Breeding and nursing of Siamese cats

       Siamese cats should not be unfamiliar to you. They are one of the cats that many families can raise now. Siamese cats are gentle and can get along with their owners very well, so they are liked by everyone. Like Siamese cats at the same time, of course, we can not ignore the breeding and care of Siamese cats, the following is an inventory of Siamese cat breeding and care, hoping to help you raise Siamese cats.

       1. Conservation and management of Siamese kittens

       Two to five months old kittens are in growth. More calories are necessary for fast growing kittens. Cats weighing 1 kg at 3-4 months after birth need 130-250 calories per day, 100 calories after six months, and 80 calories for adult cats. In terms of nutrients, cats are basically carnivores, so they need more animal protein. In addition, insufficient calcium intake may lead to incomplete growth of bones, teeth and claws, or blindness or heart muscle disease when taurine is insufficient. Vitamin A deficiency may also cause visual impairment or deterioration of skin condition. Therefore, more attention should be paid to these factors. The calcium requirement of young cats is 40% higher than that of adult cats.

       Because the development of young cats needs these kinds of nutrients, if you only give the cat meat to eat, you will have malnutrition, but if you give the cat too much vitamin, it will cause poisoning symptoms. In the past, many cats were fed with leftovers, but at that time, cats could go out of the house to catch some small problems of insufficient nutrition.

       Now all cats are kept indoors, so the owner of the cat should pay special attention to nutrition. If there is no correct nutrition related knowledge, it is better not to make the cat’s food by himself. Let the cat eat the cat feed produced by the factory is a better way for the growth and health of the cat. It is suggested that cat owners should choose different feeds to feed their cats according to their life cycle (infancy, adulthood, pregnancy, etc.).

       Small make up for you to add Oh, kittens in the development stage although eat a lot, but they will basically control their own food intake. For kittens, as long as they are willing to eat, it doesn’t matter how many meals they feed a day. There is no need to limit the number of times a day.

       Methods of bathing Siamese cats

       Bathing Siamese cats can not only keep the cats clean and beautiful, but also remove some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in disease prevention and fitness. It’s better to cultivate the habit of bathing from an early age, and then to bathe cats when they are adults. Cats will be very reluctant.

       Before taking a bath, you should prepare the utensils for bathing, such as bathtub, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably one is sparse and the other is dense), brush, etc.

       When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low or too high, so as not to scald the hands; the detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; the fur of the long haired cat should be combed before bathing to prevent tangle; the action of bathing should be quick and finished in a short time as far as possible; After washing, you should use a towel to dry the hair. The towel can not dry the hair completely. You can use a hair dryer to dry the hair completely. When the temperature is low, it is better to cover the special towel quilt or other warm keeping articles to prevent cold.

       Siamese cat’s tongue surface is rough, has the special tongue nipple with barbed, like a comb, Siamese cat often uses the method of tongue licking to comb its fur. The parts that can’t be licked, such as head, shoulder, back and neck, should be combed with claws. Even so, it’s best to groom the cat once a day. Because the cat will depilate all the year round, especially in spring and autumn, when the cat combs, it will swallow the hair into the stomach and form a hair ball in the stomach over time. If it can’t be vomited out, and can’t be discharged through the intestinal tract in time, it will form the hair ball blocking, affecting appetite and even life-threatening.

       When carding, carding should be done not only along the hair, but also against the wool. When combing, Siamese cats can wet their hair with water, and then rub it to make the coat stand up for easy carding. If the fur of a long haired cat is tangled or stuck together, it can be opened with the tip of a finger or combed slowly and carefully with a thin toothed comb. If the felt has been rolled, you can use scissors to cut the felt into thin strips along the growth direction of the wool, and then comb it with a comb.

