All parents need to know the five reasons why orange cats keep calling

       Orange cat has always been a leader in the field of fat people. As the saying goes, ten oranges and nine pounds are fat. The fat body also has a firm foothold in the cat industry. Therefore, there are many parents who keep orange cats. Why does a cat always meow? Is there something wrong with the body, or is it caused by the environment?

       First of all, the orange cat in the new environment, will feel afraid, nervous, so it will always meow. Let the orange cat get familiar with the environment, generally 3-7 days will be good. In addition, don’t always look directly at the orange cat, which will make the orange cat more vigilant, pretend not to see it, let it get familiar with the environment. After getting familiar with the environment, cultivate feelings with the orange cat slowly, such as feeding, caring, playing and so on. What are the other reasons for the maladjustment of the new kitten?

       1. The orange cat barks loudly at night to see if its food basin and water plate are empty. If it is empty, it is mostly hungry or thirsty. Add food and water to it and feed it, then you can sleep quietly.

       2. If the weather is too cold, you should see if the cat’s nest is not warm enough. It is suggested that the orange cat shop should be thicker. If the orange cat is warm, it will not cry.

       3. In the dead of night, if there is only one orange cat in the house, it will feel lonely, and then it will call other meow people by calling. You can give it a ball of wool or a fake mouse toy. If it has fun, it won’t torture you.

       4. Or when there are other cats nearby, you will hear the orange cat at home and the cat outside calling in turn. That’s when they are chatting. You just have to drive the cat out of the house and stop the thought of the orange cat in your own house. If it barks a few times and doesn’t respond, it will be quiet.

       5. If the orange cat is sick or injured, it doesn’t like to cry under normal circumstances. At most, it just sleeps. Only when the pain is too much, it will scream. At this time, parents must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, because the pain is howling, most of them are more serious.

       Cats are a highly tolerant species. If cats are always barking, we must check them more to see what kind of problems are causing them. Unless the orange cat at home is a chatterbox and likes to bark, there is no way but to educate and improve the problem.