After giving birth to her kittens, she vomits when she is old after giving birth to her kittens

       One possible reason: the kitten has deformity This kind of cat grows up in a “wild” environment and has a certain “cat hunting nature”. It may be that some kittens are born with deformities that can not be detected by human beings. It is difficult for them to survive. However, their animals and smell are wrong for the female cats, so they may eat them to supplement the energy lost due to pregnancy It is understood that if one or two kittens in a litter are killed or abandoned, the whole litter will be regarded as “failure”, and the female cat may not want to waste her energy to raise these difficult kittens In addition, in cold seasons, such as early spring, late autumn or winter, because the weather is cold and needs more energy, the wild female cat will eat her kittens to maintain her precious energy when she feels that she is lack of energy. Maybe the second reason is that human smell interferes with the female cat In some extremely nervous female cats, eating = protecting has become a kind of mechanical animal, especially for some inexperienced female cats. Liao Xin said that if the current threat, the female cat can not protect her cubs, the female cat will kill them. Of course, in most cases, the female cat will transfer or hide her children Sometimes, a female cat will kill her kittens because she has been held by another person or animal. Her smell was so hazy that she couldn’t recognize her child and felt threatened. In addition, if the female cat’s sexual development is not balanced, it may not be the reason why the female cat’s sexual development is not balanced In fact, in nature, there are many reasons that people can’t speculate. For example, natural causes lead to the death of kittens. The way for female cats to deal with corpses is to remove them from their nests. There is also a method that is not willing to be accepted by human beings, that is, eat the cubs

       You may have scared the female cat. Is often to catch the cat baby, the mother cat in order to protect the cat baby want to take away. But kittens can run and eat, and the mother cat may not be able to manage it. Unless the kitten comes home with her. You’d better go to the mother cat and the baby cat. Otherwise, the baby cat will not come back when it is big enough, but the kitten is only one month old. It’s not weaned. Although I can run. But I can’t live on my own. If you don’t want the cat to die. Better get it back. When he grows up in…

       Because they are too weak just after birth, and their intestines and stomach have not fully recovered. If they eat too much or have irritation, they will start to turn sick. If they are forced to eat, the cat will easily vomit out. You can give your cat a little glucose water instead of eating.

       This kind of vomiting, generally will not have a big problem, give the cat to eat some meow. Want probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract, in a few days it will be OK.

       From the perspective of pet medicine Bai, it is normal for Du cats to have a little and short-term Dao bleeding after Zhi. However, if it is a continuous bleeding, drop by drop of bleeding, this is an abnormal situation. Cat postpartum situation can be large or small, determine the cat postpartum hemorrhage is not normal after a certain time to see a doctor, to prevent what more dangerous situation.

       When the cat is born smoothly, you should also closely observe its every move and physical condition. Once there is abnormal bleeding, you should contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. For example, the cat’s mouth and eye membrane gradually become pale after childbirth, breathing shortness, shock, the cat’s body gets cold, the pale eyes turn blue, and the blood flow in the area of * * is abnormal. Need to send the cat to the doctor in time.

       Postpartum cat bleeding is not a small matter, serious words will kill the cat. Therefore, in the care of postpartum cats at the same time, must not be careless. Production is a very important thing for a female cat, and her energy and physical strength are exhausted. And postpartum accidents, often small differences can cause serious consequences.

       After Bai production, lochia will flow from * * and disappear gradually after 3-5 days. If there is red or brown liquid flowing back and forth after 7 days, it may cause inflammation of the placenta or fetal membrane. You need to see a doctor at this time.

       But the incidence of the cat with retained placenta is not high. Don’t worry. During the period of feeding, take good care of each kitten to ensure that each kitten drinks milk, but try not to touch the kitten with your hands, so as not to recognize the kitten..

       Give the cat more nutrition, fish and meat, can give it more to eat. But the liver can’t be eaten!

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