Be a good tempered cat – what kind of cat has a good character

       [Top1] puppet cat

       1. Cat character: puppet cat is very smart, and good at pleasing the owner, always inseparable around the owner. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and like to participate in the daily life of the family. Puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks protection. Therefore, it must be kept in boudoir as a pet and not allowed to go out.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: gentle and intelligent, tough and understand human nature. The most important thing is that puppet cats can get along easily with anyone, especially children. How to make fun of children? Puppet cat is always gentle with you.

       Persian cat

       1. Cat character: Persian cat is a noble cat. It is gentle and gentle, intelligent and intelligent, understanding, quiet and quiet. Its voice is sharp and soft, and she likes to be coquettish and elegant. She is born with a spoiled attitude and gives people a gorgeous and noble feeling.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: the prince of the cat is the first choice for many cat owners, because girls hope that the other half around them can be noble and gentle, and always guard by their own side.

       Himalayan Cat

       1. Cat character: most Himalayan cats are not lively cats; that is to say, they will not walk around at any time. They like to play and they are active, but they prefer to lie on your lap, and no matter what you are doing, they always want to participate!

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: the reason why Himalayan cats rank so high is that they have beautiful hair and color. Of course, every cat owner wants his cat to be beautiful and lovely.

       [TOP4] cat with folded ears

       1. Cat character: they are born with a sweet character like candy. They like to be involved in everything they do, but they are usually quiet and don’t make noises to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it doesn’t mean they don’t like playing, but they prefer to be accompanied by their owners.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: this kind of cat is hardworking, can be said to be the most diligent cat. So the owner can train them to do some training, such as carrying slippers, because they are happy to do so.

       [top5] exotic short haired cat

       1. Cat character: they are independent in temperament, do not like to make noise, like to look at the owner but will not harass, most of the time will find their own fun. On the other hand, they have a strong curiosity, lively and intelligent, not nervous, can adapt to the new environment immediately, so it is easy to raise

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Comments: this kind of cat comes from the United States. It is a kind of cat produced after multiple mating, so it can be said that they are the perfect embodiment.

       [top6] Abyssinian cat

       1. Feline character: abicynian cat is warm and lovely, lively and active, alert and agile, good at climbing trees, likes to bask in the sun and play with water, and its sound is soft and pleasant. It is very emotional to its owner. It is an ideal companion animal for people.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: abicynian cat is the best match for the elderly, especially for the idle elderly who love pets, are patient and meticulous, and are still childlike.

       British short haired cat

       1. Cat character: the British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change due to the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the round eyes and look down at you with a smile.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: this cat from England is very cute, and they can be said to be the most curious cat. But with proper training, English short will listen to you.

       Jinjila cat

       1. Cat character: noble and gorgeous, elegant and quiet, docile and personalized. It is tender and understanding, and likes to be close to people. She loves to be clean and clean. She has the spirit of communicating with others. She is very obedient, close to her master and has strong self-esteem.

       2. Dexterity index: ¡ï

       3. Make up comments: if you want jinjila cats to be obedient, you have to train them constantly, but you must master this degree, because they don’t like their owners who are too strict.

       Linqing lion cat, Shandong Province, has a good character and sticky hair. Mandarin duck eyes are mostly white. In addition to Mandarin Duck eyes, there are also other colors of eyes, such as yellow, green and blue. My family has two all white lion cats, one of which is covered with snow.

       However, long haired cats will have hair loss problems, and most people will find it a bit troublesome ~ to consider it clearly ~ my cat has a PP:


       There are three cats out of my house, a Shih Tzu and a tortoise , and six fish. The animals at home are very harmonious. Sometimes they play like crazy, but they never really fight and repel.

       Remember to adopt it

       Different cats have different personalities, just like people. Kittens will enjoy themselves and please their owners. They will play with you and play coquettish with you. But cats like freedom and can’t restrict them too much. Cat is an elegant animal, very clean, very sensible, sometimes “ungrateful”, and others “run away.”.

       Cats are introverted, noble and elegant, independent, curious, lazy, love clean, have the spirit of exploration, have their own ideas. Cats will think first and then do according to their own will after being instructed by people.

