American short cat three months – how to raise a three month short

       1. According to the category, some cats are bigger and some are smaller

       2. Cats suffer from diseases such as internal parasites, digestive system problems, etc., resulting in slow development

       3. Feeding food structure problems, resulting in malnutrition

       In many breeds of cats, there is no lack of smaller breeds. For example, the Oriental short hair cat, named Oriental Shorthair, is native to Singapore. This is one of the small cats in China. It weighs about 3 kg. It is said to be a hybrid of Siamese and Abyssinian cats, similar in size to Siamese cats. In addition, the smaller cats are European short hair cat, American short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, British fold ear cat.

       Remember not to eat meat, ham, milk and other foods, because the cat is still small. If your family is well-off, it is recommended to buy it Huangjia kitten cat Liang, Huangjia cat Liang did not pay the role, my cat eat, water can not be forged, attention, cat eat cat beam must not immediately drink water, because cat Liang will kill the cat, three months of beauty love to play, that shoelace tease it, it can play crazy, but do not just eat saturated when it sleeps, cats sleep is in the body

       The price of pet cats depends on their products. Now there are 50 rural cats on the market (not counting the ones that are caught by themselves or adopted for free). There are more than 1000 items that are not well strung up and down, and 2000 items that can clearly show the characteristics of breed cats. The starting price of these two kinds of cats is about 3000. Food shortage, cat food prices in crazy, cost up, the price of the cat is also expensive. It’s hard to say a specific price for a three-month us short. It depends on the cat’s saying that it requires a higher price of 3500 or more. If you want to add white or something, it will be more expensive by 4000-6000. If you are looking for a special cat house to buy, tens of thousands of them are cheap. Thank you for the cat from the planet

       The history of American short haired cats may not be 100 years old. It was bred by a certain cat. Its immune system and genetics are unstable. Therefore, the gastrointestinal, digestive and immune systems of famous cats are more expensive than ordinary cats.

       Like them, they need to eat better cat food, which is not because of their quality. Their intestines and stomachs are really not very good. It is recommended to buy some royal cat food on the Internet.

       What’s more, miaoshengbao should not be eaten more. Cat food is still the main food. Fish, meat, and especially milk are not well absorbed by cats.

       Change cat food!

       Cats can’t drink milk, milk powder can

       If you don’t eat, you can try to change to other brands of natural food. You can’t eat too much of miaoshengbao, and some of them are too salty, which is not good for cats

       Two days to eat a meal can also be mixed with dry food

       If cat food is available, you can buy ova’s natural food for kittens. The nutrition and palatability are good

       1. Don’t feed milk. You will have diarrhea after drinking milk.

       2. Feed the kitten after weaning. If it is less than 1 year after weaning, it should be regarded as a kitten. It should be fed with special food and water should be changed every day.

       3. Set up a toilet for it. If possible, buy a toilet for cats;

       4. Take a bath lightly and quickly. Wash it well and dry it to prevent the cat from getting cold and sick.

       5.3 months, and then once a year.

       6. You can buy some toys for cats.

       Expansion material:

       As a short haired cat made in the United States, this cat species was renamed “American short hair” in 1966 to commemorate all the characteristics of its “American * * and to distinguish it from other short haired cats. At the same time, the name “American short hair” also highlights the difference between this American breed of short haired cats and those we may see on the street, in our neighborhood, or in open spaces.

       In the breeding history of American short haired cat, this cat species was first called “short haired cat”, and then changed to “short hair domestic cat”. It was not until 1966 that the name of “American short hair cat” appeared. This cat species is also one of the first five breeds certified by CFA when it was initially certified. To this day, the American short haired cat has been one of the top ten popular cat breeds.

       Reference materials:

       Baidu Encyclopedia – British short haired cat

       Eat less and eat more, and pay attention to the timing, ration and fixed point of feeding. Feed at a fixed time every day to form a good eating habit. Don’t eat too much or too little. With the increase of the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten will increase gradually in a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will be stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, about 2 months of the cat a day to eat more than 5, 6 times. Three months ago, kittens were generally fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. Twice a day after six months old.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Extended data:

       Feeding precautions:

       1. The cat’s food plate should be fixed and should not be replaced at will. The cat is very sensitive to the change of food plate, and sometimes refuses to eat because of the change of food plate. Keep the dishes clean. The bottom of the plate can be padded with newspaper or plastic paper to prevent the sound of the plate sliding, and it is easy to clean. Every time the cat eats the leftover food, it should be poured out or put away. It should be mixed with the fresh food and fed after it is cooked next time.

       2. Feed at a fixed time. Once the cat’s biological clock is formed, it is relatively fixed and should not be changed at will. The place to put cat food should be fixed. Cats don’t like eating in noisy and strong light places. If there are guests visiting, don’t let the guests see your cat when the cat is eating. The appearance of strangers will greatly reduce the cat’s appetite.

