An analysis of the character of Chinese civet cat

       Chinese cihuahua cat is our native cat, which has a history of thousands of years. In the streets, we can see its shadow. Compared with other kinds of cats, what’s the personality of cihuamao? Let’s take a look at the following series.

       Cihuamao’s personality is independent, like sports, very cheerful. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive, it depends on the host very high, if it is replaced by a host, its psychology will be hurt. Cihuacat to adult don’t like to play with people very much, but it will always walk in your line of sight. It is a very reserved cat, and full of confidence in itself, very loyal to its master.

       High dependence

       Cihuamao has an independent personality and is fond of sports. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive and highly dependent on its owner. If it is given a new owner, its psychology will be hurt. (keeping civet cats needs perseverance)

       Loyalty to the master

       Although the new year’s cat doesn’t like playing with people very much, it will still walk in your sight at any time. It is an implicit animal, and confident in itself, very loyal to its owner, so if you like such a pet, then it will be your first choice.

       In the family, the problem of feeding civet cat is very simple. It does not need anything else, as long as there is very clean water and suitable rations for it, which is the prerequisite for its happy life. Cats have evolved over thousands of years, and ordinary ailments won’t trap them, because they have very high self-regulation ability and immunity.

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