Can kittens hold their bellies? Can cats hold their bellies

       If the posture is not correct, it is harmful to the cat. If the posture is correct, there is no harm.

       Correct posture of holding the cat:

       It is difficult to grasp the armpit directly, and it is easy to hurt the chest and stomach of the kitten. What we have to do at this time is to imitate the cat mother, that is, clamp the kitten’s neck. Because the kitten is very light, there is no need to worry about pinching it.

       It has nothing to do with the owner of the building. You can rest assured that the time is very short…. In the long run, it is not conducive to the growth and development of cats because they are often not held well before they are adults.

       When I was a child, I raised two chicks. I often held them, but later I didn’t grow up. But it took a long time.

       So you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not your fault.

       It’s better not to hold its belly. The cat’s stomach is very soft, without any support, and the ribs are also very soft. It’s uncomfortable to hold the cat when it’s bulging

       We old people say that kittens will die if they have a needle in their belly. In fact, it’s not so serious. I have many cats. It’s OK to hold a cat occasionally. If you hold a cat, it’s better to hold its forelimbs, armpits, chest, buttocks and back with one hand

       Yes, it’s OK. Just squeeze it gently.

       If the cat likes you, it will make you scratch your belly!

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       How to pick up a cat?

       Be careful not to reach for it suddenly. It’s better to let the cat approach you. First touch it gently and let it get used to stroking and then pick it up.

       Hold the cat with one hand in front of its chest and hold the back of its body with the other hand, and let its chest rest on the palm.

       Gently lift the cat up and slowly approach your chest. Keep the back of your body steady.

       How to hold a cat?

       Most cats like to be held in their arms, but they have to lie comfortably. But usually cats don’t like to be held for too long. If you hold the cat and touch it at the same time, it will remove its vigilance.

       As soon as the cat starts to resist, put it down. If you hold the cat against your will, you will be scratched or bitten by it.

       Cradle hands; gently hold the cat and lift the whole body.

       In the arms; put the cat’s paws in the arms.

       On the shoulders; the cat’s paws are on the shoulders, holding up the back of the body.

       It’s better not to touch the normal situation, because it will lead to the situation that the female cat does not want the baby, but it is not absolute. It depends on the relationship between you and the female cat. My mother cat gave birth to a baby yesterday, and I took it out from the cat mother’s arms. After the examination, the female cat would not react to me. When I put it back, she just looked at it and continued to feed it. I touched the female cat and she chose it Choosing to rub her hand is because she is the owner of the female cat. She has been taught by me to obey since she was a child. She trusts and submits to me very much. You can go over and try to see the reaction of the female cat. If she immediately sits up or reaches out her hand, she will not

       Do not touch, because the female cat can smell different smell, which may cause harm to the kitten. Or you’ll probably poke the kitten around and change places. There are a few cats who don’t care.

       Kittens usually open their eyes completely in a week or so, and the mother cat will be nervous when she sees you touching it. You can touch it, but it’s better not to play him when his mother is there. If you play kittens when he is there, he will change places, because you are his master and he knows you very well, so he won’t hurt you intentionally. When the kitten grows up, you don’t care if you play with her.

       Oh, you did make a cat man’s mistake! Mother cat is most afraid of being touched by others. She probably won’t want it! There has been such an example! If this is the case, kittens are very dangerous, because there is no mother to take care of them, they are very difficult to survive! If you want to buy a kitten bottle, or put kitten milk powder or goat’s milk in an eye drops bottle, it’s better not to feed milk, because many cats are allergic to milk. After eating, gently massage the kittens with clean cotton and warm water to help them defecate, which is usually done by female cats. Because if the kittens don’t poop, they can’t live. Generally, after a month, the kitten can live well. You can do something about it! wish you success!

       No, you feel that it’s still quite swollen. If it’s shriveled, it’s gone. If the cat doesn’t feed the kittens, don’t they cry? If the kittens cry and the mother doesn’t care, it’s not If you force the cat mother to feed, you force him to feed, but don’t beat him. You can discipline him. After he feeds the kitten, you can’t touch the kitten. You have to touch his head all the time. If you have the habit of talking to the cat, you should touch her head after he feeds the kitten and say he is good. You should stop touching the kitten these days, but you should touch him! I hope it will help you

       Personal experience ha, when holding them, make sure that one hand is on the cat’s forelimb, the other hand holds the cat’s hind leg, and the two hands hold them to the chest, and keep the cat’s front paw on your shoulder. The hind leg is held by one of your hands. This is the most comfortable and safe way to hold a cat. Another thing to note is that some cats don’t like to be hugged, so don’t force them. You can express your love for them in other ways.

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