       According to the degree of stickiness, the degree of relatives, and the degree of injury,

       Representatives of the first echelon: puppet, Siam, Devon, orange cat, Maine, Himalaya, Angora cat, jacketed cat

       Representatives of the second echelon: Persian cat, American short, KONIS, British short, exotic short hair, * short tail, curly eared cat

       Representatives of the third echelon: Chinese leopard cat, jinjila, Russian Blue Cat, Bombay cat, Egyptian cat, tailless cat, siberian cat

       The above representation is not absolute, the cat’s character depends on its father!

       1. Sleepiness

       Cats sleep half of the day. Cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep. Some cats sleep more than 20 hours. Therefore, cats are called “lazy cats”. However, if you carefully observe the sleeping appearance of the cat, you will find that as long as there is a sound, the cat’s ears will move, and if someone approaches, it will jump up. Originally, the cat is a hunting animal, in order to be able to keenly feel all the outside world, it does not sleep very dead.

       Cats who live with people sleep more dead. Cats who live with people generally sleep more at night than during the day. This can prove that cats adapt to the law of human life and rely on people. And even some cats will openly open their stomach to sleep, gently kick it, it still sleep, really lost the face of the hunting animals, happy smile generous.

       2. Self willed

       Cats never think that they are the servants of their owners. Some people think that compared with dogs, cats seem to be a little wayward. I will ask for them. Most people who have this idea don’t understand the habits of cats. Originally, cats like to act alone. Unlike dogs, cats follow the orders of their owners and act collectively. Therefore, it does not regard its master as a monarch, but obeys orders. Sometimes it doesn’t hear what you call it. Cats and their owners are not master-slave relationship. It is better to regard them as equal friends. It is this relationship that makes it unique.

       It looks “cool”, but actually loves to be coquettish. On the other hand, cats regard their owners as their parents and like children. When they feel lonely, they will climb up their owners’ knees or jump to the open newspapers and sit there, showing their charming attitude. A lot of people can’t take it.

       3. Love to be clean

       Often clean their hair kittens, in many cases, love to lick the body, self-cleaning. After meals, it will wipe its beard with its front paws, lick it with its tongue after urination, and lick its hair with its tongue after being held. This is the kitten in the removal of body odor and dirt. There are many rough protuberances on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool to remove stolen goods.

       In order to relax, they also lick the body, but if you observe the kitten carefully, you will find that the kitten will lick the body when it is OK. That is to say, kittens like to lick the body, licking the body is doing relaxation exercise. Kittens often go to sleep after a thorough lick. It should be noted that the kitten feels nervous and will lick the body vigorously when it is stressed. If the cat licks too hard, it will lose its hair and become bald. At this time, we should pay attention to see if the kitten’s life has any difficulties.

       4. Reaction and balance are second to none

       On the high wall, graceful walk, light jump, see the cat walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s withdrawal rate response nerve and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately.

       Good at climbing trees, not good at falling, although the cat motor nerve developed, good at climbing, but not good at falling from the apex. Can go up, can not go down, it is often one side scared to fall back, while shivering to climb down. If the distance to the ground is short, it jumps down. If it’s too high, it’s shaking, like a phobia.

       5. Cats are hunters

       Full stretch, a pair of authentic hunting posture, even if the belly full cat in the sight of moving mice, cicadas, locusts will not be able to suppress the impulse to attack. It can not only catch the insects, but also catch the insects. The cat’s hunting posture is generally crawling forward to the prey, suddenly jumping up, clawing, biting with sharp teeth. Especially if the cat’s mother is good at catching, the “son inherits the mother’s business” tendency is stronger, but even if the offspring of “famous catch” leave their parents immediately after birth, they will still know nothing about hunting.

       It is often difficult for a cat to accept its prey calmly when it is presented respectfully to its owner. Female cats, in particular, tend to be more aggressive and can be tolerated. When the cat is elated and triumphant with its prey in its mouth, the owner can accept it calmly and then dispose of it quietly and quickly when the cat is out of sight.

