Can domestic male cats be free? Can they be free?

       may not.

       Raising cats outdoors can cause a lot of danger and even death. Cats are animals with a strong sense of territory, but they don’t need too much living space. As long as cats adapt to their own living areas, even small single rooms will be very satisfied.

       Indoor breeding of cats, as long as the cat has enough space for activities, and then prepare some favorite toys for cats, often play with it. In fact, raising cats in this way will not only be more simple and convenient, but also can avoid outdoor unpredictable risks.

       Extended data:

       Hazards of outdoor cat keeping:

       1. Raised outdoors, cats are prone to traffic accidents and other accidents. A busy city is out of place with cats. Cats like to scurry in the streets and lanes. Cat accidents often happen, which will threaten the life and safety of cats.

       2. Outdoor breeding will affect the health of cats and people. Cats reared outdoors will look sloppy and easy to be infected with bacteria and easily infected by other stray cats. Moreover, many diseases of cats are shared with human beings, which will make cat owners have health risks.

       3. It’s easy to lose your cat if you keep it outdoors. The cat’s curiosity is very heavy, because there is no limit of territory, it will constantly go out to explore. Sometimes I am immersed in playing with other wild cats, and I can’t find my way home. Finally, I become a stray cat.

       4. When raised outdoors, cats are vulnerable to malicious injuries. There are a lot of psychopathic cat wearers in the society. Cat abuse incidents occur frequently. In serious cases, poisoning and other means are used to drive away stray cats, which is a potential fatal risk of outdoor cat breeding.

       The question of whether cats can be raised outdoors is really a matter of great concern in China. Why? From the following analysis:

       1¡¢ The history and evolution of cats

       The ancestors of Asian domestic cats are Indian desert cats, while the ancestors of European domestic cats are African Bobcats. Because they are in places where there is little rain and water shortage, the cat’s hair is not waterproof, and it is easy to get wet by water, which is the reason why many cats do not like bathing. In addition, cats do not like to drink water, which does not mean that cats are not thirsty, but the living environment of their ancestors. Therefore, we should guide cats to drink more water It’s good for their urinary system.

       Cats belong to the feline family in the zoological classification, with lions, tigers and leopards in the same family. Cats have a strong sense of territory. They don’t like to live in groups. They are good at hunting alone. They patrol their territory every day, rubbing their bodies or urinating. This is to ensure that there is an adequate source of food. However, with the domestication of animals, some cats no longer worry about food and begin to accept group life. However, cats are born with hunters, not for food, but for hunting. Therefore, foreign cat owners often receive various “gifts” brought home by their cats, including birds, moles, and even Rabbits

       2¡¢ Environmental aspects

       In foreign countries, many cat owners have installed cat holes in the front door of their homes to facilitate the cat’s free access. However, the premise is that the cat has been sterilized, because the cat’s fecundity is still very strong. If it is not controlled, it may cause a flood of stray cats!

       The environment is relatively clean and hygienic; education is also very good. Most people, including children, take good care of small animals and will not hurt them. So the cat is safe outside.

       It has been reported in the news that cats who can make their own buses, and cats who can make sightseeing trains!

       If you look at the domestic environment, it is really not so good. There are five threats to keeping cats outdoors: (1) dirty and messy; (2) children, when they see cats, they will be excited to chase and scream, but parents don’t know how to educate children. Cats will run and hide because of fear, and even scratch children. At this time, you will become a criminal (3) traffic accident; (4) other stray cats; (5) cat catcher (selling cat meat)

       3¡¢ Legal aspects

       There are relatively sound animal protection laws and regulations in foreign countries, including keeping cats and dogs, which should be strictly observed. All cats with owners have embedded chips, which can be scanned with a professional scanning gun. The pet’s name and owner’s information can be seen, just like ours.

       Domestic laws and regulations are not perfect. Small animals are less secure. If raised outdoors, in case of any problems, it is difficult to get corresponding protection.

       To sum up, it depends on the environment, the cat’s physical condition, sterilization and vaccination.

       I hope my answer can help you.

       It’s better not to keep a cat outdoors, because cats and dogs are different. Cats may be frightened when they are outside, or they may get lost during estrus. In addition, cats who are often outside are susceptible to bacterial diseases, so do not let cats go out. Adult cats should be sterilized, which is good for the future health of cats.