       Third, Siamese cat paw and eye care

       Cat’s paw is a tool for cat to catch mice, climb and defend itself. If the owner keeps a cat to catch mice, of course, he can’t trim his feet. If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, he should often trim the cat’s paws to avoid scratching people, damaging clothes, furniture, floors, etc. Trim feet should start from a small age, once a month or so. The specific methods are as follows:

       Hold the Siamese cat in your arms. Hold one foot of the cat with your left hand. Squeeze the cat with your thumb, index finger and middle finger slightly to make the paw stretch out. Then hold the nail knife with the right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail knife to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting Siamese cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       The eyes of healthy Siamese cats are bright and vivid. When Siamese cats are ill or in poor health, they are afraid of seeing light and shed tears. Some cat species, the nasolacrimal duct is easy to block and tear. Cat tears too much, in the nasal corner of the eye is often accompanied with eye droppings, can be dipped in cotton wool 2% boric acid solution, gently wipe off.

       Siamese cat ear care, mainly to remove wax. The method is: disinfect the external auditory canal with 75% alcohol cotton ball, dip olive oil or edible vegetable oil with cotton stick, soak the dry earwax, and take out the earwax carefully with tweezers after it softens. Do not break the mucous membrane of ear canal to prevent infection and suppuration. Once the cat’s external auditory canal is infected and suppurated, it can be gently scrubbed with cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and repeatedly scrubbed until there are pus marks on the extracted cotton stick, and then the hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal will be dried with absorbent cotton. Scrub several times, the infection can be cured. If the cat’s earwax is too much and the cat shakes its head to scratch its ear, it should be treated by a veterinarian in time.

       Siamese cats are very clean. As a qualified cat owner, it is a compulsory course to trim nails and care ears and eyes for cats. As a companion cat, it is easy to hurt people with long nails, and clean eyes and ears are necessary to prevent cat and human from getting sick. So it is essential to cut nails and eye and ear care for cats.

       Diet care of Siamese cats

       There are three main types of prepackaged food for cats on the market: canned meat, half wet food and dry food. Although these three kinds of food are convenient to feed, they should only be part of cat food, not all cat food. Ideally, feed fresh food at least twice a week. That’s why, if you’re going to keep your cat healthy for a long time, this exclusive food can’t provide all the nutrition the cat needs. It is said that many of these foods meet the protein content (25% – 30%) in cat food. However, like humans, cats should eat some fresh food to get enough vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is too monotonous to feed cats only with this kind of food, even if some cats can tolerate such excessive monotony, and in terms of nutritional value, prepackaged food is quite expensive. However, at some point, you may feel that you have to use prepackaged food as your only cat food. Just feed for a few weeks, not years, and when dry food is fed with plenty of water, your cat won’t be unbearable.

       1. Canned food

       These foods include meat, fish, salts, gels, vitamins, chemical pigment additives, water, and cereals. Most foods are made from fish, chicken, beef, rabbit meat, or animal offal. They contain 25% – 30% protein and can be used as the main diet for cats. Cats can be fed with canned food. Because they are sterilized and easy to store. In addition, there is a lot of water in it, and the process of canning and storage will also lower the standard of vitamin.

       2. Dry food

       These biscuits contain Cereals, fish, meat, yeast flakes, vitamins, fats and pigments. They are cheaper than canned or half wet food and are easier to store and carry. But they have the following disadvantages: low fat and protein content; and some people suspect that they can cause cystitis in cats. If you feed your cat with dry food, always let it drink water.

       3. Soft and wet food

       These particles contain meat, soy, fat, vitamins, preservatives, chemical pigment additives, and often thickeners and sugar. The water content is more than 33%. The maintenance value is not very high. Soft and wet foods are used as cat food because they contain just over 25% protein and low fat content. This kind of food can be stored in silver foil paper bags, but not as long as the other two kinds of food.

       If you feed your cat mainly with canned food, you may be willing to make cat food with fresh food once or twice a week because it is good for the cat’s health. If you do cook specially for cats, season with iodized salt. This trace element is particularly important for pregnant cats because it prevents the fetus from being reabsorbed in the womb.

       In the process of raising Siamese cats, we will encounter a variety of problems, we need to understand these problems in order to solve them correctly, so as to ensure the healthy growth of Siamese cats, so we must understand the knowledge of Siamese cat breeding and nursing.