Can a 10-year-old cat be castrated – can a 10-year-old cat still have birth control surgery

       Question and answer of cat sterilization

       1. How old can a cat be sterilized?

       Once a cat is sexually mature, it can be considered for sterilization. Generally speaking, 6-8 months old is the best time for sterilizing cats. Early implementation of sterilization surgery, cats recover quickly, the risk of disease is low. Many parents of sterilized cats reported that cats who had been sterilized earlier tended to be pure and happy.

       2. Do cats need serum before sterilization?

       Cats vaccinated on time every year do not need to be injected with serum before sterilization. The protective effect of timely vaccination is enough to protect the cat. Immunized cats injected with serum will destroy the immunity produced by the vaccine in cats, which is very harmful to the health of cats.

       If the cat has not been immunized, the vaccine can be injected one week before sterilization to achieve protection.

       3. Can I have prophylactic injections at the same time on the day of sterilization?

       If there is no time to vaccinate in advance, it is also OK to vaccinate on the day of operation. However, it should be noted that:

       1) We must choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian

       2) Be sure to choose a vaccine with quality assurance

       The first point is to ensure the success of the operation and exclude all secondary infections caused by the operation. Second, ensure that the vaccine can take effect in time to further ensure the safety of cats.

       At present, most of the stray cats rescued by lucky local cat community rescue project are immunized on the day of sterilization operation. Judging from the current situation, the recovery situation is still very good.

       4. How long does it take for a cat to recover after sterilization?

       It only takes a few minutes for male cats and half an hour for female cats to be discharged. Generally, after 1-2 days of recovery, the cat can take care of itself (the male cat can recover on the same day). After 5-7 days of recovery, you can share a good life with the cat.

       Therefore, as the owner, you only need 1-2 days to monitor the whole process of sterilizing the cat. It is a good choice to take the cat for surgery on weekends.

       5. Heard of male cats after surgery will appear urinary tract infection, because the operation did not do a good accident or often occur?

       If we choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian, the normal breeding operation will not bring other problems to the health of the cat, and the above problems will not occur. Once again, it is suggested that we should choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian to sterilize the cat.

       6. My Mimi has given birth to several nests. Now, the estrus of several times a year is very noisy, and does not like to eat, and the body is very thin. I want to ask if there is any other way, besides sterilization, is there any other way to make it not cry and not hurt the body?

       There is no contraceptive drug specially developed for cats. Sterilization is the best method recommended by veterinarians all over the world.

       It is very wrong to give the cat a human contraceptive. The hormone components in the drug will greatly interfere with the hormone balance in the cat. Taking it often will cause great adverse effects, even tumors.

       Native cat netizen’s words:

       Roaming kitten: my Mimi used to be in estrus not long ago. At first, we all thought it was spring, so we found a boyfriend and gave birth to kittens. Later, I took her to the hospital for examination, and found her bilateral ovarian cysts, so the direct KC ~ ~ the female cat KC is less than 200 yuan. This money can exchange for its longer life and our more peaceful life ~ ~ it’s killing two birds with one stone~~

       7. What preparation should be made before sterilization?

       Knowledge preparation: if you are taking your cat for the first time for sterilization, it is recommended to refer to the experience articles of other cat friends in lucky local cat website before operation, which can help you learn more about sterilization operation and postoperative care.

       Preparation for surgery: determine the immunity of the cat; contact a reliable veterinarian; in order to prevent the cat from vomiting due to anesthetic effect, fasting 24 hours before sterilization and water 8 hours before sterilization; take the cat to sterilization within the agreed time.

       Article preparation: special cat bag (box) or flat box, urine pad, eye drops (general hospital will give).

       8. Can I use my own eye drops for my cat?

       Certainly. However, it should be noted that the eye drops after sterilization are because the cat’s eyes can not be closed after anesthesia. Eye drops can prevent dry eyes. Therefore, choose the most basic eye drops, such as chloramphenicol eye drops, it is OK. Some eye drops that are used by people, added with coolants and other therapeutic functions, should not be given to cats. Without eye drops, the same effect can be achieved with normal saline.

       9. Does summer do sterilization easily inflame?

       Choose a regular animal hospital and skilled veterinarian, summer can also be a good way to complete the sterilization of the cat. It should be noted that:

       Don’t get heatstroke on the way to the hospital; if the cat’s breathing and heartbeat are fast when you get to the hospital, you should wait for the cat to return to normal before anesthesia; after anesthesia, the cat’s temperature regulation ability is very poor, so you should take an air-conditioned car on the way home after the operation; put it in a ventilated and cool room after going home.

