Big male biting kitten – will kittens be eaten by big cats?

       This situation has to be isolated. Female cats have to be about a year old to match, and the size of male and female cats should not be too big, otherwise it is not good for her health. My family now also first raised a female cat (more than 7 months), not long ago received a nine month old male cat. At first, the male cat was very afraid of my little female cat. The little female cat was more fierce, and he thought it was he who lived in the house first, which was quite arrogant. The big male cats are getting familiar with each other, and they are starting to be big and small. But we usually lock them up at different times.


       However, if there is no sterilization, the kitten’s cry is “miserable”, which may be caused by the male cat’s estrus and sexual intercourse with the female cat.

       Of course, the biggest possibility is that the two cats are playing and playing. When they are in a hurry, the kitten suffers losses and makes a “miserable” call. Check whether the kitten is injured.

       Due to the large number of cat members, this group of cats has formed a social character. One of the young male cats was raised by my mother in a bottle (the mother died in a car accident a week after childbirth). The name of the young male cat is “big eyes”. Big eye is a loser. He can’t win a fight with several other male cats. He is timid and has no territory of his own. He was afraid of another male cat, and immediately hid at the sight of that one. My mother was the supporter and protector of big eyes. Without my mother’s help, big eyes had been driven away by Elvis Presley (this was the case with another male cat in the past, and now it has become a garbage cat wandering the street) Recently, Elvis Presley of this group was not here. His big eyes suddenly began to bite other females and kittens. Even the big eyes started biting his sister, who was bitten very badly. There was a large area of hair on her back and blood on her neck. Moreover, the big eyes frequently sniffed the reproductive parts of Elvis Presley’s wives and concubines. According to witnesses, big eyes also bit many kittens. Because there are moral people in the neighborhood, several neighbors intend to put big eyes in their pockets and throw them away — they say big eyes are hooligans — they evaluate cats according to people’s standards. I tried to protect my big eyes, but the reason was weak. It has been suggested that elastic bands be used to bind eyes and castrate them. But I always feel that the current behavior of big eyes is not clear, and it is not easy to start. We give analysis and countermeasures.

       This phenomenon is very normal. Cats attach great importance to territory and have a strong desire for monopoly. They will take your home and your master as their own property. They will not allow other cats to rob them. They can’t even pay attention to other cats and animals. Cats are also easy to worry about gains and losses. They are afraid that you have other pets and ignore them. They think they are “out of favor”, so they will attack “invaders” angrily ¡±At the same time, in order to get your attention, let you pay more attention to it and prove that you are more powerful and lovely than other cats. For this phenomenon, you can put the two of them far away, feeding, cat’s nest are placed out of sight of each other, as far as possible let them meet and contact. At the same time, you should comfort the kitten more, talk to it more, tell it you care about it and like it most, tease it and touch it when it is free, let it know what you mean, reduce its hostility to the male cat, and avoid contacting the male cat as much as possible. As it slowly regains its self-confidence, it will gradually recognize the new member, and the number of fights will decrease until it gets along with each other and plays together. I hope it can help you_ ¡É)O~

       Male cats will mature later than female cats,

       Especially famous cats

       This is generally reluctant to come

       I want to say more,

       It’s better to sterilize the cat!


       Female cats are really vulnerable to the disease,


       Estrus is very painful for them… Can’t eat, can’t sleep

       In the case of male cats,

       It’s not that serious… But,

       It’s also easy to get sick,

       Most importantly,

       When you need to put up with their estrus,

       Pee everywhere,

       And always irritable,

       Want to run out,

       Go out and fight with other cats


       The cat’s estrus is noisy… Don’t you think?

       Estrus is also called

       ***It’s also called… The more obvious it is at night

       I hope you think about it seriously!

       In fact,

       According to the age of your cat,

       Now is the best operation time!

       For your beloved cat,

       I believe in the money,

       You’ll find it worth it!

       I guess the male has a crush on the female. The kitten is always angry about her body. She really doesn’t recommend the landlord to send the male cat out or raise it separately. You think, how kind of life the little female cat is now. Originally, the family has only one child, so everything is exclusive. But when the male cat comes, he has to give him half of everything except the food, including the owner’s love, Can it come to us after the total “sexual harassment”, this I can not stand, so, I am always very depressed, always very angry, master, help me, let me liberation!!!!

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