyssinian cat is one of the most popular short haired cats in America, and its supply-demand ratio in the UK is as high as 1:10. Many Abyssinian cat enthusiasts often have to book two years or more from purebred breeders before they can buy the cat they want. In the United States, the average price of Abyssinian kittens is more than $1800, and the price in Britain is higher.

       First of all, see what you need, Abby. If it is a regular cat house, the basic price is almost the same, according to the product in a range. There are also some Abby from other families. The price range is larger, but it is lower than that of the cat house. You need to judge the appearance by yourself.

       It is said that the modern Abyssinian cat is the descendant of the ancient Egyptian cat, which was worshipped as a “sacred thing” in ancient Egypt. Among the preserved mummies of the ancient Egyptian god cat, there is a kind of blood red cat which is very similar to it. Therefore, many people think that it is the direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian god cat. Because its overall appearance, coat color and erect ears are similar to those of African Bobcats, some people think that it originated from African Bobcats. The body of the ibina cat is soft and flexible. Its appearance is somewhat similar to that of the Siamese cat. But the whole body is more plump than the Siam cat. The cat has its wedge-shaped face, large pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. Its eyes are amber, light brown or green, and its eyes are surrounded by a dark coloured ring, like an eyeliner.

       A family cat. Hair short, body slender, head cuneate, ear large. It is believed to be the offspring of a cat brought to England by Abyssinia in the 19th century. The body hair is brownish red with black or brown stripes. Eyes green, yellow or light brown. Red Abyssinian cats are dark brown red. [1]

       About 1860, the ancient Egyptian cat was brought back to England by an English official from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Through the careful cultivation and perfection of many cat lovers, it spread rapidly. However, it was not until 1929 that the breed standard of this kind of cat was established, and then the Abyssinian cat enthusiast club was established. Due to the Second World War and the epidemic of feline leukemia in 1960 and 1970, the cat was almost extinct in Britain. Later, it was introduced from abroad, and after careful cultivation, it formed today’s Abyssinian cat. The improved Abyssinian cat has a slender body, tall and thin limbs, a long and pointed tail, a slightly pointed head, large and round eyes, golden, green or light brown eyes, large and upright ears, and long hair in the ears. The coat is short and beautiful. The most common coat color is yellowish brown with black mixed hairs. The coat is fine and dense, and the villus is well developed and elastic. This kind of cat like to live alone, good at climbing trees, light body, gentle temperament, very human nature, is a very ideal companion. It is worth mentioning that the appearance of Abyssinian cat is like a little lion, which makes it more lovely, and very intelligent, and its voice is small and pleasant. Whether you live in an apartment or a family building, you can safely raise this kind of cat.

       Abyssinia cat, also known as Ethiopian cat, is also known as ballet cat because of its beautiful gait. And ah

       The fur color of bisinia cat is similar to that of hare, and it is also called rabbit cat or ball cat by British people. Abicynian cat is dignified, dignified, solemn, born with the appearance of an emperor. In addition, its red and yellow, varying in depth, unpredictable, gorgeous and moving fur, many cat lovers fall in love with it. Abyssinia is one of the most popular short haired cats in the world. It is especially popular among cat lovers in North America. But the abicynian cat’s reproductive rate is not very high, so it is also very rare and precious. Origin: Abyssinian cat has a long history, originated in abicynia (now Ethiopia). Among the preserved mummies of the ancient Egyptian god cat, there is a kind of blood red cat which is very similar to it. Therefore, many people think that it is the direct line of the ancient Egyptian god cat.

       Abyssinian cat

       It’s my honor to have one of the best Abyssinian red beans in China. Red coated red beans in China

       It is my absolute pride that I have won many awards in the inner cat exhibition. After owning red beans, I deeply moved the loyalty and attachment of Abyssinia cat to its owner. Its charm also comes from its self-confidence, vitality, enthusiasm and dignity.

       Perhaps because the blood of Abyssinian cat is flowing with the most primitive blood, the characteristics of the oldest cat are displayed incisively and vividly. It is a pet, but you should respect it while loving it. It often shuttles gracefully in the room, but when called, it always runs to your side with the fastest speed, reaches its palm with its head deeply, and expresses its love for its master for a long time.

       The loveliness of ormosia lies in its feline curiosity. It “loves the young” and can play with the young kittens; in order to grab a plush mouse toy, it will not give in to a 4-month-old British short haired cat; it can also “respect the old” and can be a 5-year-old “eunuch” – local cat little milala, or quietly accompany me when I sit in front of the computer to write something quietly after every morning.


       The body of Abyssinian cat is soft and flexible, and its appearance is somewhat similar to that of Siamese cat, but whole

       The body shape is more plump than the Siamese cat. The Abelian cat has a wedge-shaped face, large pointed ears, almond shaped eyes, and its eyes are amber, light brown or green, with a dark ring around its eyes, like an eyeliner. Abyssinian cats belong to medium-sized cats, which have different body types in North America and Europe. For example, the head of Abyssinian cats developed in North America is round, while the snout of European breeds is more pointed.


       The head shape is exquisite, for slightly round triangle. The bridge of the nose is slightly protuberant, the snout is short and firm, and the teeth are scissors bite.


       The ear is large and erect, the base is wide, the auricle margin is very thin, the ear tip is slightly pointed and inclines forward. The ear hair is short and dense, and the tip of red brown seed hair is black or black brown; the tip of red seed hair is chocolate color. The ears are feathered.


       The eye is large and almond shaped, slightly hanging the tip of the eye; the edge of the eye is black and covered with brown hair. The eye color is green, yellow, light brown and so on.