       10. Can old cats be sterilized?

       Choose the regular animal hospital and the veterinarian with excellent technology. All cats from the age of 10 can be sterilized.

       11. Can pregnant cats be sterilized? What’s the difference between this kind of operation and general female cat sterilization? Does the operation need special care?

       Pregnant cats can be sterilized, especially pregnant stray cats. For the sake of cat’s health, sterilization should be carried out in time.


       After the termination of pregnancy postoperative care, and general sterilization, basic no difference. Only the late pregnancy of the female cat to stop pregnancy, need to take back milk medicine, so as not to cause breast disease.

       12. How long can female cats be sterilized after giving birth to kittens?

       Generally speaking, sterilization can be done about 2 months after birth. At the same time, we should also see whether it is completely recovered. Sterilization can only be performed after there is no milk secretion.

       13. What is the effect of removal of the penis during sterilization on the cat itself?

       In the life of a female cat, * is more likely to suffer from diseases. Especially for the female cats who have given birth, the probability of pathological changes is relatively large. In order to reduce the risk of pathological changes, we can better protect the cat’s health by removing the penis in the sterilization operation.

       14. How much impact does sterilization have on the cat itself?

       Sterilization has no effect on the cat’s body. And it will better protect the cat’s physical and mental health.

       Sterilization can fundamentally reduce the reproductive diseases caused by frequent estrus in cats, such as nest cysts in female cats, lesions in male cats, urinary tract problems, etc., and greatly reduce the risk of reproductive diseases in cats. In addition, sterilization makes the cat get rid of the tension, irritability and loss of appetite caused by estrus, and restore the calm character before, which makes it easier for the cat to maintain a healthy state.

       15. The cat is about to get up for a walk as soon as it is sterilized. What should I do?

       First of all, put the cat in a low place, preferably on the ground. Before fully awake, be careful not to let it fall from high places or bump around. When the cat’s confused state is over, you can be completely relieved.

       16. Will jumping open the wound after female cat sterilization operation?

       First of all, we should know what kind of wound suture is after female cat sterilization operation? The suture of female cat’s wound after sterilization is not just a few stitches in the epidermis as people think. In addition to the skin suture you can see, there is also a suture in the internal muscle part, that is, the whole wound is double-layer suture, which ensures the healing of the cat’s wound. At the same time, the normal movement of the cat, such as running and jumping, will not affect the cat’s wound.

       17. Why is there a hard little bulge around the knife edge after female cat sterilization?

       Don’t worry. It’s the fat accumulation formed during the healing of the cat’s internal muscle joint. It will disappear in a few days. It doesn’t matter.

       18. Will the cat’s character change after sterilization?

       Sterilization has no effect on the cat’s character.

       In addition to controlling inappropriate behaviors (such as using urine to divide territory, howling all night, male cats fighting each other for their spouses, etc.) after sterilization, there was no difference in other behaviors between the sterilized cats and the non sterilized cats. And because there is no trouble with cats, cats are closer to people.

       19. After sterilization, do you need to eat special food to help him recover?

       There is no special care after the operation. Operation when the cat will not take the initiative to eat, do not force the cat to eat, you can properly feed some water. Generally speaking, after sterilization, the cat can return to its normal desire after one day or three days more, and then provide food according to the usual feeding method.

       20. After sterilization, does the cat have a big appetite? Is it normal?

       It should be said that it is a normal phenomenon. Before the sterilization operation, the cat will be caused by the estrus and lead to tension, irritability, resulting in loss of appetite and other phenomena. After sterilization, the cat will get rid of the irritability and tension, and restore the calm character before. The appetite will return to the normal level, which makes it easier for the cat to keep healthy.

       21, what kind of symptom appears after sterilization operation should go to hospital?

       The wound continued to ooze blood (go immediately), sustained high fever for more than 3 days (above 39 degrees), did not take the initiative to eat or drink water for more than 3 days, and had frequent vomiting. In case of any of the above problems, the cat should be sent to the hospital immediately for re examination.

       22. Will cats become fat after sterilization?

       There’s no scientific data to show that sterilizing can make cats fat. The only way to make a cat fat is to eat too much and not exercise. Therefore, after sterilization, the cat will be healthier if it maintains a normal living condition (reasonable diet and exercise).

       23. Can a sterilized cat still have estrus?

       For cats that have already been in estrus, the hormone levels in the body need a period of time to completely subside, so they will still have the behavior of making trouble with cats within 2 or 3 months after sterilization. As hormone levels decrease, this phenomenon will gradually disappear.

       For cats that are not in estrus, they won’t make trouble after sterilization.

       If the cat still has estrus behavior after sterilization for a long time (for example: about half a year), please take the cat to a reliable hospital for examination as soon as possible. It is not ruled out that the operation is not successful.

