Can a cat recognize its owner

       Kittens can identify their owners based on the time they spend together, such as feeding and cleaning. These interactions can make kittens closer to each other.

       Hearing the master’s call will run out, in front of the master more relaxed, will roll on the ground, the cat in front of the belly show that it is very trust. However, when cats grow up, they will be more independent. They may not always respond to or follow the call of their owners, but the owners have a very important position in their minds.

       Cats are very dependent on their owners. Cats are easy to establish feelings with their owners. Their emotions are expressed in sound and body language. Cats have a unique personality. When they are with human beings, they are more friends. They want to control them as masters. In most cases, it is human beings who become “cat slaves” t t t… therefore, meow people must have a correct attitude. Don’t try to control it. You can learn more about cats in the e-pet knowledge column.

       Of course, she is very smart. I used to have a cat in my family before. I liked to catch it and hold it. Every time she saw me, she would run. My grandmother was very kind to her. She fed the cat food. So the kitten often ran to my grandmother to play, even climbed to her lap to sleep, and sat on the same sofa with my grandmother

       You can probably know the owner when you eat cat food. Of course, the smaller you are, the better you will be. You will be more familiar with the cat’s character, rather than the cat recognizing you as the master. The cat is very clever. It will be the best with the person who feeds it. If you don’t raise it since childhood, it will take you as a friend; if you are born right next to you, maybe you will be your mother. If you don’t feed it or beat and scold it, it will gradually alienate you. I have such cats, there is no sense of the owner, they will be very close to you, cling to you, but do not eat to listen to your words ~ ha ha

       That The best answer is not quite right Cat’s memory is not very long, so don’t worry about it. Play with it more, feed it what it likes to eat, be patient, and you will like you after a long time. There are also novices don’t think that the smaller the cat, the better. The baby cat is very cute, but it is also very difficult to take care of. It is similar to raising children. There are many things to pay attention to. Therefore, it’s better not to buy milk cat home without raising a cat. Generally, the cat dealers sell small milk cats. People’s regular cat houses are raised to the time will be sold. Keeping a cat is a very troublesome thing. It may bite your furniture, damage your cosmetics and so on. Once you get sick, you still need to spend a lot of money on it. Therefore, before raising a cat, you must seek the consent of your family and ensure that you can give it a happy life.

       Of course, cats recognize their owners, but we should start raising them since we were young. Our cats were raised before and after weaning. If we keep cats, we should treat them well, and they will naturally know. There are several cats in my family who are very loyal to their owners. For example: 1. In the countryside of my hometown, cats are scattered and they know how far they go. 2. Family go out, sometimes it will follow like a dog, need to drive it back to go home. 3. When I was in college, I went home once half a year. Sometimes when I went home, the cat was not at home. I called it twice. It would come out of the roof or the wall and excitedly ran to me to act like a coquette. Every six months or so, she still accepted the Lord. Except, of course, when it’s too far away to hear. 4. The cat is a giant ox fork, climbing over the wall and climbing the house. Needless to say, it often catches sparrows and mice. The bad thing is that it sometimes catches mice from the outside and takes them home for treasure

       Dogs know their owners, but they are different from dogs. Generally speaking, cats do not have a fixed owner, and they may not have been raised since childhood. Generally, if you get along with a person for a few months, you will recognize that person as the master. After half a year, I forget my former master.

       However, this is not absolute, it is a common phenomenon. All small animals are raised from childhood, and they will recognize the Lord.

       My cat knows me. Every time I get home, I rub with me for a while, and half a minute later, I go crazy.

       Cats are definitely sentimental. Although they are independent, they know their owners even though they are independent. My family and my relatives live up and down the stairs. We always hold it around. Before long, he learned about the character of eight people in the family. He never rubbed with him if he didn’t upset him, who fed her, who ignored him. My uncle ignored him. My grandfather once hit him, she ran away when she saw him, and sometimes made threatening sounds. My father never held her and didn’t let go It’s very good. I don’t beat her, but when I catch her, I hold on to her. So she runs when she wants to play. When I go to the bathroom, he can’t find me and yell. As soon as I come out, she rubs with me for a while. She knows the packaging of the wonderful fresh package. When she doesn’t care about me, she follows me as soon as I take it. Sometimes she looks at me and runs to her rice bowl to wait for me. Sometimes she would shed tears when she ate the wonderful fresh bread. She was amused. I don’t know whether she was excited or choked. Ha ha ha ha! My cat can pretend to be garlic. You keep staring at him. He is not natural. He suddenly turns his head to the other side and pretends to see something. In fact, he is embarrassed. Once she was in the corner of the wall, I stared at him, getting closer and closer to him, he suddenly turned back and laughed at me!!!! But if a stranger did, she would hiss and threaten. My good friend goes to my house, she won’t recognize it very much. Maybe it’s because they smell like me. Once the computer repairer came, she immediately got under the machine!

       Ha, as soon as I mentioned her, I said so much about it. Anyway, it’s very interesting to keep a cat, especially if we get along with each other for a long time, we can’t do without each other’s character

       Cat is an outstanding animal. The relationship between them and humans is the key reason why they can be found all over the planet.

       No matter what kind they belong to, all cats are born blind and unable to support themselves. They rely on their mothers for warmth, food and protection. But this early state of existence played a key role in their understanding of the world. As it wobbles from sleepy to wobbly 15 days later, it has been able to judge who its friends are and who deserves its trust.