       Male cats will run away when they are in estrus. They should be sterilized. After running away, they won’t come back. Because cats are territorial animals, the distance within a radius of about 1.5 kilometers is a place for cats to remember their paths and come and go freely. But cats don’t have a good memory, and they don’t use urine to mark territory, so if you run out of this range, you probably won’t find your way home.

       Take the cat home:

       1. Put the cat in a suitable pet box (e.g. pet air box). If you use wire cages to hold cats, it’s better to cover the cages with cloth covers. It’s very important to bring them back. Don’t use cartons. If you are bringing back an adult cat from a friend’s home, you’d better ask for something familiar to the cat. For example, this cat usually uses the bedpan or cat’s nest or toy. It will feel safer and can settle down in the new place quickly.

       2. When you get home, let the new cat familiarize itself with the new environment: and don’t let it be disturbed by other pets. It’s better not to let the children at home tease the new big cats or kittens. This is especially important if children have never had pets before.

       3. You can put butter on the soles of your cat’s feet. Cats like to be clean, so when cats lick the butter under their feet, they are already familiar with the new home.

       There are many possibilities if you want to go out

       1. It went out to find a girlfriend, to the estrus period will fight with other male cats to rob her. This kind of situation goes out more at night.

       2. Eat not appetite, want to go out to find their own. Cats are mischievous…. Go out more at night.

       3. Nothing to go out to play, day and night.

       4. What makes it scared, always want to leave

       It’s normal for a cat to go out. It doesn’t like to be kept at home all the time. In the above 1234

       1. Three situations are sure to go home.

       2. I can’t tell

       Because of situation 2, it may have eaten bad food and died

       Situation 4 is that it is afraid that it does not want to go home, the cat is relatively timid.


       Many people keep cats. They think it’s not easy to keep cats in captivity. They choose a very free way of raising cats. They let cats in and out freely. Cats go home when they are hungry. Cats go out to play when they want to. In fact, this is not good. Editor’s advice: it’s better not to keep pets separately.

       As pet cats accompanying their owners, we advocate keeping them in captivity rather than in free range. From the premise of healthy relationship between humans and cats, cats are not suitable for free ranging. Because scattered cats, with the outside world too much contact, more likely to be infected with parasites, bacteria, infectious diseases. Moreover, scattered cats will increase the number of stray cats in society, and cats are more likely to have accidents such as traffic accidents.

       Free range cats are more likely to carry fleas, lice and other external pests when they travel through forests, grass, sand and garbage dumps. At the same time, it can also infect parasites such as tapeworm and Ascaris lumbricoides. Stray cats and stray cats exposed to too much, but also vulnerable to infectious diseases. For example, cat plague, cat AIDS, peritonitis and other malignant infectious diseases. This not only brings trouble and trouble to the owner, but also a fatal threat to the cat.

       If the cats are free range cats, they have extensive contact with the stray cats in the society and will not control them when they are in estrus. Therefore, they will breed with the stray cats. The newborn cats will certainly continue the fate of the stray cats, increase the number of stray cats in the society, and bring pressure on the ecological balance.

       For the cat’s own safety, in addition to the threat of disease. Stray cats will also face traffic accidents and be slaughtered. Cats may become meat sauce under the wheels, or they may be caught and sold by cat dealers, but they can’t escape the fate of slaughter.

       Cats, of course, should be kept free. Both human beings and animals are eager to be free, like to contact with nature, so that nature can be fully released, but also yearn for a free life. Who would like to be trapped in a fixed closed space and never see the sun?

       In addition, cats are born with agility, bravery and good at fighting. Stocking can also help human beings eliminate mice and won’t let their martial arts be wasted. Xiaoxiao Sasa, happy life, is not happy! Cats are not dogs. They are very casual animals. Even if you have kept them for ten years, they will still walk if they want to. Another possibility is that they know they will die, so they will run away and wait for death alone.

       In fact, Zheng Fang’s argument that cat breeding is in line with nature has long been out of date. Nowadays, cats are becoming more and more important at home, and even regarded as a part of the family. Moreover, many pet cats and cats live in the buildings in the city, and there are no mice all day long. Even in the face of natural enemies, they have lost their interest in the past. They can almost retire and enjoy their natural year.

       In fact, the cat’s true nature is to like to stay at home, not like a wide range of activities. Even if it’s stocking, it’s just to walk around freely in the space of the home and look around every room. But once outside, the cats will lose their sense of security in the busy streets, let alone enjoy it. Therefore, keeping cats in captivity is the best policy

       I’m afraid it’s not a joke again. A cat that catches mice alone can, but a pet cat can’t. If they play outside more wildly, they are used to waves outside. I’ve had five cats, all of them free range.

