Besides the pets that dogs and cats will follow – what other pets can you keep besides cats and dogs

       The subject can learn about the pet ferret

       Ferrets have a personality between cats and dogs, and are more inclined to dogs. They are very fond of playing with people, chasing their owners around the room, curious about everything. They also have a high learning ability. When they make mistakes, just flick the tip of their nose and tell them “no”. After several times, they will know that it is wrong, and they will understand when the host says “no”.

       You buy mink

       In addition to cats and dogs, the relatively easy pets are parrots, hamsters, Dutch pigs, rabbits and chinchillas. Among them, hamster is the simplest, followed by chinchilla. Both of them have low requirements for living environment and do not need to spend a lot of money. In addition, due to their small size, they are extremely easy to raise and are excellent substitutes for dogs and cats.

       1. Parrot: parrot is a typical climber, with two toes forward and two toes backward. It is suitable for grasping. Its beak is strong and can eat hard shell fruit. It has bright feathers and is often kept as a pet. They are more appreciated and loved by people for their beautiful feathers and good at learning human language skills.

       2. Rabbit: as a common pet, rabbit is very popular with people. At the same time, it is also a timid animal. Sudden noise, strangers and strange animals, such as cats and dogs, will make it panic. In the breeding management, we should try our best to avoid the sound of rabbit panic, and at the same time, we should prohibit strangers, cats and dogs from entering the rabbit house. The rabbit’s hearing is sharp, the sense of smell is sensitive, but it is timid, afraid of shock and good at running.

       3. Dutch pig: Dutch pig, also known as guinea pig, is a tailless rodent with compact body, short and thick body, big head and short neck. They have small petal shaped ears, located on both sides of the head, with small triangular mouth and short limbs. But Dutch pigs have become extinct in the wild and are distributed around the world as pets.

       4. Hamster: hamster can temporarily store food in the mouth and carry it to the hole for storage, so it is also called parotid mouse and moving warehouse. The eyes are small, the ears are hairy, and the ear shell is external. The body length ranges from 50 mm to 340 mm, with short legs, wide feet and thick short tail. Temperate terrestrial animals, most common in open areas. At the same time, hamsters are easy to breed and rich in captivity, so they are raised as pets by many people.

       5. Chinchilla: this species is gregarious, docile, ambush in the daytime and emerge at night. It is gentle in nature, does not bite people, likes to live in groups, is good at jumping, is timid and afraid of disturbance, is used to sleeping in the daytime, foraging at night, and likes to lie on its back in the soft sunshine in the cage. At ordinary times, the male and female individuals get along well and seldom quarrel. Because of their small size and beautiful coat color, they are regarded as pets by many people.

       Recommend little pet 1:

       Hamster: hamster is very cute, can make the host happy, people like to sleep in the day, night activities, this is very suitable for office workers.

       Recommend little pet 2:

       Tortoise: tortoise is the pet that doesn’t need the special care of its owner. It has strong disease resistance. Even if the owner forgets to feed, it doesn’t matter. Change the water every few days and get in the sun.

       Recommend little pet 3:

       Birds: birds should be considered as pets that are very suitable for office workers. The biggest advantage is that they are not sticky and lively. The owners can leave after putting some food in the morning, and feed them when they come back in the evening. They can clean the bird cage at ordinary times, especially for Myna, which is very interesting.

       Recommended pet 4:

       Rabbit: the rabbit is very dull and cute, especially the drooping ear rabbit, the price is not expensive, the resistance is very strong, does not depilate, the adaptability is fast.

       Recommended pet 5:

       Aquarium: aquarium has high ornamental value. It is especially suitable at home or in the office. You don’t need to worry about it at ordinary times. You can help change the water when you have time.

       Well, turtles are the best animals to raise, and small rabbits are also very good. I have kept them for a long time, but you can’t give them incorrect food. You should drink pure water and buy professional rabbit food. Don’t buy cheap or vegetables. You should give them medicine regularly. In any case, you should do your homework before raising anything. Don’t be on the spur of the moment. They are life

       Squirrels, I can buy small squirrels in April and may next year. I raise them very well. If I can’t raise them, I can raise them. When they are ripe, they can be released or even taken out. The golden flower is only about 12 cm. If you can raise a little bigger, you can choose demon king or snow, or Huangshan Mountain, but the snow is more expensive. In a word, because I used to raise a lot of them, squirrels feel better to keep. The nuts and fruits we eat are ordinary things. We should pay attention to the cage clean and the temperature. It’s easy to raise them. What’s more, small things are really emotional, angry, happy, crawling up and down their shoulders, playing with your hair, licking your face, licking your hands, and sleeping on you. It’s really good. In addition to the snow, the golden flower is only about 50 yuan, and the demon king is only a few hundred yuan. It is also more economical and affordable. You can consider it

       You can learn about the pet ferret

       Ferrets have a personality between cats and dogs, and are more inclined to dogs. They like playing with people very much. They chase their owners around the room and are curious about everything. They also have a high learning ability. When they make mistakes, just flick their noses and tell them “no”. After several times, they will know that it is wrong, and they will understand when they hear the host say “no”.

       For your health, please don’t have cats and dogs!

       Cats and dogs have a lot of rabies virus.

       Dogs and cats are very dangerous animals with the threat of spreading rabies.

       The correct way to prevent rabies is to firmly oppose the unhealthy lifestyle of keeping cats and dogs.

       Giving up cat and dog is the best way to prevent rabies.

       Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, which can spread rabies, should not be pets.

       Only goldfish, which can’t spread rabies, can be raised.

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