Can Siamese cats accept kittens – how old are Siamese cats ready to mate?

       Siamese cats can be mated in five months.

       Siamese cats have early sexual maturity, female cats can be pregnant in 5 months, and have more offspring. The kittens from 2 to 3 months after birth should pay attention to feeding vitamin A, because at this time it is easy to suffer from digestive tract and suction tract diseases, and vitamin D should be supplemented during the growth period to prevent rickets.

       Siamese cats are full of energy, resourceful, flexible and lovely, but sentimental and jealous, especially aggressive. Therefore, Siamese cats are considered to be the only ones with some nervousness, which is the biggest difference from other breeds.

       Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It was a noble who stayed at home.

       As a famous pet cat, Siamese cat can better adapt to the local climate of its owner, and has a strong and active personality, quick wit, strong curiosity and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with their belts. It needs the master’s constant caress and care, loyal to the master, deep feelings, if forced to separate from the master, may die of depression. Siamese cat is also very smart, can quickly learn to turn somersaults and carry back the parabolic skills. The call of Siamese cat is unique or like the cry of a child, and the sound is very loud.

       1. Siamese cat is very expensive, but it is a cat called “dog like cat”, which shows how loyal it is to its owner. Therefore, it is suggested that you should start to raise it from about 5 months after birth to make it feel that you are its first owner.

       2. A cat needs love. If you keep half of it, you will not raise it. If you abandon it, it will die of depression. There is also parental support, otherwise what if they treat their parents or send the cat away when you are not at home? Siamese cats need to have certain economic conditions. They are very expensive. But don’t worry, cats don’t need too much care, even cats like dogs. All you have to do is prepare the food and the nest for him.

       3. It’s better to buy cat food in advance, but it has nothing to do with it. You don’t have to buy a nest. You can prepare a big basket for it and put some old cushions and old blankets in it.

       Note: kittens can only drink low sugar or sugar free milk, drink high sugar milk will be unable to digest and die of diarrhea. Adult cats are not allowed to drink milk. Cats can’t eat food with a lot of salt.

       Finally, I wish you success in raising a cat! I also like Siamese cats very much.

       I have a Siamese male cat a year and a half. I came less than two months ago. I have read many people’s answers, but I think they are not comprehensive.

       1. Siam is very sticky, which can be said to be super clingy. A cat before one year old, it follows almost everywhere you go. If the landlord is not often at home, it is not recommended to raise them. Siam needs a home that is often accompanied by people. They prefer to play with others rather than with the same kind. If the owner does not play with Siam for a long time, the kitten will be very depressed.

       2. Siamese cats are very healthy babies, but the best time is from February to March, when the kittens are weaned, they can be purchased after leaving the cat’s mother. It is suggested that the owner prepare Royal k36 cat food for kittens. This cat food is still very valuable.

       3. It’s really a matter of experience. I saw the feelings of many Siamese cat owners and found that Siam is really naughty in using cat litter. I suggest that the owner should not be distressed by money and buy a good closed toilet for once and for all. I didn’t know before I raised it. I only bought an ordinary toilet. As a result, I kept sweeping the floor every day and replaced the closed toilet. It’s really no problem. This is what many Siamese parents have learned.

       4. Sterilization. Sterilization must be carried out regardless of male and female cats. First of all, Siam is a purebred cat, so naturally it can’t match with the native cat or other species. That’s a waste of Siam. What’s more, if the owner of the building has a female cat, you can’t always let her give birth, but if the female cat in estrus can’t give birth, there will be a cyst problem. The basic family has a female cat will choose sterilization, to avoid bringing too much pain to the baby. If you have a male cat, it’s the same. What’s more, the male cat barks very frighteningly during the estrus period. Seeing that it is so painful, he has to do it.

       In fact, Siam cat is really easy to keep, except that it needs constant caress and company from its owner, you don’t have to worry about it. Siam is not picky about food, and does not have the disease that often needs to eat joint pills. Moreover, Siam is quite relative and very smart. People who keep Siamese cats are shocked by their intelligence. (me too)

       In addition, LZ wants to keep Siamese cats. It is suggested that the building should be carefully selected. The inbreeding in China is too strong. The most obvious feature of Siamese cats is that Siam with big ears, blue eyes and awl face (sharper than Fan Bingbing’s face) is a good Siam.

       When I buy a cat’s ear, I can’t pay attention to it. (fortunately, it is cured now)

       As for feline ringworm, if the landlord is to choose to raise at home, it is certainly not. If the landlord chooses the cat house, it will appear within a month of coming home, just rub a little ointment on it. This shows that the kitten, who had been depressed in the cat house, was in a good mood after coming home. Feline ringworm will appear for a short time, and then it will be completely good.

       I’m embarrassed about the time of keeping a cat.. Weaning is OK, that is, more than one month to two months. The younger you are, the deeper you will feel for your owner. 5 or 6 months is not a bad idea. But if you have one, try to raise a kitten~

       Cat’s nest. My cat prefers paper boxes and cushions, and often sleeps on them. I bought a cat’s nest for them. I always like to pee in it=

       Toilet, cat litter, cat food, cat bowl and some small toys are necessary. Toys like cat sticks, little bells, balls made of plastic paper In fact, the most favorite is Setaria. Sometimes at home blowing bubbles, two cats flutter to play ~ can be happy~~

       Don’t sterilize too quickly. If you like, it’s good for him to have a match or a birth. Bloodline cats don’t have as much heat as wild cats

       The best condition is to have room and children. Because the cat may be injured by accident, many old people are worried that the insect on the cat is not good for the fetus.

       The most important thing is: the cat’s life is about 13 years. Since it itches, don’t abandon him. You have endless choices, but you are the only master!

       The most important thing to keep a cat is to install screens at home.. It’s better to buy in advance, so that the kitten can adapt to the home first, in addition, you’d better go to the cat house, but the cat house is expensive.. You can buy other people’s kittens. It’s not bad. Siam is a kind of cat with close relatives, so it is better to have enough time to accompany him. Of course, cats and cats are very independent and kittens like to play more

       Finally, cats like to run around, so they need to be sterilized at a certain age

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       Selection of objects: Generally speaking, purebred cats must choose the same species of purebred cats in order to produce purebred offspring with pure blood. American short haired cats with large body size difference are not recommended to have sex, which may lead to dystocia during production.

       If you want to breed Siamese cats, the best choice is to use Siamese cats, and better supplies of Siamese cats can get better offspring, which is the most desirable breeding method. The breeding of cats is very complicated. Try not to hybridize to avoid possible genetic diseases of cats.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. Siamese cats are very jealous. Once they are jealous and have a hoarse voice, they become very angry. So it’s better not to keep other pets at home. If there are pets, you should keep a bowl of water level, or slightly more pain for Siamese cats.

       2. Siamese cats are unpredictable in temperament, very sensitive and emotional, so their owners must always accompany them and never let them go cold, otherwise they will be depressed and happy.

       3. The voice of Siamese cat is very hoarse. The owner should not be surprised by the characteristic of Siamese cat. The owner or child often makes fun of the cat’s voice, which Siam knows. After a long time, Siamese cats may not want to make a sound to users.

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