Blue white English short kitten eye color – how long will the kitten’s eye color be fixed?

       The steps are as follows.

       1£º Shape

       Nose: moderate length.

       Chin: medium height, chin perpendicular from the end of the nose to the chin.

       Foot Palms: small, slightly round, with five toes in each forelimb and four toes in the hind limbs.

       Body: long, exotic, fine to medium-sized skeleton; muscular.

       Limbs: legs long and fine bone, small and round claws, oval.

       Tail: long and straight, in proportion to the body, tapering from a moderately thick base to a rounded tip.

       Ear: large, base wide, tip forward, tip slightly rounded, ear skin thin and transparent, almost no villi inside.

       Eyes: large, spaced, almond shaped, slightly sloping. Color, vivid green, kitten eyes from yellow to green, the final color to 1 year old to shape.

       Body shape: slender and elegant, with strong bones and simple and gorgeous fur; short hair, with velvet texture and handle, the inner layer of down can resist the cold, with gray and blue gray, which looks like mink’s silver gray luster, so it is called Russian blue cat.

       Coat: short, dense and delicate, long fluffy, open from the body outward, soft, silky handle, double coat with very thick undercoat; the same monochrome is blue gray, and the silver luster is caused by the silver hair tip coloring; it is acceptable for kittens to have mole, which will disappear before one year old, and long exposure to the sun will cause the coat color to darken; Europe and New Zealand The black and white varieties developed by orchid are recognized by GCCF.

       2£º Bad sexual characteristics:

       Square, round or Siamese head, round or yellow eyes;

       Weak chin, body bloated and short, tail base too thick, thick hair, stripes, white spots.

       3£º Features:

       Lively, athletic, playful, like quiet environment, do not like noise and noise;

       Conservative do not like strangers;

       It’s sensitive, loving and affectionate; it has a soft voice.

       General British blue cat 3-4 months when pure can become golden eyes. Kitten’s eyes will change color when they grow up… The kittens are gray and some are cyan. And then it changes color

       For your reference.

       My cat is a pure blue cat. Now less than 4 months old, its eyes have turned golden. It is said that there will be slight changes after that

       The eyes of newborn kittens are blue, not because the eye itself is blue, but covered by a blue membrane. Generally, kittens start to open their eyes in 5-10 days, and then they can fully open their eyes in 10-20 days. At this time, their eyes are gray blue. Before this, they have no hearing and can’t see. They all rely on their sensitive sense of smell to find their mothers.

       In fact, when a kitten opens its eyes, its eyes are all blue and gray, which is not the original color of the kitten’s eyes. It is covered with a layer of fetal membrane. By the time of two or three months, the blue and gray membranes have faded to show the real eye color, which will not change, or become too ridiculous, at least not from yellow to blue.

       A blue and white cat with good appearance usually has a “regular eight character” on its cheek. This variety is mainly to see the face of asymmetry, if it is a symmetrical eight character face, pink nose, clean face. Blue and white should be evenly distributed, especially in the inner part of the cat; the two colors should be clear and bright, and it is not good if there are mixed colors.

       In the cat’s mouth and nose, the color is more beautiful if it is in the shape of a regular eight character distribution.

       If the hair is short and dense down, full of elasticity, it can wrap the whole body tightly.

       The cat’s eyes are round and big, wide and flat.

       Extended data

       Blue and white British short haired cat appearance: the body is very thick, the chest is full and wide, the legs are thick, the length is short to medium, the claws are round, the tail root is thick, the tail tip is blunt and round. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the cheek is round, the chin is strong, the ears are of medium size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose width is moderate. The coat is short and very dense. Male cats have more developed gills than female cats, and are larger than female cats in all aspects. It takes three to five years for this variety to fully mature. Cats should show overall symmetry and proportion, and should not overemphasize a certain feature, so as not to induce neglect or extreme tendency in breeding process. From medium to large, the skeleton and muscles are well developed. Short and fat neck, broad and flat shoulder, suitable for hunting. The head is round and wide. The biggest feature is that the distance between the ear is very close, and the length of the tail is about 2 / 3 of the whole body.

       Fur color: a total of 15 breeds are recognized, the most famous of which is the blue British short haired cat. Shadow tiger stripes are not bad for kittens in solid, smoke, shadow, shadow gold, two colors, and three colors.

       Hair: short and dense down, full of elasticity, can wrap the whole body tightly. It has good cold resistance.

       Hairy species: short hairy species.

       Eyes: round and large, wide and flat.

       Eye color: different according to body hair.

       reference material

       British Bobcat Baidu Encyclopedia

       Look at the color. Blue and white should be evenly distributed, especially in the cat’s head; the two colors should be clear and bright, if there is a mixture of colors, it is not good.

       Look at your mouth and nose. In the cat’s mouth and nose, the color is more beautiful if it is in the shape of a regular eight character distribution

       Look at the lineage. This depends on whether the parents are purebred.

       Look at the coat color. The thick fluff is elastic and can wrap the whole body tightly.

       Look at your eyes. It is round and big, with wide and flat eyes.

       About British short cat: British short hair is very afraid of going out. Many breeders seldom let their cats go out to bask in the sun, but cats still need some sunshine. If you bask in the sun through the window, you should pay attention to the glass will block UVB. You can put the pet UVB lamp in the cat’s resting place. It’s not necessary, but it’s good for the cat.

