Bring the cat back to China??? emergency

       At present, pets can get on the plane together, but most of them have to be checked in a special pet air box. The box has to be prepared by yourself, and there are certain standards. Don’t buy it wrong. You can inquire about it by yourself. It is suggested to keep it in the box and put something familiar with it or clothes. Cats like to stay in small spaces and dark places. You can consult a professional pet doctor to see if you can use some medicine. In addition, when you go to a new environment, you must bring some things you used before. This will not lead to a new environment, completely unfamiliar, too nervous.

       1. When the pet enters the country, it is necessary to apply to the port inspection and quarantine personnel at the entry site, and issue the official quarantine certificate of the pet exporting country and the valid rabies vaccination certificate.

       If the carrier is unable to provide the above materials or the companion animal carried exceeds the quota, the inspection and quarantine institution shall return or destroy the animal within a time limit.

       2. The inspection and quarantine institution will carry out clinical quarantine on the companion animals carried by the passengers after passing the inspection of various certification materials provided by the carrier. After passing the clinical quarantine inspection, the companion animals from the country or region where rabies occurs shall be isolated and quarantined for 30 days at the isolation and quarantine place designated by the entry inspection and quarantine institution.

       The companion animals from countries or regions where rabies does not occur shall be isolated for 7 days in the quarantine place designated by the entry inspection and quarantine institution, and the remaining 23 days shall be isolated in other places designated by the entry inspection and quarantine institution.

       Extended data

       According to the requirements of the people’s Republic of China on Quarantine of imported pets:

       Article 4 quarantine requirements for pets brought into China

       £¨1£© During the quarantine period, pets are not allowed to be taken out of the isolation place in principle.

       £¨2£© During the quarantine period, if the pet has abnormal health, the customs should inform the carrier in time. Upon the application of the carrier, the customs may allow the pet diagnosis and treatment institution to enter the designated area of the designated isolation place for diagnosis and treatment; if the corresponding diagnosis and treatment items cannot be completed in the designated isolation place, the pet shall conduct diagnosis and treatment in the institution meeting the diagnosis and treatment conditions and customs supervision requirements, and the customs shall supervise the diagnosis and treatment process.

       Reference source: Ganzhou City Information Disclosure column – Announcement on further standardizing the entry quarantine and supervision of pets (Article 2)

       Source: – how to take pets home from abroad? Take a look at the process of bringing pets into China

       Vaccinate cats and issue certificates.

       To foreign inspection and quarantine institutions to check whether the cat is healthy, whether there are infectious diseases.

       Arrive at the airport ahead of time for the aviation quarantine of cats.

       Buy the air box for the dog to use in the aircraft warehouse. Pad the dog with newspaper before boarding and put the dog food. It is better to put less water to avoid the dog urinating too much. You need to bring water for more than 4 hours.

       After arriving in China, the cat will stay in the quarantine area set up by the inspection and quarantine agency of the airport for a few days before returning home.

       The following is the aviation experience of domestic consigned dogs for reference:

       Air check dog

       1¡¢ Procedures: rabies immunization – local veterinary station quarantine – Airport Quarantine – consignment

       2¡¢ Items to be prepared:

       1. Air box. At the same time, try to pad more absorbent items in the air box, such as cushion and urine pad

       2. Dog harness. The best is the shoulder strap type, the small dog can be used for the cat. Bring it to your dog before you check it in. Then put the dog in the air box and then fasten one end of the belt to the air box. This can prevent the dog from running away once the door of the box is opened during transportation.

       3. Eye catching notice board. Remind other people to pay attention to the dog’s safety.

       3¡¢ Precautions before transportation:

       1. Fasting 12 hours before shipment. To prevent the dog from vomiting during flight.

       2. Drink less water. It won’t get wet during the flight.

       3. Keep warm. Especially in winter transportation.

       4¡¢ Specific steps:

       1. Take your dog to an animal hospital approved by the animal husbandry and veterinary station for rabies vaccination at least one week in advance of takeoff. At the same time, they will get the local pet health immunity Certificate (the cost varies from 20 to 50). It is better to fill in the immunization certificate completely, such as the dog’s gender, color, age and so on.

       2. Determine the flight and departure time.

       If the goods are consigned, remember the scheduled flight number and inform the receiver at the destination

       3. Take the dog and “local pet health immunity certificate” to the animal inspection office of the local animal husbandry and veterinary station to issue the “quarantine certificate of exit animals” (free of charge).

       be careful:

       (1) Be sure to take the dog with you.

       (2) It is necessary to issue the quarantine certificate of exit animals in advance before taking off and mark the days of validity on it. Generally, 5-7 days is appropriate. ***It is better to advance 2-3 days.

       (3) In which district to get the “local pet health immunity certificate” to go to the animal husbandry and veterinary station of which district to open the “exit county animal quarantine certificate”.

       4. According to the planned time, on the day of departure, take the dog, the local pet health immunity certificate and the exit animal quarantine certificate to the State animal quarantine bureau at the airport freight office to stamp the Airport Quarantine seal (free). After the airport quarantine is confirmed, the quarantine certificate seal of the airport will be stamped on the certificate of exit animal quarantine. After all the quarantine certificates have been completed, the goods will be consigned to the air cargo office.

       5. The final check-in procedures at the airport on the day of departure.

       6. Consignment

       A. Consignment of goods (unattended)

       (1) If you are not accompanied, you need to call the airline of your choice to ask for the delivery time in advance. According to the requirements of the general Airport Cargo Department, it is necessary to enter the warehouse 4 hours in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at the airport quarantine procedures earlier, so as to have sufficient time to check in.

