Adult male and female – how to distinguish male and female adult cats

       This is also the case in my family. But the male cat is next door neighbor’s house, at first I will ask them to play together, and observe them, the male cat often presses the little female cat to scream, and licks it very wet.. For this reason, I have to drive the male cat out of the house. But who knows, it broke all the screens in my house and stole the kitten at night. This has happened n times.. I said I was speechless. Whenever I found the kitten missing during the day, I would go to the next door neighbor’s yard to see, and sure enough, the kitten was there, and it was very miserable. I can’t even call it out, and I’m in a low mood. Now I have two cats in the yard every other three months, so I have two cats left.

       Kittens are not recommended to be kept with adult males.

       It is very difficult to get along with a young female cat without a period of running in. It will fight and fight. Moreover, keeping the male cat and the female cat together will promote the oestrus.

       Don’t put the big cat in estrus and the little female cat without estrus together. It will affect the health of both cats. When the big cat and the little female cat are kept together, the female cat will be very rebellious and disgusted with the big cat; and the big cat who does not match the cat during the estrus period will also cause depression to them. When the big cat leaves the kitten and separates from the kitten, it will lead to the early estrus of the kitten.

       Extended data

       Pay attention to the following when raising a cat

       1. Vaccinate cats regularly, bathe cats regularly and keep them clean.

       2. Keep a cat to pay attention to self-protection, do not let the cat lick the body wound.

       3. Don’t get too close to cats, especially keep away from stray cats.

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       There are two balls under the male cat PP, but the female cat does not. It is suggested that you should only be a female cat. Male cats will be excluded and bullied after being sterilized

       Lift up the cat’s tail, and you will see two holes. You can judge the cat’s gender according to the distance between the two holes. Those with a distance of about 1 cm are girls; those with a distance of more than 2 cm are boys. The male cat has a penis between the two holes. It’s also interesting to say that the two holes look like an inverted exclamation mark “!” It’s a female cat. It looks like a colon. It’s a male cat.

       There are two holes in the back of the cat’s buttocks. The top one is a * * and the lower one is a * *. The male cat’s two holes are far away from each other. The lower hole is round, with less hair in the middle. The female cat’s two holes are relatively close and basically connected. The lower hole is not round, but drops in shape. One end is big and the other is small. Or it is the way to go to the toilet. NN stands by the toilet to lift PP up. His two claws with his tail raised high are on the eaves of the cat litter basin. They are male (like standing). NN’s head is always buried in the toilet, and its four paws are in the litter pan. It’s the mother’s

       Before bringing a new cat into the house:

       Cats are animals with a strong sense of domain. Generally, new members are not welcome to enter the house. They should be given enough time to adapt. The adaptation period may vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks due to the different personalities of cats and various environmental factors.

       The ideal new cat is younger than the old cat in age and body shape, opposite sex, before sexual maturity, or has been sterilized, and the character is similar to the old cat. However, in reality, such a combination is relatively small, we can estimate the length of adaptation period according to the following factors, and make adequate psychological preparation¡ª¡ª

       The origin of cats: stray cats are generally competitive, with strong territorial desire and the courage to defend themselves. Artificial feeding of large orphan cats is generally a little timid, in this case, it takes a long time to adapt.

       Body shape: a new cat with a smaller body is less threatening to the old cat. Hairy cats will look bigger than they really are, so don’t just look at the weight, look at the appearance.

       Age: a kitten born to 12 weeks lacks the ability to make a correct judgment and response to the environment. Such a kitten cannot be allowed to face another cat alone. It’s best to be around at all times. For kittens, they are extremely energetic when they are 12 months old. Cats aged 6 months to 2 years old are still teenagers. Old cats should be sterilized and new cats should be sterilized as soon as possible. It’s hard to get along with two sexually mature, same-sex cats. A cat over 2 years old is fully grown up. The general character of a cat has been shaped at this time. Two cats of this age group are more likely to adapt to each other when their reaction to the outside world (timidity or boldness, etc.) and vitality (sleeping all day or not quiet all the time) are similar. Cats over 8 years old are old. Whether he is a new cat or an old cat, he is more likely to be anxious and depressed in the process. Therefore, it is necessary to consider bringing a new cat into the house under such circumstances.

