American Silver Tabby Cat

       The cat’s color shows distinct cross marks with other breeds, such as chocolate, sable, lavender, clove (all appear to be Lavender), and restricted key colors (such as Siamese cat markings). It is evident that any other hybrid produces long and soft hairs, a deep “break” of the bridge of the nose as Persian or heteroshort, protruding eye position and brow bone. Knotting and abnormal tail, abnormal number of toes. Abnormal occlusion (protrusion of lower jaw or upper jaw) and tongue sticking out of the mouth. Too fat or too thin, looking too weak due to poor parenting.

       Is pure breed tiger spot beauty short, in the case of texture, black back only good, adult long open pattern will be better! If no texture is pure black, it’s not good! Beautiful short face to round, pure color, to gray black and white for good, no color! If there is yellow hair on the price! The body shape and bone mass refer to the parents’ appearance! Market price 800 to 3000 have, about the price of high and low points, there are three, the first, whether the phase pattern is good! Thirdly, there is a big price difference among different purchasing channels. Regular cat houses in pet shops are more expensive, while breeding cat houses and domestic breeding are cheaper! Third, whether there is a blood certificate, whether to win the prize! Champion cat offspring price doubled!

       Yes, but not pure. The price is only about 1000 yuan.

       When it comes to the price of Silver Tabby cats, we have to mention the appearance and purebred degree of Silver Tabby cats, because the appearance and purebred degree of Silver Tabby cats will directly determine the Silver Tiger spots

       How much is a cat.

       Generally, the price of Silver Tabby cats sold in pet shops is about 2000 yuan. In some places, there are more than 1000 yuan Silver Tiger spotted cats. However, this kind of silver spotted cats are not purebred, and their appearance is also general.


       If it is a good silver tabby cat, its price will be much higher. The price of purebred silver tabby cat is generally 5000 yuan or above. If there is a blood certificate

       American Silver Tabby Cat, then its price can reach 10000 yuan or more.

       Silver tabby cat belongs to the cat with very gentle character. They are not only good-looking, but also very sticky. No matter where the owner goes, the silver tiger cat will follow the owner’s left

       Right, this is also a big feature of the silver tabby cat.

       In addition, the Silver Tiger spotted cat is also very adaptable to the environment. Silver Tabby cats never recognize themselves, and they can always adapt to the surrounding environment in a short time, which is why many people say that Silver Tabby cats are better kept.

       It’s tiger spot, but its appearance is not pure. There are four or five black complete collars in the forehead of Silver Tiger spot. It has four or five complete black collars. The black round dots on the belly are also symmetrical. The fur color of the forepaw sole is pure black, and that of the hind leg to the sole of the foot is pure black. Silver Tiger spot is an American noble cat, which is generally 3000-5000

       After a few years, their beauty and essence were appreciated again. At a cat show in six years, a brown tiger spotted American short haired cat barked for us $2500; At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the introduction of some Chinese cat breeds to the United States, the native pedigree of American short haired cats began to be weakened. Compared with the long haired cats and the kittens born after the Siamese cats, they had a variety of different lengths of fur, body shape, color and temperament. The early breeders succeeded in obtaining perfect markings, colors, strong shapes, beautiful faces and lovely characters. CFA chose this lovely variety as one of its first five confirmed varieties. Early known as the short haired domestic cat, but in order to better represent this all American cat, it was renamed American short haired cat in 1966, which means that this native breed in North America is different from the short haired cat that can be seen on the street. The new name also stopped the confusion between American Bobcats and other short haired cats. Up to the last century, American Bobcat had a steady development in the cat show and won many awards, including two CFA cat of the year and one CFA kitten of the year. Slim, body length is higher than height (body refers to the height from the top of the shoulder blade to the ground when viewed from the side). Body length is the length from the top of the sternum to the top of the back of the buttocks. Viewed from the side, the body can be divided into three equal parts: from the sternum to the elbow, from the elbow to the front of the hind legs, and from the front of the hind legs to the top of the back of the hip. The length of the tail is equal to the length from the shoulder blade to the root of the tail.

       A face with a large head and full cheeks gives the impression of an oval shape. The length of the face is slightly longer than its width. The expression is sweet and open. Viewed from the front, the head can be divided into two equal parts: from the base of the ear to the middle of the eyes, from the middle of the eyes to the tip of the chin.

       The ears are of medium size, with thin rounded tips and natural separation at the top of the head. The distance between the eyes is twice the distance between the eyes.