       A sneaked across the road to play across the road, was nearly hit by a car many times, I rushed to the road and stopped the car, but then was run over to death by the car. He died two years old

       One couldn’t go home because of the rainstorm. It was cold and had no food. Where did he die. Half a year old at the time of death

       One was only born about a month or two, and was preparing to take him home. In those days, I saw a lump of flattened corpse near his usual sundries.

       No one has been back for half a year. He was more than two years old when he disappeared

       Another one took rat poison outside and rolled straight down the roof. Five to six years old

       Every time these cats go home, there are more or less some wounds on their bodies. The big orange that was killed by a car was once pierced by a sharp object, and its chin opened into its mouth. There were holes in its nose and ears. All the water was from the rain on the shed. There is also a depressed big white often come back, the body is kicked by other people’s footprints. Xiaobai, who can’t come back from the rainstorm, is often teased by those pupils. If he is not happy, he scares him. If he catches them, he throws them out as hard as he can, because the cat doesn’t belong to his family. When cats play outside, they will meet dogs and run after them. If they are lucky, they will run, but if they are not, they will bite to death. After death, early discovery can be taken away, found late or far away from home, that is to feed rats and dogs.

       So do you think stocking is really good?

       Don’t disturb the female cat when she is pregnant, otherwise she will eat her own baby. Because if you disturb the female cat, she will feel a sense of crisis. In order to their children will be OK, the mother cat just bear to give up and eat the kitten!!! As long as you don’t disturb the female cat, the male cat can be raised at home and the kitten can be born smoothly. However, after giving birth to a kitten, the female cat should not disturb the female cat, because the female cat is too tired to give birth to the child, but also work with the male cat to prevent the occurrence of danger. So let the female cat who has just given birth to a kitten rest for a while. The last thing I want to say is: human’s kinship is great, but animal’s kinship will never be lower than human’s, thank you!

       As soon as she is going to be a mother, she will find a suitable place for her nest. You can also put the used bedding in your new nest. When giving birth to a baby, don’t let her and the male cat together. Don’t let others see it. It’s better to separate the male cat. Because the cat has territorial consciousness, he will be angry when he suddenly sees several more kittens in his own territory. He will be put back in a month

       The kittens of about two months are still very small. The reason for the noise at night is that cats are supposed to move at night. After you keep it for a while, his living habits will change, and he will sleep when you are sleeping. But the cat a day to sleep about 16 hours, almost is to sleep for a while to eat to play again.. Can raise together ¨r¨r¨r¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q¨q.. It’s a good fight at first, and now I’m going to have fun! I feel that male cats are easier to keep, and then one male and one female must be sterilized. It is said that female cats are more powerful than male cats and will bully male cats. It is said that when the second cat comes home, he should often hold the first cat and rub it, so that he does not feel his position is threatened. In this way, his aggressiveness will not be too strong, and he will be more docile after sterilization. The second cat will let him familiarize himself with the environment. After a period of time, he will stick to you by himself. Because cats are very territorial, you need to help them adapt to each other~

       Yes, it’s better to keep them together since they were kittens. Otherwise, it is easy to fight, and it will be very fierce. It is not recommended to keep two male cats in the house. They will occupy a lot of land. The main manifestation is that they urinate all over the place when they are grown-up, and they have a headache… And you have to think about it. When two male cats grow into cats, both male and female cats can’t bring them home any more. It’s very likely that there will be bloody cases. It’s really no exaggeration. Cats will get blood and even hurt their eyes. Be sure to think well before you raise them. You should be responsible for them.

       Can raise together, whether fight or not, mainly depends on the cat’s character, has little to do with gender.

       Tips for keeping cats:

       1. Lock the medicine box

       Family medicine box must be put in a good lock, at the same time, can not give the cat to feed people to eat medicine, if you want to feed, you should consult the veterinarian first. Because many drugs that are effective and safe for humans can be fatal to cats. For example, cold medicine is very effective and safe for people, but its component “acetaminophen” in small doses will lead to toxic reactions in cats. 500 mg can kill a cat about 3 kg. There are also some family commonly used drugs, such as painkillers, antineoplastic drugs, antidepressants, weight loss drugs and so on, which may cause poisoning to cats in very small doses. ¡¡¡¡??????

