Adult and juvenile – how much does a young chinchilla eat…

       Not necessarily. The younger ones eat more, drink more, and urinate a lot. After three months, they are very healthy. I don’t think there is any restriction on this. If he wants to eat, he is hungry, and he doesn’t eat enough. Is it unnecessary to limit the amount of food in order to limit body size like a Chihuahua. Chinchilla doesn’t eat when it’s full. He can adjust it. Everything goes with his nature best. As for how much to eat, you should observe it yourself, don’t waste it, and you can almost eat it. If you eat 90% of it, you will lose it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to worry about it. However, when he is hungry, he will go to the bottom cage and take out his little hand to eat it. Therefore, 90% and 10% are the best. There is no fixed one. Every family has different chinchillas

       Keeping hungry can make him kiss you more. The cat factory keeps the cat for more than a year and a half, and the cat friend’s own cat will kiss you more than half a year. This has something to do with the time we get along with. If we accompany it more, we will kiss you more. When they see my father, my mother and father always feed, but when they give birth, I will go from the belly My mother cat took out the noodles and continued to sleep. As soon as my father reached in and put grass for them, it was eight feet away. My mother cat rushed to bite my father and protected the baby at the speed of 100 meters. My family has been raising it for more than half a year, but they are not well fed.

       Generally speaking, young chinchillas are fed twice a day. They eat grass in the morning. If they feel full, they don’t eat when they are full. At about 7:00 p.m., they are fed with chinchilla food. The measuring cup is about 40ml. You can judge by whether there is any left in your cat’s bowl. Generally speaking, if the bowl is clean, it means that there is less feeding, More next time, if there is a lot left in the basin, it will be fed more and less next time. Moreover, the juvenile chinchilla will sleep after eating for a while, and eat again after waking up… I hope my answer is helpful to you, ha ~ I also have a chinchilla~~~

       How old are the kittens now? My family’s were brought back when they were 2 and 3 months old respectively. Chinchilla will not be able to support itself. In fact, eating in a few hours is not so critical. DC boss of China dragon cat club also said that it is better to eat within 3-4 hours, so as to keep the cat a little hungry. However, my family’s grain has not been cut off. I gave the grass in the morning and ate it up before work in the evening, so I added the staple food. This amount needs the owner to observe the amount of chinchilla’s food. For example, 20 grams of grass is given in the morning, and 15 grams are given next time when it is left in the evening. This judgment is more feasible than simply listening to others

       The landlord may have just raised a little confused, do not know who to listen to good, and so on a few months have experience. I recommend you to visit the forum of China dragon cat club. There are many experiences to exchange and learn from~~

       1. The gestational period of chinchilla is 111 days, and it can only give birth to two or three babies a year. The low reproduction rate is the main reason for the high price of chinchilla.

       2. Chinchilla is really cute, clean, no germs, no smell, save time, in line with the standard of household pets, which is also the reason why the price of chinchilla is high and popular.

       3. The average chinchilla is 8 months of age, and the size of the rabbit is about the same, the average adult chinchilla in 450 ~ 550 grams.

       4. Two month old cats are slightly smaller, half the size of adult chinchillas.

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