Allergic symptoms in dogs

       Is dog food bad can eat tear mark? Many excrement removal officials have this question and think that the dog’s tears must be the fault of dog food. If you want to be sick, do you have to blame food for all the causes?

       Well, with questions, let’s take a look at how the dog’s tears come from!

       (at the end of the paper, there are ways to reduce the marks)

       The clear and bright big eyes of dogs are the most fascinating place. They are also the important organs for dogs to feel the world and life, and the intersection point of emotional communication with their owners.

       When the dog’s eyes are uncomfortable or have disease, which leads to the increase of tears, “nutrient rich” tears become the rapid growth of bacteria. As a result, bacteria multiply and their metabolites oxidize to adhere to the hair around the eyes, and eventually become ugly tears.

       What are tear marks?

       Tear marks are secreted from the lacrimal glands in the dog’s eyes. Under normal circumstances, the tears after moistening the eyeball will enter the nasal cavity and will not flow out from the corner of the eye.

       But (knock on the blackboard and draw the key points)

       However, when excessive tears are secreted, they can not be discharged from the lacrimal duct, but directly from the eye socket. Most dogs with tear marks are born with small lacrimal ducts and are unable to drain away tears quickly. These extra tears flow down from the eyes and become tear marks over time.

       Why are tears reddish brown (or brown)?

       Some breeds of dogs have flat noses or more wrinkles on their faces. When porphyrins fall down with tears and remain on their hair, they are prone to brown tear marks. However, tear marks are more obvious on dogs and cats with white or light hair, which not only looks much older, but also may indicate that the dog has eye problems. Serious may make secretion and hair caking, under the skin may even become eczema.

       Let’s rearrange the cause of the tear marks

       Most of the tear marks are due to excessive secretion of dog tears, which can easily lead to the breeding of red yeast. If not properly treated, these yeasts will form stains on the face of dogs and cats, and further secretions (eye excrement) will appear, which will not only make hairy children feel uncomfortable, but also gradually produce a stench.

       What are the common causes of dog tears?

       1¡¢ Variety

       2¡¢ Ear canal infection

       The ear canal is infected by bacteria, virus, mold and parasite, or the ear is swollen, painful or strongly itching, so that the dog can’t bear to scratch his hind feet and stimulate the lacrimal gland to secrete. Therefore, if it is found that children’s ears are not clean, they need to be treated at the same time.

       3¡¢ Obstruction of nasolacrimal duct

       When the nasolacrimal duct is blocked, the tears can not flow out smoothly, which will flow out from the corner of the eye, causing serious tear stains.

       Congenital: due to structural problems, defects occur in the development, so that the opening of nasolacrimal duct is insufficient and can not be smoothly dredged.

       Acquired: nasolacrimal duct is infected, appear inflamed swelling situation, the pipeline is not unobstructed, so that the discharge of tears is blocked. It’s like conjunctivitis with red fundus.

       4¡¢ Food allergy

       In addition to skin itching, common allergic reactions also include increased secretion of tears. Treatment must also consider whether to change food to reduce the possibility of tears caused by allergy.

       5¡¢ Heredity

       Primary hyperlacrima is a hereditary disease, which often causes excessive secretion of tears, which can easily cause tear marks. At present, there is no specific treatment, but can be combined with tear trace nutrients, may be able to slow down.

       6¡¢ Inverted eyelashes and hair irritation

       The inverted eyelashes constantly stimulate the dogs and make them extremely uncomfortable. Frequent scratching of the forelimbs makes them produce more tears and develop into serious tear marks. Carefully trim the hair around the dog’s eyes to reduce eye irritation.

       7¡¢ Environment

       Too much dust can also cause excessive tears, such as many cats often because of sand dust and tears increase, and even infection inflammation.

       How to help your dog reduce the occurrence of tears?

       Adjust your diet

       Too salty food can make the lacrimal gland of hairy children secrete excess, so in order to prevent the formation of tear marks, we should start from adjusting the diet.

       The best food for dogs is light and salt free. Remember, they don’t need seasoning. In addition, when choosing dog food, we should choose high-quality, low-fat products to avoid affecting their secretion system.

       Of course, the most important thing is, never give them human food, because the nutrition contained in human food is not suitable for them, and it is also salty.

       2¡¢ Regular beauty

       3¡¢ Keep ears clean and air quality

       Regular use of ear cleaning liquid, remove ear hair, keep ears dry and clean; keep air circulation and fresh at home.