       2. Hide the chocolate

       Family medicine box must be put in a good lock, at the same time, can not give the cat to feed people to eat medicine, if you want to feed, you should consult the veterinarian first. Because many drugs that are effective and safe for humans can be fatal to cats. For example, cold medicine is very effective and safe for people, but its component “acetaminophen” in small doses will lead to toxic reactions in cats. 500 mg can kill a cat about 3 kg. There are also some family commonly used drugs, such as painkillers, antineoplastic drugs, antidepressants, weight loss drugs and so on, which may cause poisoning to cats in very small doses. ¡¡????¡¡??

       3. Do not use lice free drugs

       When using lice and flea killing drugs for your cat, be sure to consult your veterinarian to make sure that the products are safe and effective for your cat. When using these products, you should also read the product manual carefully and use them strictly according to the instructions. For those products which are marked on the instructions for dogs only, do not use them on your cat, otherwise it may cause poisoning to cats. When some spray products are used to kill the flea fleas in the environment, make sure that the cat is safe, put the kitten into the room where it is not sprayed, and start the medication again. After the drug is evaporated, the cat is put back. For some cats who often go out, the owners should be very careful. They should say hello to the Management Office of the community, so that they can inform you in time when they start spraying insecticides or rodenticides in the community, so that you can take measures to prevent the cats from poisoning when they go out. ????

       4. Clean up domestic sewage

       When cleaning the house, mopping the floor, washing clothes and dishes, the cat should avoid drinking dirty water with disinfectant or detergent. Because some of the disinfectants or detergents are very complex, some of them will corrode the delicate esophageal and gastrointestinal mucosa of burned cats, which will cause gastrointestinal discomfort of cats and cause diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms.

       New cats need to be isolated from the Aborigines for a week,,,

       During this period, he took good care of the feelings of the aborigines, and gave more preference to the aborigines…

       A week later, the new cats are healthy, take the vaccine, and they can be raised together.

       Because of the same gender, it is suggested that the owner of the building should take the cat to be sterilized if it has enough weight.

       Otherwise, estrus cats, especially male cats, are very aggressive, and may have a bad fight.

       ¡£ They all love cats, and the breed of cats is not only the same. For example,

       Puppet cat, Persian cat, short hair cat, fold ear cat, Siam cat, Burmese cat and so on. These lovely little guys can get along with each other harmoniously under the master’s support. They often huddle together in a cat’s nest, put each other on top of each other, and then sleep soundly. In fact, raising two or more cats is also a very simple thing. As long as we make a good breeding plan and pay attention to the feeding matters, it seems that the feeding work is very difficult and it is easy to complete.

       First of all, when raising two cats, parents must consider the gender of the selected cats. For example, two female cats are gentle and gentle, so it is relatively easy to raise them; while two male cats often fight for trifles together, so strict sex is very important; in addition, if a male and a female are selected for feeding, they must be isolated from each other during estrus, and should be kept after the first estrus Sterilize each other. Otherwise, the consequences of estrus and reproduction will make the host very headache.

       Secondly, parents should treat two cats equally. But in the face of specific things, parents should also know how to adapt. For example, if there is a conflict between two cats, then parents should protect the weak side and attack the provocative one. In training, we should treat two cats fairly, and we must be strict in the process of training. We must not tolerate the wrong behavior of cats.

       Finally, keep two cats healthy so that they can live in peace with their families. So daily maintenance, and health is also very important. Breeders should comb, bathe, trim nails, brush teeth and so on regularly. They need to expel insects in vivo and in vitro regularly, and vaccinate them in time. Improve the resistance of pet cats, avoid the trouble of infectious diseases, and protect the health of cats.


       Many owners choose to raise cats in a free way in order to let them grow freely. Little do you know, free range will cause certain security risks to cats. In fact, as long as the cat is ready for toys and the owner usually accompanies the cat, the cat will not feel lonely.

       1¡¢ The influence of cat free range

       When cats are free range, they can’t control their outdoor activities. When they are hungry, they will pick up unhealthy food from the roadside or garbage heap, causing their bodies to be covered with fleas, lice, mites and other parasites; or they may be infected with cat plague (detailed introduction), cat AIDS, peritonitis and other infectious diseases; or they may eat rotten and poisonous food, leading to gastroenteritis They are parasitic diseases, such as tapeworm, Ascaris lumbricoides and so on.

