Black falling from the cat – what is the black thing falling from the kitten

       Now CC will answer for you

       According to your description, your cat is generally believed to have a large number of fleas. It’s the excrement of flea and so on. Watch to see if there are small particles in the cat’s ears, some of which are lighter in color. Some are black. When pressed, it can bleed. Fleas are needed. If your cat is so serious, you should take a bath with pet shampoo. Also use flea free powder to evenly touch the cat. But don’t let the cat eat it. Reduce the number of cats going out. If you go out, put a flea collar on him. But it affects the pet’s sense of smell. You can buy one with light taste and little side effects

       Wish the cat health

       Fleas in cats don’t bite. Where are the black scurf you’re talking about? My cat has suffered from tinea felis and lost Brown dander.

       It’s hairless. It took more than two months to heal. Fleas are black worms.

       You can buy sulfur soap to bathe your cat, and fleas will run to places where there are not many places, most of which are on the cat’s face. It’s faster. It’s a black bug.

       Take a bath.

       keep warm!

       The cat looks like it’s dirty, and it’s also a small black spot. In fact, it’s folliculitis, and the black chin is black. It’s caused by endocrine disorders. There are many small black spots on the chin, like pricking, and the root of the cat’s tail also happens. The root of the cat’s tail appears very dirty, as if it can’t be washed clean. The black spots on the cat’s chin will not be infectious, just like a human nose The black head on the son, there are several black spots on the chin, it doesn’t matter, if the inflammation falls off the cat supermarket, a feeding folliculitis needs treatment

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