Can Maine’s cats shave? Can Maine cats have their hair cut in summer

       Because the sheepdog’s body hair is very thick ~ ~ good heat preservation~

       Therefore, in China’s lower latitude places, it is more difficult to eat ~ ~ “appropriate” shearing is OK~~

       But thin it~~

       If cut too short, it will make the dog not adapt, and even produce a sense of shyness~~¡¤¡¤¡¤

       Don’t dare to see people ~ ~ (no face to see people ~ ~)… After cutting, it will grow back in 1 ~ 3 months~~

       It depends on the degree of cutting~~

       Generally, cat hair does not need to be trimmed and shaved in summer. Long haired cats, including Maine, who like to run around the house, can trim their feet, the hair between their toes, to avoid slipping. Carding is the most important part of hair care for long haired cats. It is generally recommended to comb 2-3 times a week. Need to prepare 2 brushes, a long flat open comb and a handle comb. Daily diet can eat an egg yolk a week, to Meimao. For cleaning, buy a special pet bath and dry it completely. If the fur of a long haired cat is not completely dried, it will naturally become knotted and can only be cut at last.

       Cats shed their hair easily. Shaving is not recommended. My meow is an ordinary short haired cat. It also loses hair, especially in the alternation of seasons. We groom him every day when he’s at his worst,

       There are special combs in pet shops. He enjoyed it very much, and he also raised his neck to let us comb under his chin, which he usually couldn’t lick. It is usually combed once a week or two. Now one call at a time: meow, comb your hair. He walked slowly and leisurely toward the cat. Give him some cat snacks that are seldom given to him, and then talk to him while combing. After a long time, he will feel that combing is a delicious and comfortable thing, and will actively cooperate with him. A friend of mine had a whim. In the summer, he made a model for the cat and shaved the cat’s hair short. The cat was depressed for a long time and was very unhappy. Only when the hair was long did he feel happy again. So keep a cat to have patience, don’t impose it on him by people’s ideas. You see, every time the cat loses its fur, the cat wants to lick it, and he is not comfortable. Well, we’ll help him

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