Breed and price of Persian cat

       What is the price of Persian cat? Persian cat is gentle and elegant, responsive, considerate, quiet and noble temperament. The sound is fine and pleasant, and it has strong adaptability to the environment. It’s the cat in front of us that we don’t like sleeping on the floor alone.

       What is the price of Persian cat? Many people think that the color of Persian cat’s eyes must be different, but this is not the case. Besides the most familiar blue color, Persian cat’s eye color includes amber, green, copper, gold, strange color and mandarin duck eye.

       Price analysis of Persian cat how much is a Persian cat

       Price of Persian cat:

       Alias: Himalaya height: About 50cm

       Origin: UK

       The price of Persian cat is about 5000-8000 * *

       External features

       Persian cat is the most famous breed in the world. It is elegant and charming. It has been popular since Victorian times. After breeding and breeding, there are more and more color varieties. But compared with the early period, the appearance has changed a lot. The long haired Persian cat has a flatter, rounder face, smaller ears and a thicker coat. Persian cats were bred by crossing Himalayan and Angora cats in the 16th century after years of purification and breeding. The Persian cat has a large body, long and thick fur, a round head, a flat face, a wide forehead and small ears, a flat nose and a short snout. Its body is round because of its long hair. Its limbs are thick and soft, and its tail is fluffy. It gives people a feeling of grace and luxury.

       Living habits

       Persian cat is gentle and elegant, responsive, considerate, quiet and noble temperament. The sound is fine and pleasant, and it has strong adaptability to the environment. But in summer, I hate to be hugged by others. I like to sleep on the floor alone and proud of a cat. I often feel that my dear Persian cat has a master instead of my own.

       Persian cats give birth to 2-3 pups in each litter. Their hair is short at birth, and long hair begins to grow after 6 weeks, and long hair can only grow after twice hair changing. Because of their long and dense hair, they do not like to be held in the arms in summer, but like to lie on the floor alone.

       Feeding precautions

       2. Feed at a fixed time. Once the cat’s biological clock is formed, it is relatively fixed and should not be changed at will. The place to put cat food should be fixed. Cats don’t like eating in noisy and strong light places. If there are guests visiting, don’t let the guests see your cat when the cat is eating. The appearance of strangers will greatly reduce the cat’s appetite

       3. It is a bad habit for cats to pick up food with claws or take food out of the food plate. Once this kind of phenomenon is found, it should be corrected immediately.

       4. Cats like to eat warm food. Cold food and cold food not only affect the cat’s appetite, but also easily cause digestive dysfunction. In general, the temperature of food should be 30-40 degrees. The food taken from the refrigerator should be heated before feeding. Cats sometimes eat grass to promote digestion.

       5. Although cats don’t drink much water, they must have plenty of clean drinking water. Cats must drink clean water and change water every day. The drinking basin can be placed on the side of the food plate so that cats can drink freely when they are thirsty.

       6. Observe the cat’s appetite at any time. There are many reasons that affect cat’s appetite, including feed, environment and disease. If the cat’s food is single and not fresh, or the smell, concentration and taste of the food are not appetizing, the cat will refuse to eat. If the cat feed mix more patterns, palatability is better, can make the cat always maintain a high appetite. In addition, the food should not be too light or salty. Cats like to eat sweet or fishy food. In addition, strong light, noise, presence of strangers or interference from other animals can affect the cat’s appetite. If these two factors are improved, and the cat’s appetite is still not improved, it may be that the cat is sick. At this time, the veterinarian should be consulted in time.

       7. Cats are clean animals. Bathing cats can not only make cats beautiful and clean, but also prevent and cure cat skin diseases and external parasitic infections, and promote cat blood circulation and metabolism. It is not only beneficial to the cat’s clean and healthy, but also helpful to keep the indoor environment clean and deepen the relationship with the cat. Therefore, bathing is very important for cats.

       The above is about Persian cat price analysis, hope to help you.

       Persian cats are smart and lively: smart cats are full of curiosity about the external environment. They like to take risks and explore, so they like to climb up and down. In this kind of adventure and exploration, they learn much more life experience than those quiet and clever ones.

       Persian cats are good at expressing: intelligent cats are more vocal, and are good at expressing their wishes with different voices. They like to communicate with people and express various opinions.

       Persian cat relatives: smart cats can understand the call of their owners and the benefits that other cats can’t give them (such as eating, drinking, playing, etc.), so they are more willing to be a part of the family with people.

       Persian cats like “mischievous”: smart cats can learn all kinds of skills (such as opening doors), and because they like to take risks, they often add some trouble to their owners (such as rummaging).

       Persian cat smart and lively, and understanding, but also from time to time in front of the master coquettish, so how to choose a good Persian cat?

       1. Shape.

       Body shape: Pony type, strong and round trunk, large or medium size. The chest is wide and deep, the middle part is plump, and the back is straight and muscular, but not too fat.

       Head: round and large, with a wide skull and full cheeks.

       Eyes: big and round, bright eyes, wide space between the eyes, giving a lovely look.

       Nose: short, flat, wide, with a crack in the middle of the eyes.

       Chin: full, solid and round, well developed, reflecting good occlusion.

       Limbs: short and stout with straight forelimbs and straight hind legs when viewed from the back.

       Tail: short but proportional to the body.

       2. Health.

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