Black Persian fold – I want lots of pictures of purebred Persian cats

       Your choice is not expensive, black and blue are not very expensive colors, relatively speaking, black is the cheapest, and black and blue Persian products are mostly very good.

       In the case of not being slaughtered by others, 1500 ~ 2000 can buy the best match grade Black Persian cat. I have sold CFA racing Black Persian three times. All of them were sold at 1500. Later, I tried to avoid breeding this color. Ha ha.

       Blue Persia is a little more expensive, 3000 can buy a good one.

       The normal life span is more than 10 years old, so you should first determine the breed you want, and then study how to look at the breed. Only by self-knowledge can you buy a good and cost-effective cat. You can’t afford to be careless if you keep it for more than ten years.

       Don’t be infatuated with the photos of big cat houses on the Internet. You should actually see them. You’d better buy them in the same city and have a look at their personalities. It’s better to choose a family that breeds at home and has a relatively high master’s quality. If you want to buy the field online, you must watch the video directly, and the video is not counted! Alipay trading must be supported.

       Good purebred Persian cats won’t catch people’s bright claws, but they need careful care to grow a gorgeous long hair.

       About 2000 purebred Persian cats. As far as I know, Persian character is very docile, good relatives, rarely catch people. If you buy it, you’d better ask the boss if you have immunized the cat. If you want to immunize the cat regularly, you should also expel the insect regularly. In addition, you should provide sufficient food, clean water, and change the litter regularly. In fact, it is very easy to raise.

       Hope to help you.

       I have a very pure Persian

       If you have 5 short Persia to be more than 3000, CAA with certificate to 5000, CFA not to mention tens of thousands

       Persia belongs to the long hair, should often take care of, I lazy a angry, my cat’s tail is shaved bald.

       Persia belongs to the big body cat, the adult has the small Jingba so big, the life span is about 15 years, depends on you to feed how!

       The cat’s character is still gentle. My family lies on the ground every day and let me step on it, but I can’t stand the long hair.

       Ha ha, I still like my English short with folded ears!

       If you don’t understand, you can write and ask me!

       Boss, Persian cats come in nearly 88 colors, please —

       Monochromatic system has white, black, blue, red, cream color and so on

       Gradient color system has gray mouse color, gradient silver, shell carving color and so on

       The smoke color system has the hair root white, the upper layer hair black, blue, red and so on

       Spot color is silver, brown, red, cream, blue and so on

       The mixed color system includes hawksbill, tricolor, blue cream, black and white, blue and white, red and white

       Red and hawksbill colors are rare, so the Persian cat with this coat color is also very precious

       White Persia

       Black Persia

       Blue Persia

       Red Persia

       Cream Persian

       I have a Persian cat (purebred) in my family. It’s only 200 yuan. If you want to buy it, I suggest you buy white and long hair. Both of them are blue eyes (the statement that two eyes are different is pure breed Lisi cat is definitely incorrect). Moreover, I tell you, the purer the general Persian cat, the more likely it is to be deaf. However, it doesn’t matter. It’s still lovely, not bad at all, very obedient. I know that it’s a toilet place in one day, Remember to buy a male. It’s hairy and long

       Reference: personal experience tells me

       Is Persian looking at his face… You haven’t seen Persia. You can go and see Garfield. The two look alike. Garfield is also an exotic short haired cat. You can see that the biggest difference between those two kinds of cats and other cats is that the nose is concave, not that the hairy one is Persian. Generally, few people keep Persian cats, and the black ones are less… Garfield is more common

       The Black Persian cat often scratched its head and scratched, which may be caused by ear mites

       If the Persian cat not only scratched its head and scratched, but also observed the black dirt in its ears, and even the insects were crawling with the naked eye, then it was the ear mite infection that needed to be alleviated in time

       It is necessary to take timely measures to treat the ear mite disease of cats

       First of all, use Mengwei ear drops to clean the dirty things

       The cat wants to disinfect the ear canal with a mild disinfectant

       It should be noted that the cat should not be allowed to move around during the treatment of ear mites

       Attention should be paid to isolation of sick cats and disinfection of the home environment

       The Scottish Fold eared cat, with its lovely and charming appearance, attracted many people’s interest. But interestingly, at that time, they were more common abroad than in their hometown, Scotland, England. Since this breed was not recognized by the cat fans Management Committee at that time, British breeders were hardly interested in it. It was accepted in the United States in 1973 and was recognized by the British Cat Association in 1984, 11 years later than in the United States. Susie, which suddenly gave birth to the folded eared kitten, is the earliest origin of the Scottish folding ear cat. However, this kind of fold down ear is a rare mutation.

