Brevity eye color is very important – what color do British short eyes have?

       The question? You mean purebred? Or expression?

       Everything that meets the requirements of CFA and CAA * * is pure!

       Fifteen breeds are recognized, the most famous of which is the blue line of the British short haired cat. Recently, punctate cat species have also appeared in Europe.

       The eyes are round and large, and the color is based on the coat color.

       The color of the eyes varies according to the body hair.

       Here are some special collocations

       There are three kinds of white English short haired cats, which are distinguished by the color of their eyes. The difference between orange eyed and blue eyed white cats is that orange eyed white cats do not have congenital deafness. But like other whites, there is a risk of sunburn.

       Characteristics: in some white cats, the incidence of “abnormal toe” is very high, “abnormal toe” means “multi toe”. Although. It will be regarded as a serious defect in the exhibition, but it will not cause disability and health. It is a lovely partner.

       Note: Orange eyed white cats are more popular than orange eyed black cats because black is considered a symbol of darkness and evil.

       Blue eyed white British Bobcats are often born deaf and have little ability to be a good mother and are rare nowadays.

       Features: in addition to eye color, blue eyes are similar to other white British Bobcats in other aspects. Blue eyes are more obvious at 12 weeks of age. .

       Note: the first blue eyed white British Bobcat appeared in the early 1980s. He was very popular at that time and often became the winner at the exhibition.

       The strange eyed white British Shorthair cat was bred from the breeding program of the orange eyed British Shorthair cat.

       Features: it has an orange eye and a blue eye, so it has a peculiar appearance. It is said that people with deep markings on the head will not suffer from deafness.

       Note: white * * and pure white cat * * produce double * *; if white * * and hawksbill Color * * will produce hawksbill white * *.

       Milk yellow has been popular since the 1950s, but it has posed a serious challenge to breeders, because people didn’t know much about the color gene.

       Features: many creamy yellow British short haired cats always have tiger spots, or many light pink. Eyes vary from deep gold to bronze.

       Note: the color of the earliest breed of milky yellow fur cat is much darker than the current breed, and some cats are close to light yellow brown.

       What are the colors of the eyes of British short cats? There are blue, black, amber, golden yellow, dark gray, treasure blue, gray blue, white yellow and gold. This is changed according to the color of cat hair. And the color of cat’s eyes is different from morning to night. It has a gradual process.

       The head is large and round, the cheek is plump, the nose is short and straight, the muzzle is strong and strong, the ear size is medium, the top is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the eyes are round and big, and the distance between the eyes is wide. The eye color has orange, blue and so on.

       The British short haired cat is a purebred version of the traditional British native cat, with a distinctive short fat body, a dense coat and a wide face. Early Chinese called it blue cat, and its scientific name should be called British short haired cat blue.

       The most familiar color variant is “British blue”, a solid blue coat with copper colored eyes, but the variety has also been in a wide range of other colors and patterns. The most characteristic is that the cat has five short, namely: short hair, short body, short tail, short limbs, short ears.