Can cat spring attract male cats? Can’t cat spring people watch it? Why can’t they watch it

       Cat estrus is a normal physiological phenomenon of cats after sexual maturity, which can be seen. However, the time of sexual maturity of male and female cats is roughly the same. When cats reach the age of about six to eight months, they will begin to mature, and gradually show the performance of estrus. However, it should be noted that it is not recommended to let the cat breed during the initial estrus period, because it is still not complete at this time It is easy to affect the growth and development of male and female cats.

       1. The performance of cats in their first estrus

       At the beginning of oestrus, female cats like to dally between their owners’ legs and become particularly sticky. They often hold their tails high and howl in the night to attract male cats. When they are in estrus, they will roll or twist their bodies, and they may urinate randomly. Male cats also call spring, especially at night, and sometimes it will affect their rest, The cat owners can take some measures to solve this problem.

       2. Measures to solve the estrus of cats

       The indoor cats are very excited and noisy during the estrus period. They will scratch the doors and windows violently and always want to run outside. For this reason, the cat owner should pay attention to close the doors and windows and do not let the cat run out. If the cat doesn’t want the cat to have sex, but is troubled by the cat’s estrus, he can be prepared to feed with meow and mix it with food. Cat owners should also strengthen the management of cats and diet care.

       3. You can take your cat to sterilization

       If the owner of a cat does not need the cat to have sex from the beginning and gives birth to the next generation, he can take the cat to be sterilized. Generally, he can take the cat to be sterilized after the first estrus. However, he should choose the regular pet hospital for sterilization, take good care of the sterilized cat, and make time preparation and money preparation. This is what the cat owner needs to pay attention to.

       It’s just that you’re disturbing them. Generally speaking, it’s not a big problem if it’s scratched by a domestic cat. If it’s bleeding, it should be disinfected with alcohol. However, since the male cat is not your own home, I don’t know where it came from, so I suggest you take a vaccine. However, in view of the recent vaccine problems… It is recommended to find a regular place for injection

       Even if we find the male cat, we will still call for spring. The female cat’s spring call will last for a few days. In these days, there are always males and females. Until after the estrus of the female cat, the female cat will not be in the spring. Therefore, we can see that the kittens born by the female cat will have one or two colors or more different colors. Occasionally, there will be a shorter tail. This is the reason why it is different from different male cats.