       24. Sterilization or ligation?

       Cats should be sterilized and ligation is not recommended. After ligation, the cats will still be in estrus, and will retain all kinds of behavioral characteristics of estrus (such as going out to find a mate, going around the house, etc.), and after ligation, cats will still suffer from reproductive system diseases caused by playing cats.

       25. Why is my cat still so naughty after sterilization?

       Cats have been sterilized, but no longer estrus and reproduction, does not change their active nature. After sterilization, the cat will be free from the irritability and tension, and return to the naive and happy state before.

       Native cat netizen’s words:

       There are yellow cats at home: all of the five cats in my family, four men and one woman, have been sterilized. After the operation, their personality has not been affected at all. I found that if there is only one child in the family, the proportion of introverts is relatively high, but in families with more than one cat, they tend to become more lively.

       26. Can male and female cats get along well after sterilization?

       Yes, they will get along as well as before, even more friendly than before. Whether a cat is friendly or not depends on the personality of each cat. After sterilization, the cat will fight less and get along more easily.

       27. My cat has been sterilized for a long time, and sometimes it still does something. Isn’t it clean?

       Sterilization will not change the cat’s gender awareness, let alone his behavior. The cat does this because he still has memories of past oestrus, but he doesn’t really have oestrus and won’t reproduce again.

       Try not to sterilize. The cat is very old

       Only now. 1 she will have a psychological shadow

       She can still make a cat

       If you don’t want her to

       You can also cut the vocal cords

       But she will also have a psychological shadow

       I suggest that the operation should be avoided as far as possible

       She doesn’t have many years, by common sense

       Sterilization should be done within 3 months to 6 months

       It’s been 10 years now

       I suggest sterilizing the companion animals

       But there should be exceptions

       I don’t think she should be sterilized

       Please take good care of her

       She is not a plaything, but a companion!

       There’s a drug in the pet store that can inhibit her oestrus

       The female cat’s sterilization operation needs to be opened to remove the ovaries. The wound is big, so it is very slow for the old cat to recover the original physiological function. On the other hand, the old cat has poor metabolism of anesthesia. If the anesthesia is not metabolized smoothly, the heartbeat will not keep up with it, and there will be a direct life risk.

       My cat used to be anesthetized for surgery, but his body was weak. Maybe the anesthesia was overdone and almost couldn’t recover. Now it’s a shadow. If you can, try not to operate.

       Therefore, your cat should not do it.

       As min’s cat said, Maoan can control the oestrus, but after all, it is a medicine, although long-term use is not very good. In addition, to buy yellow sugar coated tablets, there is a kind of white effect is not good, it is said that cats do not like to eat

       In addition, there is a folk prescription, which is difficult to implement, but I’ll give you a reference=|||


       Props: cotton swab, non irritating oil or lubricant substitute

       Characters: one or two parents with steady hands and careful mind

       Participants: estrus female cat


       Female cats are stimulated ovulation. To put it bluntly, it is the estrus of a female cat. Only after ovulation, can the oestrus end, and only through the stimulation of * * can the female cat ovulate.

       Therefore, according to this principle, artificial stimulation can be used to stimulate female cats to ovulate, so as to achieve the goal of ending oestrus.


       One of the parents helps to fix the cat and caress the cat to make it lie on the stomach. The action of fixing the cat should not be too big and the downward force should not be too heavy, so that the cat can keep still. If the cat cooperates, parents can do without assistance.

       Stick the cotton swab with oil, and do not drop oil. Touch the cat’s private part and hold for four to five seconds. If the cat does not show the rejection reaction, continue to operate once or twice after an interval of half an hour.

       If this method works, the estrus will be over after 24 hours. If continuous operation for 3 days, still no effect. Please give up.

       be careful:

       1. The cotton swab must be tightly wrapped with the cotton swab head, and the cotton yarn cannot be pulled out.

       2. The lubricating oil must not be irritating.

       3. During the implementation, the action should be gentle and the hands should be stable to avoid hurting the cat.

       4. Not for all cats.

       Reminder: this method is only to help the female cat end estrus ahead of time, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of cat estrus.

       Finally, don’t let her slip out the door again

       Female cat sterilization is the removal of ovaries. The 10-year-old cat will not be sterilized when it comes to old age. If it is necessary to do so, you’d better choose inhalation anesthetic or imported anesthetic. However, there is a greater risk for elderly cats to make a decision. It is suggested that drug inhibition. The pet hospital has a drug called Maoan, which can inhibit the estrus of cats. You can buy it for it. It’s 15 yuan and 10 tablets.