       It is medium-sized, light, muscular and well proportioned.

       Limbs: slender limbs, feet delicate, and round and slender body coordination.


       The toes are small and solid oval. When standing up, you can see standing up with the tips of your claws. Tail: the tail is long and sharp, with a conical shape, and the root of the tail is * *.


       The coat is fine, soft and elastic. Most of the coats are red and yellow in color, with different shades, and with refractive effect, they form stripes. During the activity, the coat color changes subtly, which is as gorgeous and shiny as silk, which is very charming.

       Coat color

       There are two recognized coat colors for Abyssinian cats: reddish brown and red. The whole body color of reddish brown species is reddish brown. The hair tip is black or black brown, and the root is red and yellow. When the coat is completely dark, dark color is allowed on the back. The lower coat is reddish yellow brown (cross red and yellowish brown), and the tip of the layer is black. The coat color of the front chest, abdomen and inner forelimb is consistent with the overall color, and the best color is yellowish brown. The lower palate is yellowish.

       The nose is brick red. Black or tan between toes, black from toe to toe. Eyes go from golden to green, the deeper the better. The whole body color of red is soft and bright red, and the hair tip is chocolate color, but dark red is the best. The tip of the ear and tail is chocolate brown. The nose is pink. Pink between toes, chocolate brown from toe to toe.

       The hair color of Abyssinian cats is not a single color. Each hair has two or three color bands, which makes its coat have a beautiful light and dark luster change. Their hair is very fine and soft. Although they are short haired cats, their hair is quite soft to the touch, and their forehead is decorated with M-shaped stripes.

       Bad sexual characteristics

       The color between the toes is beyond the standard; the head is long and narrow or short and round, with stripes on the limbs; the tail has annular hair; the head has black line stripes (black necklace); the waist and shoulder have gray hair. White spot or black spot; white hair except the muzzle and throat; the coat is monochromatic; the red hair mixed with black hair is inferior. [3]

       Growth habit


       Abicynian is gentle and lively. Like to live in a more spacious environment, like

       Freedom of movement, do not want to be confined to a narrow place, but not suitable for living in an apartment. This kind of cat like to live alone, good at climbing trees, light body, gentle temperament, very human nature, is a very ideal companion.

       Abicynian feline is loyal to living alone and enjoys climbing trees. It is very rich in human feelings. It has a very pleasant voice, even when it is in the estrus period, it does not appear very loud calls. If there are strangers around it, it will appear very afraid. It also has a different characteristic from other cats, that is, it hates people to hold it up and play.

       Each time the Abyssinian cat gives birth to about four kittens. The newly born kitten is very small, and its development is relatively slow. At the beginning, its fur color is slightly black, and then it becomes a little lighter.

       Origin of species


       Abyssinian cats have a long history and originated in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). On the origin of names and

       It is not because its hometown is in Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia), but because in the report of Britain’s first “Abyssinia cat show”, it says that it was imported from Ethiopia. It was first mentioned in Harper’s weekly (January 27, issue 1872), which came in third at the Crystal Palace show in December 1871.

       The Abyssinian cat comes from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). In 1860, an English official brought the cat back to England from Abyssinia. After being carefully cultivated and perfected by many cat lovers, it spread rapidly. After cultivation, it became more and more beautiful. However, the cat of the first commercial breed was indeed from North America.

       Abyssinia cat is a breed of long haired cat produced by mutation of pure breed Abyssinia cat in 1967, which is formed through planned breeding. After breeding in Europe and the United States and other countries, it was recognized by the British Cat Association in 1983. In 1991, it won the champion position in the British cat fans Management Committee. Abyssinia belongs to the Western cat. It is one of the popular cats in North America. It belongs to the popular short hair breed.

       If you want to bathe your Abyssinian cat at home,

       Pet review website reminds you to pay attention to the following points:

       1. The water temperature should not be too low or too high, and it should not be too hot (40-50 ¡æ). Keep warm indoors to prevent cats from catching cold and causing cold.

       2. The detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; to prevent the bath water from entering the eyes, drip oily eye drops on the cat’s eyes before bathing to protect the eyes.

       3. To the long haired cat. Before taking a bath, the coat should be fully combed to remove the fallen coat, so as to prevent tangle during washing, so as to spend more time on finishing.

       4. Cats less than 6 months old are more likely to get sick and should not take a bath. Cats older than 6 months should not take too many baths, usually 2-3 times a month. Because the skin oil has a protective effect on the skin and fur. If you take a bath many times and lose a lot of oil, the coat will become rough, brittle and lusterless, and the elasticity of the skin will decrease, which will affect the beauty of the cat and may become an inducement of skin inflammation.

       Abicynian cat like to live alone, good at climbing trees, light body, gentle temperament, very human, yes

       A perfect partner. Like to live in a more spacious environment, do not want to be limited in a narrow place. The lion like appearance of the Abyssinian cat makes him more lovely and very clever,

       Small and pleasant. Whether you live in an apartment or a family building, you can safely raise this kind of cat.

       Abyssinia cat is warm and lovely, lively and active, alert and agile, good at climbing trees, likes to bask in the sun and play with water, its sound is soft and pleasant, and it is very emotional to its owner. It is a very ideal companion animal for people, especially for the carefree old people who love pets, are patient and meticulous, and are full of childlike innocence. Like to live alone, light body, gentle temperament, very human nature, it is worth mentioning that abicynian cat’s appearance like a little lion seems to be more lovely, and very smart. Whether you live in an apartment or a family building, you can safely raise this kind of cat.

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