Can puppet cats change color like Siam?

       Siamese cats can change color. Many parents know that Siamese cats’ face color is light black when the weather is hot, spreading from the center of the face. But when it’s cold in winter, the whole face is black and black. Puppet cat (details) sometimes will find such a change, is it the same as Siam?

       Apart from the resemblance between Muppets and Siamese cats, there is also a special physiological feature, that is, all Muppets must first be a key color cat with Siam key color genes. The dark color development principle of puppets is the same as Siam. There is a tyrosinase in the body of Muppets that is related to the synthesis and deposition of pigment, which will become unstable under high temperature, It doesn’t even work.

       Therefore, when the skin temperature of puppet cat is lower (such as limbs, tail, face, etc.), tyrosinase has activity, and the coat color is dark. However, when the body temperature is higher (such as back), the activity of tyrosinase is limited and the coat color is light. This leads to the reason that when the weather is cold, we shave the cloth doll, and the new hair color will grow deeper and deeper. The fur color will not change back to the original color with the increase of temperature. Secondly, according to the description of two colors by puppet cat associations, we can think that the color of the face and ears of the two-color puppet will be deeper than the color of the body parts. For example, the blue two-color puppet’s long back may be close to the caramel color on the blue bottom, and there will be a change visible to the naked eye.

       But parents don’t have to worry about it. The Muppet cat at home will not become a black puppet after shaving. The color of the doll cat’s hair has been fixed before birth, and there is no way to change it no matter how you shave it.