Be licked by dog hand and eat again – be licked by dog hand, did not wash one’s hands, eat food can get rabies?

       Rabies virus is difficult to survive in the air and there are trousers in the middle. This medium will not be dangerous. Last time I was also put into the hands by dogs and forgot to absorb food. I was afraid to consult later. I am not doing well now. Rabies is only bitten and caught by the wound. The incidence rate is only one percent to 0. Look at the distance between the wound and the head and how to deal with it. It’s my neighbor’s

       Rabies virus is transmitted directly by being bitten by a dog. It doesn’t matter if you are in this situation.

       Don’t have too much psychological burden. If the dog licks your hand, you should wash your hands before eating. If you don’t wash your hands, it doesn’t matter too much. At most, it may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort and will not be infected with rabies, which will not affect your IQ. Remember to wash your hands before eating, and form a good habit of washing hands before meals.

       Rabies is transmitted through blood through wounds, not through the digestive tract. If an animal is bitten and scratched, the mouth will be damaged, so you will not be infected and will not get rabies. Human body has immunity, wash hands frequently and pay attention to personal hygiene.

       After being bitten by a pet, wash the wound surface with soapy water and clean water for half an hour, and then disinfect the wound with iodine cotton ball, and inoculate rabies vaccine in time.

       No, the probability of infection is almost zero, because there is no absolute, but although it will not be infected with rabies, but when playing with dogs or try to pay attention to, licked by the dog hand or develop the habit of washing hands before eating. After all, the nature of dogs is very unsanitary, like to smell everywhere, running around, it is inevitable that there will be some bacteria, so we should play regularly Insect repellent needle.

       The following is from an authoritative expert on rabies: Professor Zushuxian

       Being scratched by a domestic cat causes the most anxiety, and I have answered many questioners. This is due to the City pet more, rabies prevention publicity and education is not appropriate.

       American experts said: rabies caused by the scratch of rabies cats and dogs, even if there are some, is extremely rare. (note that “cat and dog scratch” here refers to being scratched by rabies cats and dogs, not healthy dogs and cats.

       Do you have the possibility of catching rabies? The first question to ask: is there any possibility of rabies in biting your dog or the dog you come into contact with?

       1. In China, rabies almost occurs in rural towns, or small towns and urban-rural fringe, especially in southern provinces and regions. However, the larger cities (excluding their suburban counties) have hardly reported rabies for years.

       Therefore, the possibility of rabies infection can be basically ruled out in the following cases:

       1) Domestic dogs and cats in big cities;

       2) Dogs and cats have a clear life experience and are not stray animals when they are raised at home;

       3) The dog and cat have not been exposed to dogs suspected of rabies or bitten by unknown dogs;

       4) The animals had no symptoms of illness or abnormal behavior, and were bitten for a variety of reasons, such as teasing, protecting food, protecting children, and causing pain;

       5) Animals have been vaccinated;

       6) The center for Disease Control informed that there was no local rabies in recent years;

       7) The dog and cat have been bitten for more than 10 days.

       Articles 1-5) can be known at the time of being bitten or contacted. If there are 5 items, you can rest assured. In addition, if the center for Disease Control and prevention informs that there is no rabies in the local area, then you can be relieved. If there is Article 7), whether or not there are 1) – 5), we can rest assured.

       2. Dogs and cats transmit rabies mainly by biting. In the context of 1. Above, it is meaningless to be licked or salivated by a healthy or healthy dog or cat from one’s family or neighbor. If there is no bleeding or superficial scratch, iodine can be applied locally. Severe scratch bleeding more, in addition to immediate flushing, to the hospital.

       Animals with confirmed or suspected rabies scratch or lick damaged skin or mucous membrane before they need to be treated as exposure.

       3. Touching rabies animals (dogs and cats) or contacting with their blood, urine or feces does not constitute exposure, and no preventive measures are taken.

       4. Indirect contact with the saliva of healthy animals has no possibility of rabies transmission.

       If you have any questions, please consult the local center for Disease Control and the infectious diseases department of the hospital.

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