       A cat’s beard is a ruler

       A cat’s moustache can be seen clearly. The sides of the cat’s mouth, eyes, cheek, chin and other four grow a beard. The root of the beard is covered with nerves, and slight movements can be detected. It is said that you can feel it by brushing 2 mg of things, and even know the airflow and wind direction. It’s rare to hear that a cat will bump into something or miss it when looking around. It’s all due to the cat’s beard, which is an excellent ruler.

       If you use a pen to trace the four beards, a circle larger than the face will appear. According to this circle of beard, the cat can judge whether it can pass through the narrow place. Therefore, if the cat’s beard is cut in half, it is absolutely impossible. The cat will become sluggish and lifeless.

       7. The cat communicates with its owner by calling

       The cat’s “aim, aim” call has various intonations and tones, which can accurately express feelings. If a cat stares at its owner’s face and shouts loudly, it is hungry; if it makes a long voice like a coquettish one, it is dissatisfied; when the requirements are met, the call of aiming becomes smaller.

       When communicating with cats, the sound of cats can not only convey information, but also express feelings. Therefore, the owners can read and communicate with cats through observation and judgment. There are many kinds of cats, some have poor mouths, some love silence, can not be generalized, if you want to get along with it for a long time, you can read every word of it.

       8. Cats express language with their bodies

       Rubbing a person with his body is an expression of intimacy. The so-called “cat’s body language” means that a cat expresses his feelings and desires with his ears, tail, fur, mouth and body. If the cat is tired of people’s feet, side, with the head rub you, it is the expression of intimacy. If a cat rubs a smell from its mouth on you, it means that it wants to take you as its own. If a cat’s throat grunts, it shows that it is in a good mood, and if a cat, like a duck hatching eggs, bends its front feet inward, it means that it is at ease and dependent.

       When attacking, use the “cool” position. Have you ever got up late in the morning and pressed the cat’s nose affectionately? This is the cat saying “hello” and “good morning” to say hello to you. On the contrary, when the cat is angry and aggressive, its ears are bent back, its hair is upright, its body is low and its tail is upright. If you understand this body language, you will communicate with the lovely cat better

       My baby is very good-natured, how to make it silent, one day because my husband scolded it a few words, angry ran to the refrigerator to stay, I pulled its claws down, only to find that my baby is too personality, silent is stubborn, that expression can not love it! In the end, I surrender! Love stays there, just stay there!

       When taking a bath, he was very good. He sat on the ground and allowed me to water it without calling. Finally, it was still quiet when the hair dryer was used to dry it. My God, the two guys in my family were scared to death every time they turned on the hair dryer. It didn’t even bark. For a cat, the noise of the hair dryer is very loud and frightening. It can’t be afraid, but it doesn’t cry out.

       My family has two good-natured cats, let touch let not bite people. The eldest one is short hair. The gene of this breed is easy-going and sticky. It is suitable to be a companion animal. Taotao in life is really good temper. Go to the pet hospital to see a doctor for examination, it seems natural and generous, the doctor praised him more obedient, although not willing to also obey the examination. The stomach is the most sensitive part of our body. If Taotao is not alert to us, we can feel it, scratch our thighs and rub it with our face. At this time, Taotao basically has no expression on his face. If he is forced to hold him, his tail will swing like a fan, which shows how reluctant he is. However, even in this way, he has never kicked, kicked or bitten us. At most, he has used bone shrinking technique and slipped away from his body ¡£ Dinner, as long as the sister a grab, Taotao will automatically give way, you first, appear particularly gentleman.

       My meow has a very good temper. When I take a bath, I don’t move around in the basin. When I’m cooking, I lie on the top of the refrigerator and wait for me. I don’t dare to walk fast when I go home. I’m afraid that if I step on it carelessly, I’ll climb beside me when I sleep at night. After that, I’ll go to sleep in its cot every day When the house opened the door, it heard the sound of the door, meow meow ran to the door to meet me.