       British short hair every month to take a bath or two on the line, after washing must blow dry, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. Don’t always feed your favorite snacks. Feed them every time you take a bath, so that it knows that there will be rewards for bathing. More lazy owners can sometimes use that kind of water free bath gel to clean the cat. When you take a bath, comb it down slowly with a comb. After blowing it dry, you can put some hair nutrition powder on it. In addition, you can feed some snacks to help your hair. Your short English hair will be more soft and glossy, and you will lose a lot less hair.

       Owners of cats should pay attention to their own hygiene and wash their hands after playing with their cats. Especially after the disposal of litter must wash hands, there are a lot of bacteria. ***And pregnant women and less contact with cats, not can not raise. Cats had better not let it go to bed, to keep a good cat living environment health. There is a spray that keeps cats away from what you have sprayed, and helps cats catch furniture. Don’t cover it with nails. It’s cat abuse.

       When cats are young, they should be fed more. Two cans a day will do. As the cat grows up, the cat food should be changed from juvenile food to adult cat food. Cat food can’t be changed directly. The digestive system of the cat is not good. It should be increased by 7:1 every day until the best week. Many habits of a cat are useful only from childhood training. For example, every time it does something right, it should reward the cat with snacks, criticize it immediately after doing something wrong, pay attention to criticize it immediately, pat it gently on its forehead with two fingers, and even drink and scold it, so that it will understand that it is doing wrong. Cats need to change their environment less. The new environment has a great impact on British short, such as hair loss and hunger strike. Don’t take your cat around with you. It can’t stand the twists and turns.

       Always pay attention to whether your cat is abnormal. If the cat doesn’t eat or has bad appetite, the owner should be alert. Cats with dry nose and wet eyes are also bad symptoms. Laxity or insects should be administered immediately. As the cat gets older, feeding should also be reduced, and as the cat grows older, we should pay attention to supplement nutrition such as bone for the cat.

       All kinds of cat food can a little expensive, what other way? Homemade cat food is not only affordable, but also rich in nutrition. Mince the chicken breast or other meat, mince the internal organs (cats eat the internal organs), and mix them together. Prepare a bowl of egg white, which with calcium tablets, vitamins, fish oil and other nutrients (I can find on the Internet, I will not elaborate) and then mix it with the meat. Use food sealed bags or sealed boxes to put homemade cat food in the refrigerator. However, homemade cat food must also be matched with dry food, and the owner of homemade cat food should pay more attention to the oral hygiene and digestion of the cat.

       1. Look at the color. Blue and white should be evenly distributed, especially in the cat’s head; the two colors should be clear and bright, if there is a mixture of colors, it is not good.

       2. Look at the mouth. In the cat’s mouth and nose, the color is more beautiful if it is in the shape of a regular eight character distribution

       3. Look at the lineage. This depends on whether the parents are purebred.

       4. Look at the coat color. Short and dense fluff, full of elasticity, can wrap the whole body tightly.

       5. Look at your eyes. It is round and big, with wide and flat eyes.

       Extended data

       Common sense of shopping

       1. British short haired cat is strong and muscular, with short and symmetrical limbs and large and round feet. The head is round and wide, the ratio is short and straight, the chin is well developed, the eyes are big and round, the ears are moderate in size, and the tips are in arc shape. The coat is short and dense. Today, the skin is elastic. The female is thinner than the male and matures slowly.

       2. The European short haired cats are exactly the same as the British ones. The British blue cat is the most popular British short haired cat because of its beautiful blue gray coat and bright bronze or orange eyes. Head round, ears large, neck short and thick, forehead should be tilted, nose broad, shape has a soft sag. Ears are important. Eyes are big and round, open well, legs are short, forelimbs are straight, and claws are round and firm.

       3. Substandard short haired cats may have abnormal eye color, defective tail, long or fluffy coat, incorrect number of toes, rough dentition or poor occlusion. The color of hybridization is chocolate and lavender

       It differs from American short tailed cats

       1. Different places of origin

       British short and American short can be understood as British short hair cat and American short hair cat. Therefore, even according to the name, the origin is relatively obvious. British short originated from Britain, while American short originated from the United States. Now these two kinds of cats are more popular on the market, have been all over the world.

       2. The distinction of coat color

       (1) There are more than 80 colors recognized by CFA, while there are only 15 English short colors recognized by CFA. The most common color in the market is silver tiger spot short and blue British short. If we compare the two colors of cats, it will be clear at a glance, and it is very easy to distinguish. Therefore, there is a saying of “British blue cat and American short tiger spot”. But if compared with cats of other colors, it is not so easy to distinguish, and it will be very similar.

       (2) For example, in our impression, British short should be solid color or two-color, but in fact, British short also has tiger spot color. From the fur color alone, it is very similar to American short, which makes it more difficult to distinguish.

       3. Facial discrimination

       (1) If you look at the face, it is very difficult for the blind. Cats have two eyes and one nose. A little difference in shape will not be seen by many people.

       (2) Although both British short and American short belong to medium-sized cats, they are relatively rounder, larger and rounder face, stronger limbs and shorter neck, which gives people a feeling of being a little fat. However, Meijian is relatively thinner and has a sharp chin. The length of the head is slightly longer than the width. Although the body development is not as strong as Ying short’s, But it’s shorter and longer than English.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – English short cat