Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of cats

       Just like dogs, cats can be divided into many types: young cats and adult cats; male and female cats; long haired cats and short haired cats; breed cats and native cats. Of course, cats of different types or ages show different advantages and disadvantages at each stage. When we understand the characteristics of different types of cats, we can choose cats with different characteristics according to our own needs. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different cats.

       1. Long haired cats:

       Elegant appearance, more quiet personality. Beautiful fur needs careful care of the owner, especially Persian cat, jinjila cat and other long hair cat species, need to eat some nutrients on time to keep the luster and softness of the coat. Daily carding work is more troublesome, need to comb several times a day. However, frequent carding can make the original hair stick to the comb, and the long hair is easy to collect.

       2. Short haired cats:

       The coat is easy to take care of, and does not have to comb every day, and more lively personality, curiosity. But in the season of depilation, if you don’t clean it regularly, short hair will be stained all over the house, and even some will float in the air, which is more difficult to clean up than the fur of a long haired cat.

       3. Breed cats:

       Stable personality, relatives, not afraid of life, good temper, will not easily hurt the master, do not bite the master. However, the breed of cats is weak in constitution, prone to genetic diseases, and has a relatively short life span.

       4. Native cat:

       Strong resistance, strong physique, not easy to get sick, healthy, skin solid, long life. But most of the domestic cats are timid. Moreover, the temper of native cats is not as stable as that of breed cats. Many native cats have the behavior of scratching and biting their owners.

       All kinds of cats have their own good and bad, mainly depends on the owners want to choose what kind of cat to accompany themselves, so as to choose the type of cat. In the eyes of cat lovers, no matter what kind of cat they are, in the eyes of parents, their own cats are just like their own babies.

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