       3. It is a bad habit for cats to pick up food with claws or take food out of the food plate. Once this kind of phenomenon is found, it should be corrected immediately.

       4. Cats like to eat warm food. Cold food not only affects the cat’s appetite, but also easily causes digestive dysfunction. In general, the temperature of food should be 30-40 ¡æ, and the food taken out of the refrigerator should be heated before feeding.

       1. American short haired cats are not only beautiful, but also very strong. They seldom get sick. Under normal circumstances, the average life span can reach 15-20 years. You only need to go to the pet hospital once a year and do a routine health examination. American short haired cats are very energetic, unlike other cats who are always lazy. So it’s better to have cat climbing frame and other cat furniture at home to let us short consume energy.

       2. Cats living at home basically lose their hair all year round, and American short haired cats are no exception. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we should strengthen the hair care of American short haired cats. American short haired cats accumulate a lot of hair balls in their stomachs, so feeding them regularly can help them clean their hair balls and help them care for their intestines and stomachs.

       3. American short haired cats have very high intelligence quotient and are very smart. Therefore, in daily life, owners can also train them, teach them some basic games or life rules, so that they can master more and better living habits and have a healthier physical and mental state. They’re good at playing by themselves, and they invent their own games when their owners are away.

       4. For an American short haired cat with beautiful fur, its care is very simple. As long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms and gently touch it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by the coat, so that its coat is more glossy.

       Extended data:

       1. Racial hereditary diseases

       Myocardial hypertrophy is the most common myocardial disease in the United States and the United States. There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of this disease. Once the symptoms are obvious, there is already life-threatening. Owners can pay more attention to cats’ bodies at an age of high incidence of genetic diseases. If conditions permit, they can take them to pet hospitals for regular physical examination.

       British and American short genetic disease usually occurs when 1-3 years old, so at this stage, cat owners should carry out scientific feeding to reduce the probability of cat accidents.

       2. Living habits

       American shorthair cats inherit the strength, bravery and hard work of their ancestors. They are mild in character and will not be changed by changes in environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance.

       American shorthair cats are also very smart cats. Their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas and how to control their food intake. American Bobcats at home like to lie on their owners’ legs and enjoy their owners’ caresses. They cherish their toys very much, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they don’t feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs

       American short haired cats have many desirable features. It is strong and flexible, easy-going and loyal to its master. It has a heavy motor nerve and intelligence, sometimes very naughty, and sometimes very regular. Its adaptability is very strong, can live in any family, can flexibly cater to the master’s mind, adjust their own habits to adapt to the master’s habits. The skill of catching mice is first-rate, which is a rare rat catcher.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – American short haired cat

       My family has a beautiful short (as shown in the picture), came to my house in 2 weeks.

       We should pay attention to the following points:

       1. Don’t feed milk

       I have diarrhea after drinking milk. Conditional go to the pet shop to buy cat milk to feed it. Many times a day. Your family has been more than 3 months and should be weaned.

       2. After weaning, the kitten should be regarded as a kitten after weaning for less than 1 year. They should be fed with special wet food, or wet food + dry food. If possible, the kitten can be sprinkled with fish for cats. Remember to break the fish, otherwise the kitten will get stuck in the throat and vomit! Also remember not to feed people food, because the salt is too high, will let the kitten sick! The water should be changed every day.

       3. Set up a toilet for it

       Conditional buy a toilet for cats; generally, you can use a basin larger than your body and lay a layer of cat litter. If you get used to it, you will know how to go to the toilet by yourself.

       4. If you are used to living, you can give it a bath. If the cat doesn’t go out, it can be done once a week. Because the cat is afraid of water, so the action should be light. Wash it and dry it to prevent the cat from getting cold and sick.

       5.3 months can be used to raise seedlings. Generally, the first seedling is raised in 3 months, and then once a year.

       6. Even if you are alone, you can have fun with yourself, but you should take time to play with it every day, otherwise it will be lonely and melancholy. You can buy some toys for cats. Cats and mice are their favorite toys.

       7. The female cat will be in estrus for about 6 months, and the male cat will be later. If you don’t plan to let them have sex, you should take them to sterilization after their first estrus. Don’t be too early. It’s about 10-11 months.

       8. When a kitten does something wrong, you should immediately blame it on the spot. It’s useless to get angry with it afterwards, because it can’t understand why you are angry and hate you.

       9. It’s too cold in winter. Remember to turn on the air conditioner. Remember to turn on the air conditioner in summer.

       10. Remember to cut your nails, and buy a manicure board or post to grind it, or your furniture will be miserable (laughter)

       Generally speaking, please leave a message if you have anything~