Big eye cat breed British short hair – who knows what kind of cat this is

       The following points are generally used for the selection of the silver gradient British short hair cats.

       1. The color of the back coat of a British short haired cat

       There are four grades from chingira fur color to smoke color. All of them have black hair tips. You can comb the cat’s hair and select some common hairs for observation. The hair tip of 1 / 8 to 1 / 6 of the fruit is black, and the others are white. It proves that the baby’s fur color is first-class. If it reaches 1 / 2 hair tip black, it is smoke color. Smoke looks dirty and is generally not liked. Therefore, we should avoid crossing the blue British short hair cat with the silver gradually colored British short hair cat. The blue gene is covered by the silver gene, and the hair tip color is strengthened, and the offspring are smoke color.

       OK, please have a look here. Don’t ask me which baby’s fur color is better.

       2. Silver grad British short haired kitten tiger class or leopard dot stripe problem

       American short haired cats are famous for their distinctive tiger like markings on their backs. There are many kinds of tiger spots, such as standard spots, fishbone bones and leopard spots. The silver gradient is a degradation of tiger spot. When the stripes become more and more unclear, and finally completely degenerate and even, it is the silver gradient. Due to the short breeding history of the silver gradually colored British short haired cat, there will be atavism after the baby is born. You can clearly see the leopard spot or standard spot for the baby just 10 days old. Please don’t panic for the new cat fans joining the breeding team. The baby’s genetic memory will tell them how to grow up in the future. As long as the baby you buy has lineage tracking and more than two generations are standard silver tapered British short hair cats, they will generally put their hair in a few months The color completely degenerates into a silver gradient. From the baby two months of degradation can be shown, fast three months can degenerate into a uniform silver gradual color, slow need half a year.

       3. About the lovely little face of the English Bobcat

       The silver gradient is a British short haired cat of chinchilla ancestry, known for her large, watery eyes. As a result, the common silver tinted British Bobcats have larger eyes than the pure blue ones. As long as it’s not scary to look at, the bigger the eyes, the better the quality.

       Secondly, the ear position should be opened. As long as it is not deformed, the more open the ear position will give the baby more space to grow a super big head in the future. If the ear position is very close, the head shape is basically fixed, the baby will not have a very big head oh.

       A proper depression of the nose without fracture marks is permissible. But a completely collapsed nose is not as beautiful as a slightly bony nose.

       The beard pad should be wide and thick. The wide beard pad supports the whole structure of the baby’s chin. Whether the head is round enough, the beard pad plays an important role.

       4¡¢ On the body shape of the British short haired cat

       Because the silver gradually colored British short haired cat is mixed with gene of jinjila, its health level is far less than that of pure blue British short hair cat. You know, the ancestor of blue British short hair cat followed Caesar to fight all over Europe, and jinjila has always been a pet of aristocrats. The relative weakness of the Constitution and the mixture of ginger bloodlines determine that the silver gradualized British short haired cats are not as big as the blue ones in bone mass, and their muscle layers are not as plump as the blue ones. So when your baby is three months old, you will feel a little thinner. Generally speaking, as long as the skull structure comes out and the chest is thick enough to be basically in line with the feet, then when the baby grows up to 1 year old, the gene of his ancestral blue British Shorthair cat will tell him that he will have a large head and big cheek naturally. So please give the silver color British Bobcat time to grow up. When he was a child, maybe you could hardly realize the future of his big breed. Then one day, he would be sitting there looking at you!

       5¡¢ The lake like eyes of the English Bobcat

       CFA allows for a silver gradients. British shorthair cats have blue-green, green and yellow green eyes. Pure yellow is out of line. A lot of cat fans indulge in the clear and well colored eyes. So as a breeding baby, it is necessary to have a beautiful look. But not every outstanding child from childhood is mostly pure blue-green or green, many children are yellow green. Generally speaking, eye color changes can last one or two years. Usually, yellow and green eyes will precipitate into standard green when they are 1 or 2 years old. If the baby’s eyes are yellow when they are three months old, then they will grow up to be yellow eyes. As long as the baby’s other appearance is still excellent, as a pet grade baby to accompany you without breeding, the gap between them is not big. After all, the pursuit of perfection and excellence is very difficult, very small.

       6¡¢ Peace of mind at the same time pay attention to the tracking of lineage breeding is a fascinating and full of surprise or disappointment process. For example, a pair of parents with small stature gave birth to a 18-year-old son who was 1.85 meters in size. Parents’ happiness is needless to say. In fact, in God’s opinion, humans are the same as cats. The growth of cats is also full of drama. Sometimes when a cat looks very strong from childhood to adulthood, it doesn’t grow up to be as big as the owner expects. However, some weak individuals in childhood have a thick and broad posture after 2 years old. Some are surprised, others are lost.

       Put your mind right! Even experienced breeders who cut the baby’s umbilical cord have a hard time making sure that the cute baby grows into a good figure. Because sometimes it needs God’s help… In addition to God’s care, the owner’s good feeding and love, there is a reliable, is the cat’s bloodline tracking. Although lineage can’t determine the future of a cat, family history can largely predict how the child will grow up. In other words, family tracking will provide more evidence to infer his future appearance.

       Pay attention to the baby’s lineage tracking and purchase the baby with excellent lineage. This is a foundation. At the same time, we pray for the blessing of God! The above views are the summary of several years of breeding in Beijing’s famous cat houses and cat forests. They are purely private views and are only for reference

       Pomila cat.

       Pomila cat (Latin scientific name: burmilla), also known as bomeila cat, native to the United Kingdom, is the offspring of a cross between Burmese cat and jinjila long haired cat. In 1981, Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg bred the first pomila cat.

       There are no special requirements for the food of pomila cat. In foreign countries, many people suggest using raw meat to feed pomila cat

       Pamela cat is easy-going, lively and lovely. It combines the beauty of jinjila and the intimate of Burmese cat. It is a best friend and an ideal choice for raising at home.

       The pomila population is an elegant cat of medium size with a sweet and open expression. Their unique appearance is a striking contrast between the gradient / tip and a solid silver background. Their shining green eyes are very attractive. Pomila is round, outgoing, loyal and playful.

       Russian blue cats are rare in China. They are not found in Tianjin at present. They are not pure in China. They are not recommended to buy. Pure ones are also very expensive. They are also available in 1000-2000. However, it seems that they are only available from other places. You can go to * * to search for them, and you can take the train. There are also similar cats. The British short blue cats are blue, and they are very popular. They can be bought in 1500-2000. They are fatter than Russian Blue Cats and have a very good personality OK, we’ll have a quick search. Ask for the address, go to have a look, or go to the same city in 58. Go to the market. It seems that there are some in Beijing

       No, you can see it by looking at your nose and face

       Foreign breeds of cats have been selected for hundreds of years. They are all purebred and have the same physical features

       Because our country does not have this consciousness, the local cat breeds crossbreed, the individual difference is quite big,

       The photo is too white to see any other features. It is estimated to be a Chinese country cat

       British short haired cat, plump body, thick short developed limbs, short and dense hair, big head, round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, easy to raise. It has been recognized in Britain for a long time. In 1901, the ideal image of its cat species appeared. In 1970, the coat color and appearance began to change. The body size is smaller and smaller, and the variety of fur colors becomes more and more abundant. All the changes are towards elegant style. The British short hairy cat is called “British short”. In the cartoon Tom and Jerry, Tom is created with British short as the prototype. Note that the blue cat is just one of the colors (pure blue) in the British short haired cat. The most common blue short is called blue cat by the general public.