British short blue cat meat mat Pink – what color should the British short blue cat meat mat be?

       Blue cat color with dark color is good, but dark color does not equal to black, this should pay attention to! There is a lilac color on the market, also known as lilac, which is considered a disqualification color. But people who like it very much. Different ah, blue cat belongs to the type of slender body, with long legs and thin waist, which is very soft and flexible, and its head shape is in the shape of “V”. British short hair cat belongs to the muscular body shape ~ legs are not as long as the blue cat, the physique looks more robust, shoulder ah head ah are more round and strong, the head shape is not the same, is medium long and slightly round head, looks lovely. British: short and fat, typical round face, muscular, male cat is much bigger than female. American: it was brought from Europe by early immigrants. Its face is not as round as British cats, its chin is slightly pointed, and its body is slightly larger than that of Britain.

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