Can kittens keep barking

       There may be several reasons for calling: 1. Hunger / thirst; 2. Loneliness / insecurity / missing mom; 3. Cold / uncomfortable somewhere in the body. When a little guy starts to live independently, he will feel afraid of his new environment and miss his mother and his original home. You can often touch him, hug him, let him know you can trust, slowly will be good. If he is the only one, I suggest you put him to sleep beside you to reduce his loneliness. But sometimes there are other reasons for calling, so you need to figure it out:) this is not the case

       The reason why kittens are always barking: they are in the special period of estrus;

       Sick body pain;

       Scared and so on.

       The call of a cat in estrus is inevitable. This is a long physiological reaction of cats. Under normal circumstances, cats will have estrus twice a year, and appear in spring and autumn. The cat will “spring” when it is in estrus, and it also barks fiercely at night. There is no way to avoid this normal physiological reaction, and it should not be forced to stop.

       Whenever at this time, parents should be more tolerant to the cat, about the cat spring should also be patient with patience. Because, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the behavior of barking will gradually disappear.

       If the cat doesn’t yell because of the heat, you should find out why the cat calls first. For example, carefully examine the cat’s body and touch it with both hands to see if there is any injury or fracture. Also, think about whether the cat has been frightened. To determine the cause of the cat yelling.

       If it is because of physical pain and shouting, then send to the hospital for examination and treatment is necessary. If it is because of being frightened and yelling, then the growth of the cat need to give more comfort and encouragement. Give the cat more security, so that it can feel at ease, and do not shout casually.

       If this kitten has just come to your house

       Then it’s normal for him to call

       His fear of the strange environment

       Left the cat

       No familiar figure

       Don’t worry

       Don’t you have everything ready

       Hold her more if you don’t have to

       Touch him more, and he’ll get familiar with it

       The kitten is very cooked

       He should be ok now

       Don’t rush to take a bath

       If you don’t feel at ease

       Wipe him with a towel and hot water

       But he was too young to keep him warm

       You’d better wrap it with a towel after wiping

       It just can’t adapt to leaving the female cat and the changes in the environment. It is afraid and dependent on you. Almost all cats, no matter how big or small, like the caress of their owners. You can often put it on their legs and touch it to make it feel safe and adapt to your environment. It will be good after a long time. Raising small animals requires more love and patience, doesn’t it?

       This situation is very normal, you don’t have to worry. It is recognition, fear, because it is still very small, or the first time to a strange place. In addition to barking, there may be no food, stamping in a small house. All are normal! You can prepare the food and water for it. After a long time, it will be better. Remember not to hit it. It also has feelings. You should say praise to it more.

       It just can’t adapt to leaving the female cat and the changes in the environment. It’s afraid and has a sense of dependence on you. Almost all cats, no matter how big or small, like the caress of their owners. You can often put it on their legs and touch it to make it feel safe and adapt to the environment there. Slow will be good. Raising small animals requires more love and patience.

       Find out why he called

       A new kitten will not adapt to call a few days, put the food aside

       Usually the cat barks is hungry, excited and uncomfortable. It’s good to know the reason. E pet has food, drink and play

       As long as there is a tacit understanding, a look in the eyes will know what it means. The cat will be more sensible when it comes to adulthood. When it comes, it will seldom treat people. I hope it will be adopted

       Well, maybe it’s oestrus.

       If it’s a male cat, it’s going to pee everywhere. If it’s a female cat, you’ll touch its bottom to see if it’s going to push its hind legs up. If so, it’s estrus. When it’s over, you’re going to have it sterilized. Hundreds.

       If there is no such problem, it may be ill. It’s hard to say exactly what’s wrong.

       The endurance of a cat is terrible. Generally speaking, it is impossible to keep barking even if it is sick.

       So I tend to be in estrus as you describe it.

       What do you know about rabies? Has it ever been bitten?

       If it’s a newly caught kitten, he will be scared. If he comes to a completely strange environment, he will feel afraid. You’d better tie it to a relatively quiet place with a chain and look for a shelter such as a cardboard box. Put plenty of water and a small amount of food (food is not used much) next to it. In the first few days, he doesn’t go to eat very much. He only comes out to drink water when there is no one. He is looking for a basin to hold some sand for his convenience, Let him have a sense of security. When my cat first came, I did this. The third day I let me hold him. After getting familiar with it, I can untie the chain. The above-mentioned device is better with professional skills. If it’s a big cat, it’s not easy to make it. If it’s too hard, he will catch you!