       (2) You need to arrive at the airport cargo office 3-4 hours in advance, bring the air box, immunization certificate and quarantine certificate to the office of Quarantine Bureau for seal, and then you can go to * * for shipment. Taking Air China cargo as an example, the general procedures are as follows:

       (3) Go to the counter in the hall of * * to declare that the dog has been ordered and which flight number is, and show the immune certificate and certificate with quarantine seal;

       (4) Fill in the shipping form and label the air box (fill in the accurate name and contact number of the consignor, and some airlines need the consignee’s No. *);

       (5) Weighing, packing and reinforcement (the packing fee is determined according to the packing belt required by the air box, ranging from 6 to 10 yuan, and the ground service fee is 1 yuan);

       (6) The staff take away the dog, it’s time to say goodbye to the baby;?

       (7) Take the form filled in the weight of the air box and return to the cabinet, ready to pay (the inspection fee is 50 yuan, and the dog and air box is 8.8 yuan / kg – this depends on the distance of the distance, which may vary slightly in different regions). After all the procedures are completed, the shipper gets the blue copy of the waybill, which shows the details of the consigned goods.

       7. Luggage check (accompanied by someone on the same plane)

       (1) If someone goes with you, you should check in the luggage for the dog. Due to the different regulations of the airlines, you need to call the airline of your choice to inquire about the time required for the delivery of the special luggage in advance, so as to arrange the time for the quarantine and check-in procedures of the dog.

       About 10 minutes in advance, so as to go to quarantine and stamp.

       (2) The same as before shipment, go to the office of quarantine bureau to stamp the immunization certificate before arriving at the terminal;

       (3) Go back to the terminal and check in at the airline’s check-in counter. Explain to the staff to take pets on the plane and check in the luggage.

       (4) Due to different airlines, dog luggage charges vary. According to past experience, China Eastern Airlines charges according to the standard of overweight luggage, Air China does not charge for the time being.

       (5) Packing and reinforcement near the counter (charge 10 yuan), and then go to the large luggage delivery office to show the ticket, hand in the quarantine certificate, and send the dog away.

       (6) Because of the random check-in luggage, the dog can not enter the conveyor belt until 40 minutes before departure.

       Other considerations

       1. Prepare the vaccine at the designated anti epidemic station of the airport, and bring the immunization certificate (the cost varies from 20-50). Generally, the vaccination certificate of the local animal disease prevention center is specified, and the vaccination seal with rabies vaccine is required. The airport does not care about other disease vaccines

       2. To the airport freight department, quarantine procedures at the airport (10 yuan) and disinfection requirements for individual airports (5 yuan)

       3. Use your own cage. According to the requirements of the airport, the cage must be packed with tray, and the air box is the best

       4. Weighing, according to the distance, model, weight, area and other comprehensive settlement of freight, write the receiver’s telephone number, name, delivery address

       5. The additional insurance is usually 10% – 20% of the value of the value. Different companies and different kinds of goods have a little deviation. This is not compulsory. But if the dog has an accident and there is no insurance, only pay according to the weight

       6. When entering the cargo hold, you should leave 2-3 hours in advance. Check in at the airport 2 hours before the plane takes off. No more goods will be received

       7. There are oxygen chambers in the aircraft

       8. Long air time, and ground time

       9. After the arrival of the goods, the receiver should be informed about one hour to take the goods with him to the airport freight department. In addition, in some airports, there is an additional ground transportation fee, which is generally 5 yuan. If the dog’s immunization procedures are not complete, the receiver needs to fill in the general fee of 30 yuan. Thank you for your acceptance.

       5¡¢ International flight precautions

       If you are moving to a foreign country for a long time, the following article introduces the domestic flight, international flight and railway consignment process in detail:

       First of all, you need to know the basic knowledge of dog long-distance travel.

       1. You should have a detailed understanding of the animal quarantine regulations of the destination you are going to. Almost all countries require the quarantine certificate of the country of departure for the consigned animals. In addition, the following countries require that all imported animals must be isolated in an approved quarantine area for a period of time. (Hawaii – 180 days; Hong Kong – 180 days, (which may have changed after the return to China, it is not clear yet); Jamaica – 180 days; Jordan – 42 days; North Korea – 21 days; Maltese – 180 days; Norway – 120 days; Panama – 180 days; Singapore – 30 days; Sweden – 120 days; Britain – 180 days; Ireland – 180 days) before they can enter the country and their families.

       2. When choosing flights, try to choose direct flights and avoid flights that need to be transferred, because dogs may not be well cared for during transfer, and may even be exposed to rain or strong light;

       3. Try not to arrange the travel time in the peak season, because the flight is easy to be delayed and the waiting time for connecting flights is longer; also avoid particularly cold or hot seasons;

       4. Buy the air box for travel at home some time in advance, so that the dog can adapt to the smell of the air box in advance; when checking in, the air box should be covered with absorbent mats (such as diapers), and then put some of their favorite toys to help ease the mood;

       5. The dog should eat a small amount of food a few hours before departure. If the travel time is more than 12 hours, there must be a water container in the air box. Do not put too much water to avoid spilling out;

       6. Do not use anesthetics;

       Thank you for your adoption.

       It depends on the weight of your cat and the airline. I brought home a 30 pound dog from Canada during the summer vacation. The ticket cost is about 2000 yuan. If you want to put cargo in the oxygen chamber, it will be very expensive. No, your cat is your cat, so don’t worry. If a very small airline, such as Korean Airlines, can take it with you as long as you put it in the cage, so that it will not be so afraid and sad all the way around you. In addition to the domestic customs and Quarantine of Shanghai is a week 2000 yuan, heard that Beijing longer. You can’t visit between dogs and cats, so it’s very hard for dogs and cats. There are also some intermediaries who can sneak over from Hong Kong without isolation, but after all, it’s an irregular way. I hope it can help you

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