Big furry dog

       Little Bomei is hairy and hairy than a bear. It depends on what color you like and what type of it you like. Little Bomei loves to call, but it’s beautiful. It’s also hairy when changing seasons, but it’s as cute as a ball. You should see if you have time to take care of it, because Bomei loves calling and disturbing people. It is more sticky than bear. When I was a child, I grew up hairy, but not too hairy. When I grew up, I had to take it to the pet shop regularly for beauty, and I had to comb my hair every day. If you want to think about what kind of dog you are suitable for, don’t be too confused to choose. Otherwise, you can’t give up when you are half raised. However, the dilemma of family restriction is very painful and you should be careful!

       Gu Mu, now the price is extremely high due to Limited breeding. Three years ago, I saw a 3-month-old one for 30000 yuan, and two months ago I saw a 4-month-old one only sold 4000 yuan. I’m crazy. They don’t have pedigree certificates, and the one in the back is better than the one in the front

       But it’s hard for Gu Mu to take care of it. You have to comb her hair every day. Otherwise, you can’t bear to gamble. £º£©


       Country of origin



       Lucky dog

       Beijing trumpet dog


       Court poodle

       General nickname


       Classification and variety standards

       World Dog Federation FCI: Group 9, category 8, STD 207

       American Dog Club AKC: playing dogs STDs

       Australian dog Council ankc: group 1 (fun dogs) STDs

       Canadian Dog Club CKC: Group 5 – enjoy dogs

       London Dog Club KC (UK): pet dogs STDs

       New Zealand Dog Club nzkc: playing dogs STDs

       United Dog Club UKC: companion dog STDs

       Poodle is an ancient pet dog, from China, is a very popular noble pet. It is gentle and lively by nature, domesticating it makes some people have fun. This kind of dog likes the home environment and the clean outdoor environment, its eyes are shining in the light.

       They are also called Fu Dogs by Chinese people. They are depicted in many art works and are widely respected. Because they look like lions, they are considered patrons.


       The poodle has a history of more than 2000 years, and it has rarely changed since then.

       Pet shows do not exclude all kinds of color mixing, the most common is red safe, which is the color of most Westminster poodles. Black and bronze are also popular, but people prefer light colors at the dog show, and pure white (except for the face) poodles are the most popular. The face color of a poodle is generally black, with dark brown eyes. It is said that in British poodles, there is a blue (gray) color. Albino dogs are substandard.

       The pace of a poodle is unique in dogs. Their legs are O-shaped, and they wobble along the way, because the Chinese domesticate them and offer them to the emperor and his concubines, and eunuchs are playmates. But if allowed, they can catch up with big dogs. The O-shaped legs make them particularly attractive when walking, running and jogging.

       The poodle weighs about 7 to 14 pounds (3 to 6 kg) and stands 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm) tall.


       The poodle is stubborn and jealous. Don’t expect to greet him. He will come to you obediently. Maybe the poodle wants to let you know that he has noble status, so he needs experience to be domesticated. The personality of a poodle is similar to that of a cat, but not necessarily. Cats can be trained, so do poodles. If it likes you, it can do everything for you, even if it is to protect its master and die.

       Poodles are suitable for celibates, and it may be strange that they decide who they like. They like to pay more attention, so be careful not to let their attention shift from them to their children, otherwise they will regard them as competitors. Most healthy and trained poodles are good for children. Unfortunately, many parents think that they are “smart and autonomous”, so they don’t pay attention to training, which leads to serious jealousy.


       Because of its small head and flat face, the main diseases are eye and respiratory diseases, as well as skin allergies.


       For people who like to keep poodles, they need to comb their hair every day, which is also a kind of fun. If you do, it only takes three months to go to a professional groomer. Of course, when it shows its nature and plays in the mud, it is still necessary to go to the hairdresser as soon as possible, because it is not easy to get dry mud from its beautiful fur.


       Originated in ancient China, it is very similar to Asian wolf. DNA analysis has recently shown that this is one of the oldest pet dogs. [1] In recent centuries, only the people in the palace could have it.

       In 1860, during the second war, the Forbidden City was invaded by British and French forces. Emperor Xianfeng fled, but one of his elder aunts stayed in the capital. When the “foreign devils” enter, she will be buried with five poodles.

       The poodle was looted by the Allied forces and then the Old Summer Palace. Baron John got a pair, called “schloff” and “hytien,” and gave them to his sister, Henry Wellesley

       Baron George Fitzroy got another pair and gave it to his two nieces, the Duchess of Richmond and the Duchess of Gordon. Captain Dunne gave the fifth poodle to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and named it “Melody”.

       Empress Dowager Cixi gave several poodles to several Americans, including John Pierpont Morgan and Alice Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt’s wife)

       Ireland’s first poodle was created by DR.Heuston Imported. He was vaccinated against smallpox in China, which had a huge impact. In order to thank him, Chinese Minister Li Hongzhang gave him a pair of poodles named “Chang” and “Lady Li”. Dr. Heuston founded the Greystones kennel.



       There are two stories about the origin of poodles. The first is very common, which is lion and monkey

       A lion and a monkey fell in love with each other, but the lion was too big, so he went to talk about his troubles and let him shrink to the size of a monkey. And the poodle is its descendant.

       The second, less common, story from butterflies and lions:

       The lion fell in love with the butterfly, but the butterfly and the lion knew the difference was too big. So the two men went to pray to him, and he promised not to slip away. That’s how poodles come.

       Another story is that the poodle is a hybrid of a lion and a monkey, with the aristocratic temperament and appearance of the former and the interesting footwork of the latter.

       Because the poodle has something to do with * *, it is a dog in the temple. Because it is not only a plaything, it can track down and kill the imps in the Imperial Palace and temples. Because of its great courage, it can also get rid of the biggest and craziest goblins. (this is the story of bride of the rat God, but the author doesn’t believe those legends).

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