       4¡¢ Wipe hard around your eyes

       Soak the cotton ball in warm water, take it out and press it to dry slightly, then gently absorb and wipe the tears, about twice a day. Attention should be paid to avoid infection. New cotton balls should be used separately for both eyes and should not be reused.

       5¡¢ Lutein supplement

       If you often eat dog food containing lutein, it can effectively avoid abnormal lacrimal glands and relieve the symptoms of excessive tears. In the first item, it was mentioned that there is lutein in in mcfudi’s beef double grain, which can effectively relieve tear marks.

       6¡¢ Entropion

       The treatment of eyelid entropion is usually solved by surgery. In addition, electric burning of eyelash follicles can effectively solve the problem.

       The final conclusion

       1¡¢ Blepharospasm is not a disease

       In general, blepharospasm is not a disease, but a clinical symptom, and may indicate a problem with the dog’s eyes or eyelids. When dogs and cats suddenly have blepharospasm, the eyes may be injured or infected, causing pain. In addition, it may also be caused by nerve damage.

       2¡¢ Blepharospasm is often caused by blepharitis

       1. Symptoms of blepharitis in dogs

       Red eyes;

       Eye swelling;

       Itchy eyes, dogs may often use their claws to scratch, so as to hurt the skin around the eyes, skin bleeding scab;

       Keep blinking;

       burst into tears;

       In severe cases, the meibomian gland of the dog’s eyelid may swell, and the inflammation continues to spread, developing into conjunctivitis and keratitis, affecting the dog’s vision.

       2. Why does dog appear eyelid inflammation?

       Congenital abnormalities: some genetic diseases are easy to cause dog blepharitis, such as eyelid entropion, eyelashes to the inner eye growth and so on;

       Allergy: allergy caused by insect bites, food and some inhaled allergens may lead to blepharitis;

       The kiss is long and narrow or wrinkled on the face;

       Infection: Staphylococcus like bacteria or fungi once infected eyelids, not only will cause eyelid spasm, but also lead to gland abscess;

       Tumor: Although relatively rare, but the meibomian gland beside the eyelid may also appear tumor, it can be benign or malignant. In a few cases, mastocytoma can also cause blepharitis;

       The eyelids were injured;

       Local mumps: inflammation caused by Demodex;

       Nutritional disorders: such as zinc sensitive dermatitis or fatty acid deficiency;

       Endocrine diseases: including hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease and diabetes mellitus;

       Environmental irritants: such as secondhand smoke.

       3¡¢ In simple cases, blepharospasm can be solved with hot compress

       And treatment measures to see the dog eyelid spasm behind the root cause. If it is a bacterial fungal infection, it only needs to take antibiotics or topical application of antibiotics. For mite infection, you can also take anti parasitic drugs to treat. If it is caused by allergy, the doctor will prescribe some antihistamines to the dog first, and then look for the allergen. If it is caused by nutritional disorders, then the owner only need to pay attention to the dog’s diet, if necessary, add some dietary supplements in dog food.

       More troublesome is, if it is caused by endocrine problems, then the dog is not only suffering from blepharitis that simple, but also to solve its major diseases. At the same time, the dog’s tumor and congenital abnormalities, generally also need to do surgery to treat. If the treatment is late, the dog’s malignant tumor may be more suitable for chemotherapy.

       When the dog blinks quickly, the owner can combine the above symptoms to see if it is caused by blepharitis. If the dog’s condition is not improved, and the hot compress has no effect, the owner had better take it to the hospital for examination in time to prevent the disease from deteriorating.

       Help, dog allergy, face and eye are swollen how to do.

       Quickly take to the hospital for desensitization needle, this is the most effective method.

       Another is to avoid allergens.

       Avoid relapse.

       During this period do not feed hair, such as beef, seafood.

       Do a good job in environmental disinfection, can use quwei disinfectant.

       What factors cause dog eye redness and swelling.

       If a dog suffers from these diseases, it is possible to make the eyes red and swollen, and the best way to prevent the eye diseases is to pay attention to the cleaning of the eyes at ordinary times. Also, it should be noted that if the dog has trichiasis, the third eyelid and other problems, it is best to solve them as soon as possible, otherwise, it will make the dog shed tears for a long time, which will lead to eye inflammation and swelling. If it is not handled for a long time, it is likely to affect the dog The sight of a dog.