       Like all cats.

       The nose should be wet, the ears should be clean, and the body should be fat. If it is a kitten, it should be round.

       Pay attention to look at the eyeball, there should be no transparent thin thread containing objects, it is a parasite.

       After selection, they should also be given regular vaccines and medication.

       The main thing to pay attention to is rabies vaccine injection. Although the probability is small, cats may also have rabies virus.

       It doesn’t hurt cats, but if you scratch people, they can infect people.

       There are ear mites, fleas and tapeworms on a regular basis.

       It’s better to sterilize female cats, the smaller the better. Otherwise, if you live in a building, you will make a lot of noise when you cat.

       If there is only one male cat, sterilization is not necessary.

       Compared with other cats, meishort has two important points,

       1¡£ Pay attention to the color of the coat. Look at the roots. Like people, if the hair is dyed, unless it is just dyed, or with the growth of the root will be able to see the original color.

       2¡£ Pay attention to the “short hair” is not cut, look at the tip. The cut hair is not “sharp”, that is, the sharp is not obvious.

       In terms of appearance, the head is round and the nose is short

       In fact, the pattern is similar to the stripes of ordinary tabby cats, and there is no big difference between them. It is mainly gray.

       The pattern on the chest is the extension of the pattern on the back, but very few cats will show a more special shape, of course, the more special the better.

       A black cat from a friend’s house, though not short and beautiful, has some white hair on its chest, which just shows the shape of a butterfly. It is amazing to see.

       The tail should be thick. Short and thick ones are better.

       The claw is the ordinary cat scratch

       In the last two years, a better one-year-old grey short, about 2000 yuan, is now known.

       I think it depends on what you think.

       From the cat’s point of view, bloodline is the first! We have to see the proof of pedigree! It’s better to buy a cat house with acquaintances or good reputation. Pure blood, good character, gentle character.

       Then is the appearance, if you buy a kitten has not yet been finalized, you can look at the appearance of its parents, the general parents are OK can genetic points. Buying a cat depends on which one you think is beautiful!

       The character suggests that you should consider whether you like to be independent or clingy. You can observe more. Each cat’s nature is different.

       Because I just received a short beauty back, I feel pure bloodline is more friendly to people, even if it does not know you at all. But it’s polite at least.

       In the same nest, it is a special relative. It is not arrogant in general. It usually plays with itself and doesn’t like to be held by others. But I think it’s better to keep an independent one when I’m busy at work. It won’t feel lonely.

       Of course, the cat’s health is the most important, how to buy, Baidu, I will not copy.

       There is also a small suggestion, I suggest you choose only those who are compatible with you, because it is said that cats are spiritual pets. Congeniality means that you can have eye contact with you. For example, a cat is indifferent to other people. When you see you are very kind, you may have fate. You can consider taking it back. It is said that it will protect you intentionally or unintentionally.

       I have raised the two varieties you mentioned. Generally speaking, the starting price of tiger spot is 800, the price of good products is about 2000, that of folding ears is more than 2000, and that of good ones is more than 4000. All of the above are pet grade, not race grade. About defecation, it won’t. You can prepare litter and cat food. Bathing is usually once every 10-15 days in summer, once a month-40 days in autumn, winter and spring. If you are in estrus, you can choose to sterilize at 6 months. Generally, there are silver spots, standard tiger spots, brown tiger spots, and silver spots, as the name suggests, is silver + black patterns. Many people can’t see the standard tiger spots. They often mix brown tiger spots with native cats. Brown tiger spots are rare. The background color is cream yellow + brown flower fold ears, tiger spots fold ears, Scotland fold ears, blue cat ears….. There are a lot of different kinds of my home is the brown tiger spot, the key color of the fold ear



       Variety I all


       Tiger spot

       Starting price

       Eight hundred


       About 2000

       Ear fold


       2000 for both



       Pet grade

       Competition level



       get ready

       Cat litter and cat food

       take a shower




       Autumn, winter and spring


       Month – 40



       1 year old




       Waiting for sterilization

       Common tiger spot

       Silver spot

       Standard tiger spot

       Brown tiger spot

       Silver spot as the name suggests

       Silver + black pattern standard tiger spot




       Native cat mixed with brown tiger spot


       Background color

       Cream yellow + brown pattern fold ears

       Cleft ear with tiger spot

       Scottish Fold

       Blue cat with broken ears


       With my family

       Brown tiger spot

       Key color

       Ear fold