Can cats be kept in residential areas? Can cats be a nuisance in residential buildings

       If your meow is a famous product after sterilization, you should shovel excrement and feed on time, and go home before 8:00 p.m., and then throw the discarded cat in sand bag It doesn’t disturb the people.

       If you’re not sterilizing: it’s going to spring, day and night, scratching doors and walls. I’ll run out and pee around the hallway to make marks.

       If you don’t shovel shit on time, meow poop will make you unable to stay. If you don’t feed on time, meow will run away. If you don’t go home on time, some meow will wet the bed. The quilts are basically discarded, and the floor is also discarded.

       If the litter is not wrapped properly, throw it into the garbage can and disgust the garbage collector.

       There are relevant regulations, but I don’t know what the specific rules are. I’ll tell you about our community’s regulations: our community has strict control over dogs and cats. We will strictly check the number of pets and the situation of the residents every week. Although it is not forbidden to keep pets, there are many restrictions on the number of pets and many rigid regulations

       Our community regulations: 1: each household can only keep a small ornamental dog or a small and medium-sized ornamental cat, a household does not keep more than one dog, more than one cat, and puppet cat, Maine cat and other large cats as well as leopard cat, tiger cat and other aggressive cats are prohibited! Labrador, husky, golden fur, Samoye, Alaska, wolf dog, Tibetan mastiff and other large dogs as well as aggressive dogs are prohibited. The prohibited cats and dogs are not allowed to be raised in the community. If the dog beating team finds out, they will be killed with a stick

       2£º In addition to cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, insects and other pets, other animals are not allowed to raise in the community, not to raise pigs, cattle, sheep and other poultry in the community, and not allowed to raise non pet wild animals! It is also not allowed to raise animals or plants with strong toxicity, which will be confiscated and killed on the spot

       3£º The dog owners need to walk the dog regularly every day, and when walking the dog, they should tie the dog rope, carry shovels and plastic bags to clean the dog’s feces. If it is the elderly, children, pregnant women, the disabled and other special groups, a guardian should be nearby to supervise the dog walking. When walking the dog, avoid crowded places and avoid harmful behaviors

       4£º Try to keep a gentle breed of dogs and cats, and inject rabies vaccine to dogs and cats in time. Dogs and cats without rabies vaccine will be more irritable than those injected with rabies vaccine, and it is easy to hurt people. If dogs bite or scratch people, the owners of the cats and dogs will compensate for the medical expenses of the victims, and the dog beating team will take away the offending cats and dogs No pets are allowed for a year

       5£º Unless you go to a pet hospital, try not to let dogs and cats out of the community, and don’t take dogs and cats into public places such as buses, banks, restaurants, KTV, shopping malls, supermarkets, railway stations, airports and other public places, and all these public places are marked with “no entry for cats, dogs and other pets”. Otherwise, cats and dogs are likely to have a lot of temperament in public places, biting and arresting people Elephant, the final victim is still himself

       This is the regulation of our community. Maybe many people feel uncomfortable after reading it. They think that the management of the community is too strict to let them get along with their pets very well. However, the community also does this for our good. After all, the animals themselves are wild, and the phenomenon of injuring people and the sanitary environment of the community will be dirty. Therefore, the strict management of the community is to prevent the residents In the urban area, we should strictly abide by the rules of the community, such as pets and poultry

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