       Free range feeding is not healthy for cats and will increase the number of stray cats in society. When a cat is in estrus, it does not control itself. Cats will choose to have sex with stray cats in the open air and then breed. The newly born kittens will find it difficult to escape the vagrant fate. Gradually, the number of stray cats in society will increase several times, bringing pressure on the social ecological balance.

       In addition, cats are easy to get lost, especially in the high-rise buildings of the city. Cats can easily get lost in the prosperity of the city, and can no longer find their way home. At the same time, stray cats will be arrested, slaughtered and eaten by illegal cat dealers. Moreover, cats can easily lose their lives in traffic accidents when they travel through busy streets.


       2¡¢ The harm of cat free range

       1. Free range cats will bring back parasites and germs: cats in outdoor activities can easily bring back fleas, lice and other external parasites from the grass and sand. These parasites carry parasites such as tapeworm and Ascaris, which can be transmitted to people through cats. And scattered cats will inevitably catch mice, birds and other small animals, will also bring back the bacteria.

       2. Scattered cats are easy to infect diseases: when cats are scattered, they will come into contact with stray cats nearby, and they are easy to be infected with feline plague, cat AIDS, peritonitis and other malignant infectious diseases in the high incidence period of infectious diseases. It not only costs money and manpower to cure the disease, but also may take the lives of cats. In addition, free range cats who eat unclean things outside will also cause vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.

       3. The number of stray cats will increase as a result of disordered breeding: families with scattered cats generally have no scientific awareness of keeping cats, and will not sterilize them. In this way, cats will definitely become stray cats with stray cats outside during the estrus period. If the kittens are not adopted, they will become stray cats, and the number of stray cats will increase exponentially Balance brings pressure.

       4. It’s easy to cause traffic accidents when cats are scattered: there are a lot of vehicles outside now, especially at night, the driver drives faster. Cats are easily dazzled by the lights and dodge in time. If they are not hit by cars in time, they will be hit by a fracture, but most cats will be crushed to pieces.

       5. Cats are easy to get lost: the buildings in the community are almost the same now, especially the finely decorated houses, and even the appearance of security doors is the same. With the increasing number of high-rise buildings, once the cats are free, it is easy to get lost in this steel jungle and can’t find a way home.

       6. Cat free range will also be caught: now cat dealers are more and more rampant, especially in recent years, the cat meat market is booming, there are a group of cat dealers in the community to catch stray cats and stray cats, once they catch the cat, they will sell the cat to the roadside stall selling mutton kebabs, sell cat meat as mutton to consumers, or sell the cat to Guangdong and other places to eat cat meat. This kind of thing often happens now. The volunteers who help the stray cats have rescued the stray cats to be sent to the restaurant several times.

       3¡¢ Notes on free keeping of cats

       Looking at stray cats, parents should have a general understanding of the problems that stray cats will encounter. Even if the parents can comb and bathe the cat regularly and call it to go home at night, the cat that can be kept in a free house is more likely to be threatened by health and life than a domestic pet cat.

       For example, cats mix with stray cats all day long and often go out and out of garbage dumps, woods and grass, which will make cats more susceptible to fleas, lice and other parasites. In addition, the risk of infectious diseases is higher, such as cat plague, influenza, etc.; at the same time, cats are exposed to a lot of risks due to unrestricted outdoor activities. As the saying goes, “Curiosity Kills the cat”. In addition to the cat’s curiosity that may endanger its life, the rolling wheels, food and medicine in the garbage heap are potential threats to the cat’s life

       In order to make the cat live more freely, the owners have scattered the cat, but they don’t know that this will only harm the cat. If the cat accidentally runs outside and brings it back for breeding, it is necessary to do a good job of expelling the insect first, so as to prevent the cat from bringing the parasitic disease that is infected outside to home.

       Cattle can be raised in bulk. The so-called free range farming is actually a kind of extensive grazing behavior. This kind of feeding mode often exists in pastoral areas. In the area of rotational grazing, cattle are driven to the rotational grazing area (there are protective fences around the area), so that the cattle can freely eat the grass in the area. There are drinking water points and cattle habitat in the area. The cattle can drink freely and eat freely. The caregivers do not disturb the activities of the cattle. After 10 days or more, the cattle are transferred to the next rotational grazing area. This kind of feeding method is not conducive to estrus breeding and farrowing of cattle.

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