       Gender: cats that are not sexually mature are rarely considered a threat and are easily accepted. The sterilized cats are weaker in competitiveness, territorial desire and possessive desire, so they can get along with each other better. Most of the two sexually mature male cats will keep chasing, fighting and urinating around.

       ¡¤Before bringing a new cat into the house:

       A place of isolation.

       New cats must be quarantined!

       The requirement for the isolated place is that the old cat can’t get in absolutely, which will affect the old cat’s original life style to the minimum extent. The isolation can be a room in the home (there must be a door that can be locked). If you don’t have a separate room, or if an old cat is used to sleeping with you in the bedroom, you can isolate it on a sealed balcony or bathroom (also with a door). If only the toilet is available and the old cat’s toilet is also in the toilet, you can move his toilet to a new location. If possible, do this preparation one or two weeks in advance. In short, the smaller the change in the old cat’s original lifestyle, the more conducive it will be for him to adapt to the arrival of the new cat. If all of the above conditions are not available (to be honest, if there is no second door besides the front door, there should be no more cat). A larger cage can be covered with cloth for isolation facilities, but it is better to know that the new cat does not have any diseases.

       For the requirements of the isolation area, the main thing is that there is no dangerous or harmful thing to the cat. The place is not required to be large, but smaller is easy to adapt to. The isolated place should have cat litter basin, a nest for cats to hide and rest (not too complicated), and water. Food is best sent in regularly by the host, eat out, do not always put in it. This will help the new cat quickly establish the relationship between the new owner and the food, as well as the corresponding trust and emotion. After all the preparation (material, psychological) is done, you can take the new cat home. But the process of adaptation is just beginning:

       Step 1: after taking the new cat home, put him directly in an isolated place. Don’t stay any longer, come out immediately and close the door.

       Then say hello to the old cat according to the original home procedure. Leave the bag or cage containing the new cat at home (not directly in front of the old cat) and observe the old cat’s reaction. Some cats will be nervous, ha, and even attack the cage (ready for a protracted war), some will howl, run away and run back (typical), and others will show curiosity and excitement (optimistic prospect). Keep an eye on the cage until the old cat has completely lost interest in the cage. To stay with the old cat for a while and not to see the new cat for a while, he needs some time to adapt to the environment in the isolation zone. After at least an hour, you can bring some food to see the new cat. If this is your first contact with the cat, don’t try to get close to him. Talk to him gently and wait for him to approach you. Don’t stay too long. 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough. In the future, you can see him several times a day, about an hour each time. If you touch a new cat, it’s better to wash your hands before approaching the old one. Even so, the old cat may still be confused by the strange smell on you, so ha you. Pay attention to how much time the old cat spends sitting outside the door of the isolation room, or sniffing there. Only when the old cat is not hostile to the cage where the new cat is put, the smell of the new cat on you, or the door of the quarantine area, can you enter the second step.

       In this step, it should be noted that the old cat must be better. Play with him more, talk with him, feed him some delicious food by hand, spoil him, and make him feel that his status at home and in your heart is not threatened.

       In the first step, some changes can be made. After the new cat is familiar with the isolation area and has established basic trust in people, he can be released out for a short period of time every day to familiarize him with the environment of other places in the family. At this time, it is necessary to isolate the old cat. It is better not to isolate the new cat, but to have someone accompany him to avoid being too nervous. Then send the new cat back to the room, let the old cat out and observe his behavior.

       Step 2: restrictive contact.

       Limit contact between new and old cats. They can see each other through the glass door, but they can’t touch each other, or they can open a small crack in the door of the isolation area, so that they can touch their noses and wave their claws, but they can’t touch each other greatly. If there is no one at home during the day, make sure that all the settings can achieve the purpose of limiting contact before going out, but there will not be any way to break through the barriers. If there is enough space for the cat’s paws to stretch under the door of the quarantine area, then one or two steps are actually carried out at the same time.

       During this period, if you go home, the new cat and the old cat greet you at the same time, you must respond to the old cat first. New cats will understand that.

       When the new cat and the old cat are calm in this situation and rarely HA or roar at each other, the third step can be taken.

       Step 3: full contact.