       For cats, they do feel a bit overwhelmed in the first few days after leaving their mother. Now there are some new faces and strange smells to deal with. It’s such a huge adjustment that almost everything in its life has changed. After we adopt these animals, we become their surrogate parents. We will provide them with a permanent and comfortable life like children.

       Most domestic cats grow up in this way, but with a little difference. When they are with their mothers and siblings, they are also with us, and they have learned to trust us as relatives.

       A cat is a free animal. You can’t expect him to be like a dog. Respect him. And I’m sure the cat recognizes people, but he doesn’t think you are his master. The cat’s idea is that he is your master. You provide her with food, play with him, and live in his house. That’s all. So I listen to my cat. As long as it’s not a matter of principle and does not affect normal life, I will Listen to him, and my baby was raised by my mother. Two months later, my mother came to see him. He didn’t kiss him as much as he used to. But he still knows that there are cats who don’t follow people like dogs. His performance of knowing you is: don’t run. If he thought it was a stranger, he would swish away

       Cats know people, but they are not as positive as dogs to express their feelings to people they know. Many owners have such experience. After a period of time, the cat brought home is hungry, thirsty and wants to be coquettish. It will run to you to rub against you and show friendship to you. This fully shows that cats still have a concept of their owners. In addition, cats remember their homes very well. In an experiment, 40 cats were taken to a place far away from their homes. On the way, the cats’ eyes were blindfolded and they traveled a long way. Finally, all the cats walked back home safely. If you want your kitten to wave over like a dog, you can make it eat only what you have in your hand every time you eat, and it will come with a few strokes. It’s tried and done for my cat.

       In fact, to a certain extent, cats can distinguish their owners. After all, we all hope to get the blessing of emotion, and cats have existed in human society for thousands of years. Now the cat is more into the human life circle, we all know that in terms of loyalty, dogs are better. However, whether the cat can meet the need of recognition or not, some people are skeptical.

       Cats don’t have an advantage in eye discrimination. Because there are too many defects in the cat’s eyes, only the blue and green can be distinguished. It is difficult to distinguish the world from the world by the eyes of the excrement removing officer. This is also the reason why cats do not fully understand human beings. In fact, it has become a capital for cats to be proud and charming. Cats can’t see clearly, so they look down on human beings. After all, this is also an advantage of “lack of color”.

       Like dogs, cats can also learn by smell. After all, cats also have a strong sense of smell. In the evening, cats can travel through the sense of smell. Besides their own eyes, smell is also very important. The smell on the excrement shoveling officer is one of the factors that can identify a cat. It is also a cat’s function to be able to recognize its owner through this sense of smell.

       The other is the auditory effect, just as we humans can recognize things by timbre. The hearing of cats is very important, and the effect is much stronger than that of humans. They can even hear the sound of your heartbeat. Even if you want to attack the cat is not easy, don’t think that your success is because it didn’t pay attention to you, in fact, this is the water it put for you. This is also a cat’s species gift, an important way to identify its owner.

       Cats don’t recognize their owners all their lives.

       In the cat’s world, their so-called owner is not the owner. For them, the owner who feeds it has an equal relationship with him. If you treat the cat well, the cat will treat you as a friend or family member, but will never treat you as its master!

       Cats do not have the so-called hierarchical concept, they advocate freedom, like independence, and they like to be alone, like to blend into nature, they live with human beings, a large part of it is just for survival, if they feel that it is not suitable to live with human again, then they will leave human beings and pursue what they yearn for life.

       Cat and human feelings are very special, no matter how sticky the cat, relative to its owner, it is very independent. When the cat is in danger or gets lost accidentally, their most important consideration is to ensure their own safety. If they don’t want to be a stray cat, they will find a home for themselves.

       Extended data:

       The cat belongs to the cat family, which is divided into cat and wild cat. It is widely used in families all over the world. It is speculated that the ancestors of domestic cats are desert cats originated from ancient Egypt, Persian cats, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years.

       Cats are quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the body of rats and fish contains taurine. Therefore, cats eat not only because they like fish and mice, but also because of their own needs.

       The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance.

       About the sleeping state, cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep in a day, and some cats sleep more than 20 hours, so cats are called “lazy cats”.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       This does not necessarily depend on the cat’s character, the owner’s attitude towards it, the cat’s breed, and the cat’s age when it was raised.

       A cat who only wants to recognize one owner in his life, such as cihuamao and Siamese cat.

       There are more cats who can recognize many owners in their life, because among the cats, only cihuahua cat is a cat with heavy feelings, and only Siamese cat is the most “dog like” cat.

       Many people think that the cat who gives him delicious food will follow him, which is the same as what we often see. When a cat sees that there is something delicious in his house, it is easy to give people the illusion that the cat has no loyal master and is constantly changing. In fact, cats are very emotional, but their feelings will not be revealed. Even if you are good to them, he is still cold to you, but from the bottom of my heart, the cat will recognize the first owner, and they are also very loyal. Many loyal cat stories

       If you give a cat good food, the cat will go to the house where it sees something delicious. It is easy to give people the illusion that the cat is unfaithful and fickle. In fact, the cat is very emotional, but you will not show it. Maybe you are very kind to it or very cold. But from the bottom of the cat’s heart, you will recognize the first person to adopt him as the master.

       Although cats are cold and cold, they are also very loyal. There are many stories about loyal cats in life. For example: a loyal cat in Britain walked 300 kilometers alone to find its owner; the loyal cat sweeps the owner’s grave every day.

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