Can a female dog suckle? Can a female dog be castrated?

       sure. There are four reasons for pet sterilization: 1. You can make your life quality better: too many animals make your life have no quality of life. No one has a large group of pets and can treat them consistently. 2. Avoid some troubles caused by animals’ oestrus to themselves or other people: for example, when the female cat is in estrus, when the female dog is in estrus, many amorous male dogs are attracted to defecate everywhere and fight and cause trouble It’s annoying. 3. There are already too many pets that no one wants. What we can do is not to increase the number of them. Some people say that there are many cats and dogs, so I am the only one to raise them. But thousands of cats and dogs are born every year. If they can’t find a suitable owner, they may eventually become stray animals. Who is responsible for the serious problem of stray animals? If everyone is responsible and does not let their pets have their own, the fate of the existing animals will be different. Love them and care about them. Please don’t give your pet a chance to give birth to animals that you don’t want it to be born. 4. Sterilization is good for animals: sterilization can avoid all kinds of problems caused by sexual frustration, and owners will not abandon pets because of those problems, so sterilization is absolutely good for animals. In addition, the operation can also avoid the occurrence of certain diseases, such as: * * pus accumulation, diseases caused by ovarian cysts, sexually transmitted diseases, prostate enlargement and other problems. Surgery before the age of one year can also avoid the possibility of tumor. Sex hormones can cause restlessness, sexual frustration, common psychological maladjustment, including biting, destroying furniture or bad temper. Sterilization can help animals overcome these problems. Sterilization, of course, is more beneficial than harmful to animals.

       People can’t drink dog milk, and children can’t drink it.

       Because dog milk contains a lot of different antigens, these antigens are generally not accessible to people, so it is very likely to become the allergen of intestinal allergic reaction and cause allergic diarrhea.

       Children themselves have weak intestines. If they are exposed to such allergens, they are likely to have severe diarrhea, or even lose too much water, causing shock and life-threatening.


       Extended data:

       There are several kinds of milk products that are more suitable for children’s milk to absorb fat. The calcium element in goat’s milk is half higher than that in milk, which has a significant effect on the growth and development of children and the prevention of osteoporosis in the elderly.

       Milk: milk contains high-quality protein, which calcium can be directly absorbed and used, can supplement body nutrition and relieve fatigue. Milk price is relatively cheap, easy to buy, suitable for all groups of people.

       Yogurt: often drink yogurt, can improve gastrointestinal function, improve lactose intolerance, regulate immunity, improve the eradication rate of Helicobacter pylori.

       The selection of dairy products should be based on verified and universal population types. Only in this way can it be beneficial to the body.

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       People drink dog milk need high temperature boiling disinfection before drinking, otherwise it is easy to be infected with virus. The output of dog’s milk is low, so it’s better to leave it to the dog! Besides, if you milk your dog, the dog may bite you and get rabies. In order to be healthy, it’s better not to drink dog’s milk. It’s better to drink milk, goat’s milk and yogurt!

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