       Scottish Fold

       Because of the birth of deformed cats in the past, breeding was banned in the UK for a period of time. After careful breeding, healthy kittens have been bred and won the title of CFA in 1978. The ears of Scotch jacketed cats are not folded when they are born. When they are about three to four weeks old, their ears begin to fold down Or simply do not fold down! It’s not until 11 to 12 weeks old that breeders can tell what they look like (PET, breeder or race).

       Nowadays, only those with broken ears can participate in the competition. Of course, every breeder hopes to breed a cat that can participate in the competition. However, the value of standing ear folded cat in breeding process is priceless.

       The high fold ear, also known as the long fold ear, is a very special fold ear. It not only has a delicate and lovely shape, but also has a gorgeous coat. Therefore, it is loved by many folding ear enthusiasts.

       But more people are wondering why the ears have long hair. The emergence of the ear of highland fold can be traced back to the World War II. At that time, yingduan was on the verge of extinction. In order to save the variety, breeders once used Persian and breviscapus to breed, and chose the ones with similar shape to yingduan to continue breeding. Although this saved British short, it also brought Persian hair gene into many of her blood lines. However, it was propagated with breviburnum, which led to the introduction of long hair gene into the pedigree of Fraxinus. So now there are not only highland folds, but also British long hair, which is not recognized. If both of the two short haired cats carry the recessive long hair gene, the offspring may have the dominant feature of long hair. It is also because of the difficulty and beauty of highland folding ears that they are very precious.

       Shopping skills

       One of the most important thing is to pay attention to the fact that parents are one fold and one stand. There are many cases of false erect ears

       It’s a half fold ear. However, non professional breeders can’t distinguish the true and false ears, especially the effect of temperature on the folded ears, which makes the half fold look like standing ears, thus causing the half fold to participate in breeding. As a result of the absolute prohibition of ear folding breeding, the buyer must pay attention to confirm whether the parents have a discount or not.

       1. Select and feed the kittens who have passed the lactation period. At the same time, the selected cat with folded ears has to go through a certain high-risk period. So the young cat with folded ears enters the house

       Scottish Fold

       After that, it will be easier to grow healthily.

       2. It is necessary to carefully check the health of the cat when selecting. You can feed the cat some food, tease the cat, and observe the cat’s reaction. The healthy cat, to the surrounding movement, the response is very alert, in the face of their favorite food, will not be polite.

       3. Observe the feces removed by the cat. Feces are one of the most effective ways to check the health of cats. The feces of healthy cats are moderately soft and hard, showing strip shape. If you have a sick cat, the excrement is hard or liquid, and the feces are green, black or abnormal color.

       4. Healthy cats are in a very good mental state. Their eyes are crystal clear and their eyes are sharp. The hair is soft and fluffy, and the texture is smooth.

       5. Head: round and strong chin and jaw. The snout of the root of the beard is round. The head is closely connected with a thick neck. The male cat has prominent gills and a prominent but wide jaw.

       6. Eyes: big eyes with a sweet look. The eyes are large, round and separated on both sides of the wide nose. The color of the eyes matches the color of the coat.

       7. Nose: the nose is short and has a gentle curve. Slight interruptions are allowed, but if there are obvious depressions, it is a disadvantage.

       8. Ears: fold the ears forward, round at the top and close to the head. Small and smaller ears that buckle to the head are better than loose and large ears.

       9. Body: medium, round, straight from shoulder to waist. The cat must stand firmly and not lack of movement because of its short and thick legs. Its claws must be neat and round. There are 5 fingers in the front claw and 4 fingers in the back claw. There are no defects in the bones from head to tail. Female cats may be smaller.

       However, it should be noted that some people breed with chinchilla, Persian and other long haired cats and fold ears, and the offspring with long hair are sold as highlands. This is not allowed. If a kitten has a lot of long hair in it, then you need to be careful about lineage.

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