       Open the door of the quarantine area and let the old and new cats meet. Don’t introduce it deliberately. Open the door when the old cat is not near the quarantine area. Let them meet each other casually instead of meeting formally. Watch their reactions closely. They may still be chasing each other, but as long as there is no fierce fighting, continue to observe. When fighting, you can say “no fighting” or spray water to separate them. Don’t use your hands to separate the fighting cat. It’s easy to hurt people. In addition, when cats fight, it always sounds worse than the actual situation, so don’t worry too much. Trim your cat’s nails regularly to reduce the damage. If the fight is very fierce, or if we fight again soon after separation, we should go back to the second step for a period of time, and then go to the third step.

       It is suggested that in this step, under the supervision of someone, we should first contact once a day for a short period of time, gradually for many times, for a short time, then for a long time, and finally for the whole day. The first full day contact is best selected at the weekend, which is convenient for the host to observe and necessary intervention. Leave them at home all day long until you are confident that they will live in peace.

       In short, introducing new cats to old cats should be a gradual process, which requires patience. It is better to be cautious than to be eager for success. Separate bowls and water bowls are necessary, and separate sand pots may also be necessary. In addition, pay attention to observe whether the cat has symptoms of mental stress, such as eating fast and then vomiting, over combing themselves, and overeating are all signs of unhappiness. It is also a sign of nervousness to urinate around the house, to cry abnormally and to hide frequently.

       Generally speaking, after such a process (kittens may only take a few days, adult cats may take as long as a month), most cats can at least get along with each other. As for whether they can become good friends, it depends on their fate.

       1. Cheek

       Because male cats often fight with other cats, the cheek part may be slightly larger, and we will feel that his face is a little fat if we look at it. The female cat not only has a small cheek, but also has a sharp jaw. The whole face looks very small and has a noble temperament.

       2. Bridge of nose

       Male cats have a larger distance between their eyes and their noses look larger. The female cat’s is in the shape of a small equilateral triangle.


       The male cat’s penis can be seen at the lower part. It is not very clear, but there is a small round protuberance. ***Just between the two, separate them. Because £¢, £¢ and £¢ are juxtaposed, the distance between £¢ and £¢ is larger than that between £¢ and £¢ of female cats.

       Below the female cat’s, there is a hairless place like coffee beans. To put it simply, there is a big gap between the male cat and the female cat.

       Extended data:

       As a docile, intelligent and lively animal, cat has a long history as a family pet, especially in European and American countries. At the beginning of the 20th century, a zoologist in the United States first invented cat tree, a product designed to treat the growing depression of domestic cats. Its scattered space combination enables the domestic pet cat to have free play space, stimulates the cat’s nature, and the natural hemp rope on the product lets the cat feel the natural breath, and can maintain the physiological habit of grinding claws without destroying the furniture.

       In many countries, some high-end products have become the standard household goods and crafts, and the aesthetic taste of the owner’s home style, so that cats and people can enjoy high-grade life. International famous brands, such as Garfield island in Australia, Garfield Island, nature master in Garfield island in Australia, and mordencat in the United States, are all enterprises for product development in this field. Cat tree and cat climbing frame are their important products.

       How to distinguish male and female cats

       The hole at the bottom of the female cat is close to the hole on the top, a little bit like a straight line. The hole at the bottom of the male cat is a little far away from the hole on the top. A little space in the middle will be put for the little eggs later.

       In the picture on the left is a female cat. The lower hole is closer to the upper hole, and the shape of the lower hole is a little bit like a “water drop” (a little black one), which is not completely round. In the picture on the right is the male cat. The lower hole is far away from the upper one (the redder one in the photo). It is also round and does not look like a drop of water. The middle of the two holes will be filled with small eggs in the future, because the cat is still small now, and the eggs can’t be seen. But if you look carefully, you can see that the fur here is not the same.

       Yes, we also have cats in our family. Ha ha, just look at the back of the cat

       If there is any protrusion or protrusion, it is the male class. If there is no protrusion or protrusion, it is the female class. If it can’t be seen, then pay attention to it when they lick themselves. The male will lick the place. If your female cat also likes licking, it’s bad. Look See if there will appear after they lick it… If it will be male, oh… Ha ha… Our cat is female… White… So cute