       Conjunctivitis: painful inflammation of the conjunctiva, which may be caused by infection, scratching, congenital diseases, eyelid tumors, or irritants in the eyes, such as dust or smoke.

       Problems caused by the third eyelid: in some breeds (e.g. St. Bernard dogs, for example), the third eyelid is normal, but in most dogs, if the third eyelid suddenly becomes bright and prominent, there may be a problem.

       The symptoms of the third eyelid include a white membrane protruding from the inner corner of the eye, usually with a black edge, a pea shaped reddish mass in the inner corner of the eye, and a foreign body behind the third eyelid. If the dog has the above symptoms, please consult a veterinarian immediately.

       Dog eyes next to the red, what is the reason.

       If the dog’s eyes are red and swollen after taking some drugs, it is likely that the dog has drug allergy, and should go to the hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment in time, otherwise the situation is serious and may threaten the dog’s life safety.

       4) Eye redness and swelling caused by drug allergy.

       3) Dog eye swelling caused by improper diet.

       Why is dog’s eye red and swollen.

       How to deal with the red and swollen eyes of dogs and how to deal with the origin of this disease must be inseparable from the dog’s growing environment and some places where dogs are raised. It may be because of the change of dog’s growth environment, the alternation of seasons, the problem of dog’s bath liquid, and the occurrence of some phenomena of red eyes caused by the appliances for repairing hair, and Dogs on some food allergies and other symptoms occur, so raising a dog pet needs the owner’s careful and careful care, will let the dog healthy and happy growth.

       When the dog’s eyes are red, the dog will have congestion in the mouth, nose, and eyes, and it will become red, which will easily lead to temperature rise, heart rate increase, and shortness of breath. Finally, the dog will lose its dandruff, which will make the dog restless, and even the mental state will decline. The above situation belongs to the initial stage Some ways and means.

       In the current summer weather stuffy, and very hot, this time pay attention to the dog’s eyes red and swollen, for this situation may happen at any time, plus the dog’s body hair is very heavy and thick, so if the dog’s nest is not ventilated in time, it will let a lot of dogs gathered together by strong sunlight, so that the large density of dogs can not get Good, good ventilation and heatstroke.

       If the dog’s eyes are red and swollen, it is necessary to pay attention to some feeding methods when raising the dog, so that the dog can grow in a clean and well ventilated environment, and regularly give the dog some vaccines and so on, to prevent and prevent the occurrence of some dog diseases. If you really raise a dog, then please raise it seriously.

       Dog eye is swollen suddenly, how to return a responsibility,.

       Possible causes include painful eye condition, weight loss, cartilaginous curl (congenital malformation), glandular prolapse (common in lower eyelid laxity). Symptoms of the third eyelid include a white membrane protruding from the inner corner of the eye, usually with a black edge, a pea shaped reddish mass in the inner corner of the eye, and a foreign body behind the third eyelid If the above symptoms occur in the dog, consult a veterinarian immediately.

       Symptoms exophthalmos (compared with another eye) staring pupil dilation (caused by nerve injury) eyelid failure to close possible causes: head injury, bleeding after traffic accident, eye infection, glaucoma how to treat: any delay can make the dog lose the eyeball, so we should consult a veterinarian immediately.

       Symptoms: clear or purulent secretions, swelling possible causes: lacrimal duct obstruction, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, systemic infection, how to treat canine distemper: the hair around the eyes should not be tangled, otherwise the secretion is tight, it will inevitably cause infection.

       Pain for lacrimal duct obstruction, veterinarians need to wash the lacrimal duct under anesthesia to make it smooth, or dilate the lacrimal duct orifice conjunctivitis and glaucoma treatment. 2. Eye swelling: swelling after the eye can push the eye forward.

       How does dog eye swell do, it is usually caused by what.

       Therefore, the dog’s eye swelling is usually caused by pathological changes, so it is best to take the dog to the hospital for an examination to see what causes it, and then treat it.

       Dog’s eye is inflamed and red, and swollen very fierce, how to do.

       If the body temperature is normal, give him some anti-inflammatory eye drops, and take some anti allergy drugs, such as hismin and cetirizine tablets.

       If it’s just a simple eye problem, use runshu chloramphenicol eye drops, 3-5 times a day, two drops each time.

       Dog eyes suddenly red and swollen, is how to return a responsibility.

       A dog’s eyes are red and swollen because the dog has a fire, so the owner should use it for the dog’s pet hospital like pet doctor.

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