       When I play with Huahua at home, Huahua will put away her sharp claws very wisely. When she holds my hand, she will not really exert herself, just “meaning”. Usually, as long as you call it, Huahua will immediately “meow” to call. When taking a bath, she will also be obediently holding the edge of the bucket to soak in the bath, allowing me to rub, knead and blow dry. Every morning as soon as my alarm clock rings, it starts to cry when it wakes up. It’s not hungry, it’s not going to the toilet, or it’s asking you to touch it. If you don’t touch it, you’ll call all the time, and then all kinds of rubbing will cure me of getting up! Sometimes, when you are in a bad mood, Huahua seems to be able to feel it. On the contrary, I rub my legs and lie on the ground to expose my belly. I’m a cute seller.


       Some cats are clever and obedient, and get along well with their owners, but some cats are not good tempered. Once a cat gets angry and sharp claws are likely to hurt us, so training the cat’s temper and making the cat like you are the most basic condition to get along with the cat.

       1¡¢ How does a cat have a bad temper

       When the cat’s temper is bad, the owner may as well find a cat partner for it, so that it can have a partner to play with when it is bored and angry, and the inner unhappiness can be temporarily forgotten, and the bad temper can be calmed down.

       If the owner wants to deal with the cat’s bad temper, he should first keep a calm attitude and give the cat a friendly impression. Or when the cat looks bad, you can try to put some soothing, soft music to listen to it, so that the nervous cat can be relaxed, reduce its aggression, pacify its irritable heart, so that its mood can become relaxed and stable, no longer angry with other pets and owners.

       The cat’s bad temper is largely caused by emotional stimulation. In life, the owner should try to avoid things that may affect the cat’s mood. At the same time, when the cat is angry, try not to yell and scold it at will, so as to avoid stimulating the cat’s mood to be more irritable. When the cat is angry, the owner should take the method of reprimand and appeasement, try to relax the cat’s mood, let it feel safe and comfortable and no longer angry.

       2¡¢ How to make the cat like you

       1. Pick

       As the saying goes, “pick soft persimmons to pinch”. Cats are the same. Among these kids, there are some “soft persimmons” with excellent temperament, especially some artificially bred cats. After hundreds of years of breeding experts’ “*”, they are also soaked in the “masochism tendency”. No matter how you “insult” it, even if you pick it up from scratch The list of “soft persimmons” includes Persian cats, exotic short haired cats, Muppets, ginger, Scotch eared cats and some British short haired cats (details).

       2. Coax

       People compare cats to women or women to cats, which shows that they have a lot in common. Therefore, as long as we make the cat happy, eat and drink, and play with it, the cat will relax our vigilance to the greatest extent. When it’s in a good mood, massage it all over the body. When it’s relaxed, not to mention paws, I’m afraid the cat will take the initiative to grab your hand and ask you to give it a “foot massage.”.

       In fact, a cat is just like a child. It may not accept you for a short time. However, after a long time, it will love you when you feel your care and care for it. Of course, it needs the tolerance and persistence of its owner during this period.

       Cats are all temperamental. Excrement shoveling officials hope that their own cats can be good tempered, but the reality often makes them look at other people’s cats. What is the experience of having a cat with a good temper at home? This excrement shoveling official said that her cat sticks every day, does not scratch or bite. She has to drill into the quilt to sleep in your arms. When she is wronged, she cries. She takes out her ears and cuts her nails. At most, she hides. When she is done, she feels that she has done something good in her last life. When she wants them, she should have a good character Very good. This should be the expectation of many excrement removal officials. Bathing a cat is the best time to test a cat’s temper. If a cat is clever in bathing, it should have a good temper. If you scratch and scratch, the cat will have its own temper

       By pretending to fight with the cat to stimulate the cat’s temper, but some cats have a good temper and can’t fight back. They look at the excrement officer with innocent eyes.

       Grabbing the cat’s face to make an expression on the cat’s face is a matter that many excrement removal officials dare not try, because they think that it will pick the cat’s anger to the highest point. Meow: I’m not angry. I’m so angry that I can’t help shitting officer Ruyi.

       When a cat plays with you, it is possible to scratch the excrement removing officer. However, no matter how the cat plays, some cats will not give out their claws, and their character is very good.

       Meow: for the sake of dried fish, I won’t be angry. Who can’t live with the food!

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