American short cats have smaller bones – how about American kittens?

       Adult smaller cats are: Singapore cat, Oriental short hair cat, European short hair cat, American short hair cat, exotic short hair cat, British fold ear cat and so on.

       1. Singapore cat

       Small and delicate, muscular, it belongs to dwarf category in cats. After growing up, the female cat is less than 2kg, and the heaviest male cat is rarely more than 2.5kg. It is the youngest cat species among all the recognized cat breeds. The cat has elegant appearance, big ears and large eye liner. It can impress people deeply.

       2. American short haired cat

       American short haired cat is a kind of cat originated from the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by early European immigrants, and the British Shorthair cat is similar to the European short hair cat. American short haired cats are well proportioned, powerful, and lively and docile. The young short haired cat has a round head and round head. Its soft touch and flexible limbs are very popular.

       3. British short haired cat

       Both the British bobcat and the Scotch cat are from England. They have not only the common features of meekness and beauty, but also the charming characteristics. British short haired cat can be said to be a very old cat species, they have a real British gentleman as modest and calm personality, and simple and honest appearance. Their independent and gentle personality is very suitable for raising in the family. For a long time, their elegant character has attracted the attention of cat lovers all over the world.

       Different cat breeds have different body shape standards. Some cats are naturally larger, while others are naturally smaller. It is worth noting that most cats are not big in size, because the size of cats must be convenient for them to move and jump. If they are too big, they will hinder the cat’s activities, and it is also a problem to catch mice. Therefore, too many factors cause the cat’s size to be too small. Small cats are short in Britain, short in America and so on.

       The Scotch fold eared cat, the Oriental short hair cat, the European short hair cat and so on. The Scottish Fold ear cat’s ear is because of the gene mutation, causes the ear to bend forward, and points to the front of the head. It is a kitten born by the British short hair cat and the American short hair cat. Therefore, it has the advantages of these two kinds of cats. Its body is stronger and its disease resistance is much stronger It is also one of the smaller cats in the world. However, because it is a gene mutation, its ears are easy to get sick. Therefore, when taking care of this kind of cat, we must pay attention to its ears.

       For example, Oriental short hair originated in Singapore, which is one of the small cats in China. It weighs about 3 kg. It is said to be a variant of Siamese cat (detailed introduction) and Abyssinian cat, similar in size to Siamese cat. In addition, the smaller cats are European short hair cat, American short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, British fold ear cat.

       The short and beautiful cat, also known as “the cat with fur all over the sky”, is very active, so people don’t like it very much.

       Is it for the sake of saving time that a large number of people keep cats? They don’t have to take them away, they won’t bark and make people angry, and they won’t tear down their homes in a mess. But did you ignore a problem, cats will be crazy hair loss ah! When you are suspicious of life, every day when you comb a cat, you feel that you can comb out a new cat.

       American short haired cat is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by early European immigrants. It is similar to British and European short haired cats. According to records, several cats were carried on board the Mayflower to help deratization.

       This breed of cat is selected from the cats collected in the streets and mixed with imported breeds such as British Shorthair cat, Burmese cat and Persian cat.

       Take your cat to the pet hospital for routine physical examination before taking the cat home. In the process of raising cats, we should make a reasonable immunization plan. Regularly do insect repellents in and out of the cat. Provide cat litter, litter basin, cat food and cat toys.

       The beautiful short cat is lively and sensitive, especially likes to move, moreover also loses the hair, so many people regret raising it.

       This kind of cat has a strong body, ranging from medium-sized to large-sized, with a rectangular head, a thick neck and a muddy chest. Straight back, developed limbs, good at jumping. Its fur is soft, thick, but short, and its skin is resistant to cold, rain, and trauma, as if it were a short, thick, dense coat. There are more than 30 kinds of hair color, such as white, black, striped and so on. One of the most popular, especially in the East, is a Silver White Tiger Striped cat with bright black stripes embedded in its silvery white body hair.

       American short cat is a very healthy breed. Its life span can reach 15-20 years old. It is curious by nature. It is not like other cats, especially British kitten. Meijian is lively, especially male cat. It is full of curiosity and energy. It is necessary to prepare some toys for Meijian to consume its vigorous energy. Then we should accompany him more and play with him. Meishort is also known as the dog of the cat. His behavior is similar to that of a dog. Basically, he goes where he goes.

       Meishort, also known as “flying cat”, may have been the offspring of dandelion, so if the excrement removal officer hopes that there is not so much cat hair in the family, he must often comb it. With the special short hair cat’s comb, it can not only clean the cat on yingduan’s body, but also satisfy your desire to roll the cat.

       American short cat has a relative character, so you can brush it as long as you catch it. It’s better to use a cat comb with a hook to give the cat a comfortable feeling from inside to outside. It will really fall in love with the feeling of being brushed by you. It’s so cool!

       Pet type, super cute, more delicate than ordinary cat

       Body type: American short haired cat is a kind of working cat. It has a very strong body shape, and its bones and muscles are also very developed. It has strong chest muscles and thick coat. It can withstand cold. Its body shape is symmetrical and there is no excess flesh. The male cat is larger than the female cat. From the side view, the body can be divided into three parts: sternum to elbow; The length of the tail should be the same as that of the shoulder blade to the tail connecting the body.

       Head features of American short haired cat

       1. The head is large and oval in shape, with plump cheeks and lovely and frank expression, with M-shaped forehead.


       3. Forehead from the top of the head to the neck, forming a convex and smooth line, from the front, the top of the head is flat.

       4. The eyes are big and wide, slightly raised. The upper eyelids are like half almonds, while the lower eyelids form a curve. The distance between the two eyes should be at least the width of one eye. The eyes are bright and clear, and the eyes are alert. The eye color varies according to the color of the skin.

       5. The nose is of medium length with the same length and width. From the side, the line from the beam to the forehead is slightly convex.

       CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) American short hair scoring standard:

       CFA scoring standard, for short color, posture, head, body, limbs, tail, etc

       Head 30 points (including eye shape and size, ear shape and nose structure and position)

       Body 30 points (including shape, size, bone and tail length)

       Coat color 20 points (stripes = 10 points; color = 10 points)

       Fur 15 points

       Eyes 5 points

       The cultivation criteria of CFA are as follows:

       Ear: medium in size, with a slightly rounded tip. The base of the ear does not open too wide. The distance between the ears (measured from the lower inner angle) is twice the distance between the eyes

       Forehead: Viewed from the side, the forehead is smooth, with a slightly raised curve from head to neck; viewed from the front. There is no obvious dome between the ears

       Eye: large and wide, the upper eyelid is like a longitudinally cut almond (half ellipse), and the lower eyelid is full of circular curve; the distance between the two eyes should be at least equal to the width of one eye; the outer angle of the eye is slightly higher than the inner angle of the eye, bright, clear and alert.

       The length of the nose is about the same as that of the nose.

       The coat is short and thick, hard and dense to resist moisture, cold and skin damage. There are more than 100 kinds of coat colors. The CFA recognizes a total of 62 colors, including white, black, blue, red, brown, silver, red, blue, tiger patch, two-color, hawksbill, etc.

       The price can only be determined by looking at the products. The prices of pet grade, breeding grade and competition grade are different, and even if the parents of the same grade are of different lineages, the prices are also different. It’s about 1000-5000. The best cats, the price is 8000-15000