British kittens shed tears – blue cats always shed tears, British kittens have tears in their eyes

       It’s been 3 days. I need to go to the pet hospital.

       It should be a cold. It’s not handled well. In addition, the stress reaction will aggravate the disease.

       You can use a warm water towel to wipe the eye droppings. The nasolacrimal duct may be a little blocked. The eye drops need to be changed. Don’t be too violent when you drop your eyes. Be gentle.

       Give it soft food, eat as much as you can to enhance your resistance. Drink more water or milk.

       The temperature is better, colds are generally afraid of cold.

       Care about it as much as possible.

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       It may be caused by the following two common reasons:

       1¡¢ Eating too much salt and oil

       If cats eat too much fat and salt, they will also have more eye secretions and darker color. The reason may be related to the need to discharge the excess substance from the body. Therefore, cats usually have a light diet, eat chicken, fish, beef and other low fat boiled meat, or choose the staple food with low carbohydrate and fat content, do not feed human food, do not often feed snacks, encourage cats to drink more water, which not only has high appearance, but also good health.

       2¡¢ Usually do not pay attention to eye hygiene

       Cat food is very clean, from time to time to lick their hair, in order to clean the body. However, no matter how clean the cat, there is no way to clean the eyes. If the eye secretions accumulated for a long time, the owner did not clean up in time, then it is likely to be infected by bacteria, thus suffering from eye problems. If the situation is not serious, there will be a lot of tears; if it is serious, there may be eye redness and swelling, increased secretion. In this regard, the owner should give it some pet eye drops in time, such as funny cat eye drops.

       There are many reasons leading to abnormal cat tears, such as long down eyelashes, conjunctivitis, indoor environment is not clean, cats get angry and so on. To better solve the problem of cat tears, you must first find the cause.

       Conjunctivitis and other eye diseases cause cats to shed tears. Cats may only have one eye to shed tears (of course, there may be tears in both eyes). If it is confirmed to be conjunctivitis, it must be treated in time. You can try to use cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean the eyes 2-3 times a day, and then use the eye washing water from the drugstore, such as giving her some eyes. Of course, you should consult your doctor before treating your cat. You can only treat the cat after you get the doctor’s permission.

       Cats always shed tears. It may be that dust, hair, parasites, etc. are found in the indoor environment recently. When these foreign bodies stimulate the cat’s eyes, the cat’s eyes will shed tears. At this time, the cat’s eyes should first be checked for foreign bodies and cleaned up. At the same time, the hair around the cat’s eyes should be cut short to avoid entering the eyes.

       It may also be that cats eat dry cat food for a long time, especially meat cat food. If this is the case, in addition to using eye drops for the cat, the cat’s diet should be adjusted in time.


       When the cat’s eyes have been inflamed, the pet owner must take good care of the cat’s eyes in time. The pet owner needs to prepare some wet paper towels for the pet, or prepare a basin of warm water, and then gently clean the eyes of the cat with a towel soaked with warm water, and clean up the sticky tears and dirty things, and then drop a few drops of fun into the cat’s eyes During the eye drops, pay attention to the cat’s temperature and other reactions. If fever, purulent nasal discharge and sneezing are found, it may be the nasal branch of the cat.

       If the cat’s tears are serious, it’s better to take the cat to the hospital.

       There are some tears in her eyes, but if she always tears, you should pay attention to it. The common causes of her tears are diet problems, inverted eyelashes, conjunctivitis and skin diseases. If you want to solve the problem of tears for a cat, you should first know the cause of the cat’s tears, and then use the correct method to help her solve it.

       If you usually feed yingshort with single cat food or salty food, it’s not good for her eyes, so there will be tears. Therefore, we should pay attention to rich diet when feeding, try to feed some light food, and keep the body water sufficient.

       Inverted eyelashes are more common, inverted long eyelashes will continue to stimulate British short eyes, so English short eyes will shed tears, that should pay attention to help British short will be inverted long eyelashes out. British short tears may also be due to conjunctivitis, treatment can be first with a wet paper towel gently wipe, wipe clean, you can use state fun cat eye drops to care for her eyes.

       If the cat has a skin disease, it may also have tears, so the cat will scratch and may bring bacteria into the eyes, so that the eyes will shed tears. Therefore, we should first solve the skin disease problem for the cat, and then solve the eye tear problem for the cat.

       The cat’s eyes are infected by bacteria, viruses or parasites; or the conjunctiva is accidentally injured, such as insects, foreign bodies, chemicals, etc. entering the eyes, the cat will always shed tears; the cat suffering from conjunctivitis, at the beginning, will slowly shed tears, there will be local swelling of the eyes, more and more eye droppings, how to wipe can not be finished, the cat is likely to suffer from conjunctivitis. For the redness, swelling and tears of cat conjunctivitis, we can use Guanqu eye drops; 1-2 drops at a time, 3-5 times a day; state interest eye drops not only have certain curative effect on cat conjunctivitis, but also can be used for cat’s nasal branch auxiliary treatment.