Big cat riding on kittens – how to let big cats take over kittens and live in harmony

       The kitten had better not touch it, or it is contaminated with other smell, the cat mother will not raise, ignore. You can get some things that big cats used to do on kittens, so that kittens stick some smell. Mother cat is not used to the place given by human beings. She feels unsafe. As long as she doesn’t go out of the house, she will let the big cat keep it for a while and then move to the cat’s nest

       So the old cat will have a grudge. She said the method is aimed at the kittens, to try to treat two cats fairly, so that when you are not there, there will be no tragedy. Rub the old cat’s things on the kitten to make him feel like an old cat. When the old cat sleeps, he should carry the kitten to the side of the old cat and sleep together (the cat usually sleeps very well). If the old cat is intimate with the kitten, he should do some encouraging actions, such as patting the cat’s head, but don’t reward the food, which may turn into a utilitarian relationship. If necessary, you can pick up the two cats together Come on, and put them next to the cat toys. Often do this, the old cat will understand that the owner wants them together, it will gradually be good to the kitten. But if the kitten has violated the old cat’s behavior, to small punishment kittens, such as knocking on the skull and so on, they will get along well after a long time. Don’t worry. Kittens are naughty and forgetful. They don’t usually hold grudges.

       It’s not just us humans who have jealousy, but also animals, especially pets. If you want to make them get along with each other harmoniously, for example, when feeding them to eat, you should give the old cat enough love in front of the kitten, touch the old cat’s body, feed the old cat some delicious food first, do not ignore the old cat, and gradually they will get along well

       They are very jealous and seldom get along with each other. Generally speaking, it’s fighting with each other. But the kitten is too small, it is estimated that they will only get beaten. ¡¾1¡¿ Angry death is not, should worry about kittens, may be bullied to death. ¡¾2¡¿ This doesn’t seem to work? ¡¾3¡¿ First stay together for a period of time to see the situation, it is possible that the relationship will gradually get better. The two of my family were bullied a little at first, and then they fell in love with each other. Hey, hey ~ [4] pay attention to protect the kittens

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